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2 ABOUT PROJECT ALPHA HEALTH CENTER Project goal: the satisfaction of the Russian population in quality and affordable medical care using advanced medical and information technology. The Projects Geography : Now the network is represented by 10 clinics. Health Center at Moscow, as well as multi-disciplinary medical centers in Perm, Kirov, Samara, Saratov, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Murmansk, Yekaterinburg, Berezniki Moscow Perm Kirov Samara Saratov N. Novgorod Yaroslavl Tyumen Murmansk Yekaterinburg Moscow Rostov-on-Don Chelyabinsk Voronezh Krasnodar Omsk Volgograd Irkutsk Khabarovsk Kazan Novosibirsk 20082009 2010-20112012-2013

3 CLINIC "ALFA HEALTH CENTRE", SARATOV 2009 2010-2011 Birthday: june 21th of 2010 ; Clinic address : prospect Kirova, 15/1, Saratov Russian Federation; Square : 2 129 м2 (4 flats); Number of Employees : 155; SERVICES: full range outpatient services, day hospital, surgery, dental office, home help; CAPACITY: 740 pers. / Day. 3

4 CLINICS EQUIPMENT 20092010-2011 The clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment manufacturers: General Electric Healthcare, Hitachi, Olympus, Schiller, Portec, Melag and Fimet. Used for research: Universal system of expert class Logiq 7, increasing the accuracy of diagnosis in all types of ultrasound; Digital radiography GE DR-F flat-detector free positioning; X-ray machine I-Max Touch to study the jaw can get high quality images at a significantly reduced radiation dose. 4

5 Clinic staff are recruited after a multistage selection, it ensures high professional and ethical standards of our experts; The unique system of motivation clinics commended the staff not the volume of services provided, and by their quality, enabling our customers to optimize their costs and save time for treatment, avoiding unnecessary prescriptions; The clinic provides regular training of medical staff, our doctors could be trained at Boston Medical Academy; The internal company policy defines a respectful and trusting relationship management to employees, as equal members of the team that creates employee loyalty to the clinic and improve the quality of their work. Clinic staff 5

6 INFORMATION SYSTEMS 2008 ClassesFunctions Business Intelligence System The consolidation, visualization and analysis of information from all different sources of data Integrated Health Information System Automation of key business processes of medical organizations scheduling Electronic medical record Accounting services rendered. Calculations with patients, insurance companies and contractors. Personnel Information System Business Process Automation Personnel Service Accounting information system and the warehouse Business process automation and warehouse accounting medical consumables

7 Medical Information System - Schedule of work of doctors - Reception of patients - Site visits to patients - Seen in offices - Medical records and reports - Expendables - Offices - Departments - Prices - The time allowed for the service 2010-2011 CLINIC "ALFA HEALTH CENTRE", SARATOV

8 INFORMATION SYSTEMS 2009 2010-2011 PACS Centralized storage of diagnostic images of different DICOM modalities Laboratory research system Automated data collection from the analyzers and entering them into the electronic patient record

9 Service. Convenience 2009 2010-2011 Availability of internet site of the company with the ability to make an appointment to see a doctor skilled in any clinic Around the clock, seven days a week SMS confirmation of an appointment, a reminder of the records prior to the visit Informing about the current activities and programs in each division Page clinics on the website of the company SMS Notifications Informational brochures in the clinic Oral informing employees Registry Dealing with complaints PLANNED Subscribe by e-mail the results of laboratory tests Free internet access in the clinic WIFI

10 CONTROL SYSTEM Unified system of quality control of services designed specifically for clinics "Alpha Health Centre" company General Electric Healthcare, ensures that Each clinic network in any city patients receive medical services that meet most stringent standards. Regular assessment of the work of medical staff is not only an appropriate medical with established standards, but the quality of customer service at every stage. Doctors Alpha - Health Center "not only account patient's treatment plan, but necessarily monitor its implementation 10

11 CONTACT INFORMATION Address of the clinic: Saratov, Kirov Prospekt, 15/1 Hours of operation: Mon-Fri: 8:00 to 21:00 Sat: 9-00 to 18-00 The Director: Sayfetdinova Vlada Valerievna e-mail: phone: tel. +7 (8452) 30-91-91


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