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Waterloo Region Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic Quality Improvement Plan Initiative.

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1 Waterloo Region Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic Quality Improvement Plan Initiative

2 WRNPL Clinic Patient Satisfaction Survey Hamilton Wilson, J., Albrecht, J., Eickmeyer, T., Haid, J., & Heibein, A.

3 As part of the clinic mandate and agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Health, a Quality Improvement Plan is being initiated. Background

4 The clinics approach to Quality Improvement includes: Timely access to primary care when patients need care Primary care that is integrated with patients other health experiences, including hospital stay and home care. Patient-centered care, based on developing a partnership with patients to achieve appropriate health outcomes Quality Improvement Focus

5 To determine the extent to which the consumers of the nurse practitioner-led clinic in Cambridge are satisfied with their experiences in primary care. Aim of Study

6 Under the direction of the research tutor, students undertook: Literature review to determine best practices regarding patient satisfaction surveys Development of WRNPL clinic patient satisfaction survey Arranged distribution of survey Data input and analysis Recommended next steps Role of Students

7 2-pronged approach Paper and Pencil Version Survey Monkey Version Convenience Sample (November 2013) Anonym zed data collection Method

8 Gender: Answer Options Response Percent Response Count Male 22.9%8 Female 77.1%27 answered question35 Age Response Percent Response Count 14-20 0.0%0 21-30 22.2%8 31-40 22.2%8 41-50 11.1%4 51-60 13.9%5 61-70 19.4%7 71-80 11.1%4 81 & older 0.0%0 answered question36 Demographics

9 N=38 responses n=32 paper, n=6 electronic All data was transcribed into the Survey Monkey site Numeric data was analyzed and data charts created. Short answer data was summarized by noting over- riding themes N=38 responses n=32 paper, n=6 electronic Analysis of data

10 Findings: Hours

11 Findings: Length of Appointments

12 Findings: Listens

13 Findings: Time spent

14 Findings: Explains

15 Findings: Transport

16 Theme one: A brilliant model of care Theme Two: Friendliness of team Theme Three: Quick access to the team Theme Four: It would be nice to have a lab onsite Theme Five: More hours in Kitchener Summary of Short Answers

17 Majority of clients have been register 9-18 months A large proportion of clients describe their health as good to very good Majority of clients transitioned from GP care 65% find the office hours convenient 80% of the clients find transportation and parking to be convenient >90% of clients find their telephone calls returned quickly 80% of patients would refer family or friends 100% of clients felt that enough time was being spent with them Summary of Results

18 Sample size small Convenience sample Potential for response bias Only English speaking clients were able to participate Limitations of Survey

19 Repeat survey at specified intervals Translate survey if possible Consider offering individual interviews to collect data from those who require assistance Perhaps encourage a nominal prize for participation in online survey: I pad access with WIFI in clinic option Next Steps

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