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Dr Olajuwon Alabi. MRCOG Director of Clinical Services, Specialist in Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery.

2 Qualification Founder is Dr Olajuwon Alabi.
Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist (MRCOG) Registered as a UK consultant Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).UK Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgery, Gynaecological Scanning.

3 Formerly a Consultant Gynaecologist in the UK
At Liverpool women’s Hospital and North Manchester General Hospital. Came back to Nigeria 2010 Worked at St Nicholas Hospital, Lagos and operated at Reddington Hospital occasionally

4 What is South Shore? Single specialty centre
Core specialty is Obstetrics and Gynaecology Minimal access surgery Referral centre for Minimal access, Endometriosis and fibroid surgeries (from some specialists in the teaching hospitals

5 Some of our services. Laparoscopic surgery- Fibroids, hysterectomies, ovarian cysts Endometriosis, Fertility Hysteroscopic surgeries- Fibroids, Ashermanns, Fertility Fibroids Centre: Non surgical and Surgical options Fertility: upto secondary level at the moment

6 HISTORY Conceived August 2011 Functional from March 2012
Started with three staff Now 30 staff Annual turnover 1st year million naira Projected turnover this year million naira

7 Management structure Medical Director General Manager( Part time)
Lead Nurse HR/Admin Manager Accountant. Business Development Manager.

8 Patient’s statistics About 90% are between 30 to 45 years old.
Usually working class All females (Male during fertility treatment) About 95% fee paying. Non fee paying MTN, NNPC, BUPA, Zenith Insurance

9 Starting up Serviced office to reduce initial starting capital
rent, generator, refurbishment Equipment – personal finance and goodwill from medical equipment company ie JNCI, Mogbonju Laboratory – sourced out to Pathcare and specialist lab.

10 Close to 710 patients Over 400 surgeries Average 40 consultations per week.

11 Scope services Affliation to already established hospitals locally for the use of: Theatre Admission rooms Delivery rooms From September 2012, we moved into our own facility

12 Core skills Gynaecology Obstetrics
Advanced minimally invasive gynaecological surgery

13 attractions Good specialist skill Good costumer care No mortality Very low morbidity

14 Advantages Independent Opportunity to structure
Ability to effect immediate change, almost no beaurucrazy Small, equating to a longer patient/doctor consultation time Personalised management plan with patient. Organised

15 Disadvantages Isolated Income tied to a person.
Might struggle to get investors founder might be over protective of the brand, may affect expansion. Might affect work/life balance for specialist Less attractive to some patients due to the isolated picture

16 Organisational review
Compromised care by using other facilities for admissions and surgeries. Reduced income by using other facilities and paying for services there. Multiple location for care: confusing for patient, stressful for clinicians.

17 Decision made to proceed to a bigger structure
In our new site We run clinics, perform surgeries and admit people on our site

18 future Expansion to a bigger structure More specialists on board
Continue to offer excellent services Innovation Become a training centre even to government institutions Continue to strive as a good business model without changing our mission statement and vision.

19 Take home There are opportunity for well structured, effective and innovative single specialty centres You have to be competitive and Innovative You have to have a reason for patients to come back, customer service, effective and innovative clinical services Good marketing strategy Feedback and Audit of clinical performance to improve services.


21 Response of our patients
Since it’s a single specialty we concentrate on what you know. We didn’t know we can get such a service in Nigeria For a small facility its good to know you can offer a lot that all the big hospitals can offer.


23 Contact: Address South Shore Women’s Clinic 16B Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Tel: , , Website:


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