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Click to continue The first income generating clinic management system, FREE to download inexpensive to use, guaranteed profit from patient referrals to.

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1 Click to continue The first income generating clinic management system, FREE to download inexpensive to use, guaranteed profit from patient referrals to health care professionals, clinics and hospitals. Web based system allowing total access remotely from any computer terminal or laptop, just requiring broadband or Wi-Fi connection enabling you to use Our Clinic Online anywhere and anytime. Make appointments directly, onto a fellow users system diary in total confidence, securely and in real time. State of the art clinic management system. High specification security throughout. All data held in secure remote servers, resulting in automatic back up and instant retrieval. Customise Our Clinic Online with your unique clinic corporate identity. 100% compatibility with all operating systems and programs. All patient appointments for further care are made instantly, while the patient waits. Make an appointment with the future !

2 Our Clinic Online is the first, pay as you use, ethical, income generating clinic management system. The system offers individual healthcare professionals, local clinics and hospitals the opportunity to increase profits through the natural process of patient referrals and directly benefit from the increased turnover this brings. Referrals between Doctor and Specialist are common but this system also allows referrals to be made directly to clinics and hospitals who provide specialist healthcare services and facilities, the principle remains the same! Click to continue

3 Our Clinic Online is a revolutionary, pay as you use, internet based clinic office system. At the cutting edge of technology, it has been designed to give Doctors the opportunity of an additional, potentially high revenue stream. It also offers Specialists increased direct patient traffic through the natural process of patient referrals, implementing powerful real time, no risk, secure technology. Users also have the opportunity to generate income from referrals to participating hospitals and clinics for specialist facilities e.g. mammogram, who likewise will benefit from increased use of their equipment and services. Patients will also benefit as they will receive instant confirmation of who will deliver their future care, where and when it will be provided and how much it will cost. They will also have the opportunity to see a biography of the Specialist, enabling the referring Doctor to give the patient freedom of choice at a time of vulnerability. With Our Clinic Online you can take your data with you to any location worldwide, 24/7, 365 days a year, dramatically simplifying the smooth and effective operation of your business. Click to continue

4 Doctors receive 10 of a Specialist initial consultation fee. This amount will be polled directly by Our Clinic Online when the patient has been seen by the Specialist. This will then be taken from the Specialist s credit card and paid by direct debit to the referring Doctor at the end of the subsequent month. We use a totally secure payment portal designed in association with Banco Santander, unique to us. The Specialist benefits directly from increased referral traffic as Doctors have greater knowledge of whom to refer to within their local geographical area. Please remember a Specialist can refer patients back to a Doctor, the principal is the same. You can also use our unique Invite a Colleague feature which enables you to set up your own database of preferred professionals on line, inviting them to use the system via a personal invitation message and software download link. A network of business partners is thus established, from which all will benefit. Click to continue

5 Access remotely from any computer terminal or laptop, just requiring an internet or Wi-Fi connection to enable you to use the system anywhere and at any time you choose. This is a multi-functional web based Clinic diary with the ability to make both internal and external appointments incorporating colour coding throughout. External referrals are carried out in real time, securely and with total confidentiality. Internal clinic messaging showing patients waiting, late arrivals, room allocation and cancellations. Email and SMS messaging systems for in house staff communication. External text messaging and e-mail facility with urgent alert feature, enabling you to receive laboratory results, referral reports and even patient notes emailed direct to your system. These will then be sorted into active patient case notes automatically for you to review. Clinic cases include individual, editable session notes. Record flagging, pinning and alerts throughout Our Clinic Online. Click to continue

6 The system allows you to set clinic and individual staff tasks and to prioritorise and manage their completion. Security features include password protected system login for all staff members plus a facility to restrict staff access to sensitive areas of the system such as medical notes and accounts etc. The system will also automatically log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Raise and print invoices and make payments utilising a fully integrated accounts package with invoice tracking facility for improved credit control. Stock control module with reordering feature plus automatic recalculation of stock levels after invoice production and alerts for when stock levels reach critical. The OCO system throughout can be customised with your own unique clinic corporate identity, enabling you to raise and print a full range of clinical stationery including pharmacy prescription notes. Automatic real time data backup using secure remote servers (in line with current EU data protection requirements). Backup button allows you to perform a full or partial backup with specific date option and facility to export to disk.

7 Integrated word processor. Patient,contacts and staff databases. Automatic Document archiving, after 5 years of inactivity. 100% terminal services compatibility. Today's clinic screen. (shows at a glance an over view of global activities). Free help line and remote system access available on request. Secure data transfer from your existing system to Our clinic online (at an additional cost ). Click to continue

8 All patient appointments for further care are made instantly, while the patient waits. Also, he or she will be knowledgeable as to who will be providing that care by referring to the Specialists biography held on the Our Clinic Online Directory. This gives the patient greater choice and peace of mind at a time when they are feeling most vulnerable. We will even give you the opportunity to print out a GPS map, showing the location of the referred Specialist healthcare provider. Click to continue

9 Marlin Spain S.L. provides medical business software and support services to healthcare providers worldwide with the experience and expertise to meet their specific needs. Our products and services are developed and supported locally for an ever increasing global market. Guided by five key principles of trust, integrity, innovation, simplicity and flexibility to enable us to best serve all our customers and continue to deliver success! Privacy Policy In accordance with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, you are advised that your personal data will be included in an automated database whose creation has been duly notified to the Data Protection Agency. The purpose of this database, which is the property of Marlin Spain S.L., is to provide information related to the activities carried out by Our Clinic Online. Users can at any time exercise their right to access, rectify or delete their personal data by contacting Marlin Spain S.L. Our Clinic Online ( or, alternatively, by writing to the following address: Marlin Spain S.L.(OCO Customer Support)C/ Marqués de Campo 54 piso 3, puerta C, 03700 DENIA Alicante. The user expressly consents to the treatment of their personal data according to the terms and conditions established herein. Marlin Spain SL registration code 2100390458. Click to continue

10 Contact Details : Contact Number : 628466306 The prescription for a positive outcome ! Click to continue

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