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Presented by: Marie DeRamus RN,BSN Clinic Manager.

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2 Presented by: Marie DeRamus RN,BSN Clinic Manager

3 1.Define Patient Satisfaction Definition of patient satisfaction List staff responsibility List contributors to patient satisfaction (Patient Satisfiers) Behavioral Objectives and Content

4 2. Discuss how clinic renovation can improve patient satisfaction List design concepts that were specifically considered for patient satisfaction Behavioral Objectives and Content

5 3. Discuss the results of Satisfaction Surveys University Health Center Satisfaction Survey Clinic Specific Satisfaction Survey Staff Survey Behavioral Objectives and Content

6 Patient Satisfaction is influenced by many factors. Staff buy in to excellent customer service is critical. Design of the clinic as well as the appearance of the clinic also plays important roles in patient satisfaction. Topic Relevance and Description

7 The perception of the patient about of one or more aspects of a medical care system; what the healthcare consumer thinks about his/her care Definition of Patient Satisfaction

8 To improve patient outcomes Increase patient retention, loyalty, and growth To increase success with accreditation and regulatory agencies To improve reputation, personal pride and satisfaction To Improve staff satisfaction Why should we try to improve patient satisfaction?

9 We developed 3 simple steps to improve patient satisfaction 1. Greet patient, be the first to say hello and use patients name in conversation 2. Explain what will happen next, including cost 3. Improve eye contact, unless contradicted by culture 2011 PI Project Improve Patient Satisfaction

10 1. To improve patients perception of care. The current renovation project should improve patient flow, improve ease of access and egress of patient, and improve privacy for patients 2. The renovation project will also improve staff satisfaction which will impact patient satisfaction. 2012 Proposal: Improve Customer Satisfaction in Medical Clinic Gold and Urgent Care

11 1. Introduce proposal, set goals and developed timeline at May staff meeting 2. Finalize goals at retreat 3. Plan interventions at retreat in May 2012 4. Develop new workflow processes at retreat 5. Define performance measures 6. Develop separate paper survey 7. Train staff how to use new room light status system 8. Move into newly renovated clinic week of August 6, 2012 9. Implement new workflow processes August 2012 10. Gather data 10-2012 11. Evaluate and report 12-2012 Steps of Process

12 1. Visit Overall satisfaction will improve from 85.71 % in February 2012 to 90% in October 2012 2. Quality of Time Spent satisfaction with patient will increase from 85.71% in February 2012 to 90% in October 2012 3. Helpfulness and Courtesy of Staff satisfaction will increase from 87.91% in February 2012 to 90% in October 2012 4. Todays Wait satisfaction will increase from 78.41% in February 2012 to 90% in October 2012 Performance Measures

13 University Health Center Satisfaction Survey Staff feedback and survey Clinic Specific Paper Survey Sources of Data

14 Visit overall satisfaction scores increased from 85.71% in 2/12 to 93% in 10/12 Quality of time spent with patient satisfaction scores increased from 85.71% to 91.09% in 10/12 Helpfulness and Courtesy of Staff satisfaction scores increased from 87.91% in 2/12 to 94% in 10/12 Analysis of data with results compared to targeted performance measures:

15 Todays wait satisfaction scores increased from 78.41% in 2/12 to 84.21% in 10/12. This did not meet our goal. During the month of October we received many positive compliments on the satisfaction survey. These included comments such as fast and easy service, I was taken care of quickly and efficiently, Everyone I spoke to was very friendly… the kindness and professionalism displayed by the staff… Analysis, continued


17 Comparison of Oct 2011 to Oct 2012 Satisfaction Survey

18 1. Our exam rooms were enlarged to facilitate better communication between you and the staff. How do you rate our ability to communicate with you? 2. Please rate your wait today in Medical Clinic Gold. 3. Another goal of the renovation project was to improve the flow of patients through the clinic. Please rate your movement through the clinic today. Clinic Specific Survey


20 Aesthetics are awesome Perfect first visit Excellent communication with Dr. Very helpful, very friendly, great super helpful, Quick timing, excellent nurse Everything was great, the renovations are very nice, I felt more comfortable here than at my doctor's office... Comments from Survey

21 Yes No N/A 1. Has the renovated clinic improved workflow? 9 2. How do you rate the exam rooms? Do they improve your ability to communicate with patients? 7 2 3. Do the exam rooms improve the quality of time you spend with patients ? 5 4 (NA = No Answer) Staff Questionnaire

22 1.The centralized nursing station improves workflow. 2.Very good, much better, love the exam rooms 3. Difficult to communicate with patient if they are sitting in the chair, easier for the patients, and like having more space. Staff comments

23 By paying attention to the small details in planning for our renovation, we have been successful in improving patient and staff satisfaction. Conclusion of PI Study

24 Patient Satisfaction has improved. The new call light system, the centralized nursing station, larger exam rooms and the location of furniture and medical equipment all played significant roles in improving satisfaction. Involving staff and patients in the planning of everyday processes is important in improving overall satisfaction. Improvements made in process or outcomes:

25 The Leadership staff has to be totally sold out on customer service Leadership staff has to be role models for staff Staff has believe that their behavior impacts patient satisfaction Staff has to communicate with patients frequently, keeping them informed Staff Responsibility

26 Improve Staff Satisfaction

27 The Customer Satisfaction System 1.G reet customers 2.V alue customers 3.A sk how to help customers 4.L isten to customers 5.I nvite customers back Hey, Im the Customer by Ron Willingham

28 Know my name Look at me Respect my time Listen to me Answer my question Write it down Be nice Patient Satisfiers

29 1. Wayfinding 2. Physical Comfort 3. Privacy and Personal Territory 4. Peace and the Absence of Noise 5. Sense of Security Five Patient Needs by Wendy Leebov

30 It all begins with first impressions – 11 impressions are made within the first 7 seconds First impressions are made on the telephone as well as in person Eye contact is important in most cultures Customer Service Tips

31 Focus on the customer, tune the world out! Thank patients for coming in Who pays your salaries? The customers! Customer Service Tips

32 1.What is my main problem? 2.What do I need to do? 3.Why is it important for me to do this ? A Healthy Dawg Asks Questions

33 How does the providers interaction with the computer interfere with the providers interaction with the patient? Written by Kenneth Berka, MD, Vice President of Physician Clinical Integration, Mercy December 31, 2012 How does the rise of computers in exam rooms impact patient care?

34 Exam rooms must be arranged so the providers back is not to the patient, eye contact is critical to show that the provider is listening to the patient. Most of the time computers are retrofitted to exam rooms instead.

35 Providers can share information with patients by showing the patient the computer screen Patient Centered Care

36 The patient is your customer; you are the product they are buying! Important Point to Remember

37 Patient Satisfaction Does Not Correlate to Quality Could Cause Overuse of Antibiotics Or Over-ordering of Tests Important Points to Remember

38 Improves continuity and has been shown to increase patient satisfaction PCMH has also been shown to increase patient involvement in care which will also lead to increased patient satisfaction Primary Care Medical Home

39 Improve patient flow during the visit Improve ease of access and egress for patient Improve privacy for patients Improve the grouping and physical relationships of clinic assistants to providers Improve the size and functionality of exam rooms Goals of Renovation

40 Nursing Station centrally located Medication area within nursing station Exam rooms must measure at least 90 square feet Clinic Assistants must be close to providers New Patient Call system Functional Needs of Renovation

41 1.Weekly Preplanning Renovation Meetings began January 9, 2012 2.Construction begin May 14 @ 8:AM 3.Project had to be complete August 3 Timeline of Project

42 Choice #1: Use the old wall mount computer arm Choice #2: Use a mobile computer cart in an environment that is not wireless Choice #3: Design an eclipse shaped counter top that would hold computer, printer, and label maker 3 Different Exam Room Configurations

43 Choice # 3 Eclipse shaped desk, with small wall mounted virtual computer screens, printers, and label makers on desk. Allows eye contact with patient and staff Allows the patient to view the computer screen when indicated Winning Design



46 Construction Pictures











57 Happy Patient, Happy Staff

58 Happy Staff

59 Questions, Comments ???

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