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KPW Coaches Meeting August 19, 2013 Randy Yanoshak, KPWYH President

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1 KPW Coaches Meeting August 19, 2013 Randy Yanoshak, KPWYH President
Terry Sullivan, KPWYH Hockey Director

2 Agenda Welcome Introduction of KPW Board
Remarks from Walpole HS Coach Dowd Coaches, players and a look at the season Summary of SSC League Rules Safety – Concussion Management Goalies Changes to CEP for season Half-Ice program for Mites Incorporating Half-Ice approach into other age levels Registrar information updates Changes to rostering process Collect/submit IMRs to Registrar as a team District Playdowns Tournaments Ice Scheduling Coaches’ Handbooks – distribution and explanation Tips and Techniques for a successful season Coaches’ uniforms Team “welcome back” s Equipment information update

3 Introduction of KPW Board Members
President – Randy Yanoshak Treasurer – Tom Pistorino Secretary – OPEN CORI Coordinator – Liza Carreiro Registrar – Nicole Capobianco Equipment Manager – Vin Colbert Merchandising – Maura Buckley Technology Coordinator – Tom Hanson Safety Director – Ted Cormier Ice Coordinator – Rocky Morrison Hockey Director – Terry Sullivan Goalie Director – Jon Abplanalp Instructional Director – Pete Torgerson Girls Director –Tom Connor Mite Director – Kevin Birch Squirt Director – Brian McDevitt Peewee Director – OPEN Bantam Director – Tim Duffy Midget Director – OPEN

4 What makes a good coach?

5 The faces of well-coached kids

6 Importance of coaches Energy + Passion + Knowledge = Success
No. 1 ambassador for KPW – you are the primary face of the program to most families Teacher of life first, a coach of hockey second Bring energy and enthusiasm to the ice every day Communicate with parents often and well

7 Difficult path to the top
NHL 690 SCHOLARSHIPS 1,674 (1,062 M; 612 F) KPW 296 M 80 F COLLEGE PLAYERS 5,824 (3,588 M; 2,236 F) MASS HOCKEY YOUTH PLAYERS 50,320 (42,105 M; 8,215 F) USA HOCKEY YOUTH PLAYERS 349,661 (300,905 M; 48,756 F)

8 King Philip Walpole 2013-14 Major goals Three focus areas
Continue to strengthen the KPW foundation Raise the program’s community status Three focus areas Increased skills development More predictable and friendly scheduling Build stronger community relationships

9 Summary of SSC League Rules
League Rules available at SSC web site: (copy of Red Book also placed on KPW site under “Documents” tab on left side of main page, in the “South Shore Conference (SSC) Documents folder) Some key items to be aware of: Rosters Final Roster due to SSC November 1st Can use USA Hockey rosters (write in player #’s) for Final Rosters Submit roster/stickers to scorekeeper before your game starts Divisions Teams start in the “Herman” and “Re” Divisions Re-alignments after November play completed, movement requests due by October meeting (October 21st) Moves subject to SSC determination Rinks SSC schedules ice time at various rinks in SE Mass Assignment – Home and Visitor assignments Access to locker rooms & Clean up after we’re done Schedule conflicts Address well in advance, selected weekends can be blocked out (for tournaments), once schedule is set, not a lot of flexibility Weather cancellations Doesn’t happen often Start times Need to be ready to go on ice 8 minutes prior to listed game time

10 Safety – Concussion Management
A concussion is a traumatic brain injury – there is no such thing as a minor brain injury A player does not have to be “knocked out” to have a concussion…less than 10% of players actually lose consciousness A concussion can result from a blow to the head, neck or body. Concussions often occur to players who don’t have or just released the puck, from open-ice hits, unanticipated hits and illegal collisions. The youth hockey player’s brain is more susceptible to concussion. In addition, the concussion in a young athlete may be harder to diagnosis, takes longer to recover, is more likely to have a recurrence and be associated with serious long-term effects.

11 Safety – Concussion Management
Diagnosis Symptoms Signs Management Protocol “When in doubt, sit them out” USA Hockey Post-concussion Functional Return to Play Protocol

12 Goalies Designate an Assistant Coach to focus on your goalie at practice, games and clinics KPW has worked out a program with Stop-It Goaltending for individual goalie skills sessions throughout the season All sessions at Foxboro Sports Center (in upstairs area) In the process of scheduling Coaches can attend sessions to monitor drills and improvement Need to develop their skills during practice not just used as target practice Multiple Goalie work out sessions throughout the season Roughly every 6 weeks Focus is a 4 station workout Need coaches to help run these session

13 CEP for season Not required to be Level “X” corresponding to particular age groups Enter the season at whatever level you are currently certified Current certifications (other than Level 4) only good for 2 seasons Past certifications can be picked up (i.e., if certification has expired) “Encouraged” to attend 1 CEP course per season up through Level 4 Courses are published at USA Hockey website ( Additional updates will be disseminated by KPW Board on roughly monthly basis Registrations will be capped at smaller numbers for each course Perhaps only per course instead of 200 in past No guarantee that more courses will be offered – sign up early Walk-in’s no longer allowed – must sign up online and in advance

14 CEP for season Once at Level 3, allowed to re-certify once online at Track 1 (or take Level 4), once online at Track 2 (or take Level 4), then must attend Level 4 All coaches, including Level 4, are required to have completed an appropriate age-specific course prior to 12/31/13 Do it once for an age-group and you are done for that group! Please note: Last season Bantams and Midgets were required to complete CEP requirements prior to 11/1 (due to accelerated Playdown schedules); it is anticipated that the same expectation will be applied this year as well Mass Hockey is conducting audits of CEP accreditations – if you are found delinquent past the deadline, you will be removed from the roster and will no longer be permitted to coach.

15 CEP for 2013-2014 season Year 1 (e.g., 2013-2014)
Level 1 Clinic & age-specific component (online) Year 2 (e.g., ) Level 2 Clinic & age-specific component (online) if not previously taken for current age level Year 3 and 4 (e.g., and ) Level 3 Clinic & age-specific component (online) if not previously taken for current age level Year 5 and 6 (e.g., and ) Level 3 Track 1 online re-certification or Level 4 & age-specific component if not previously taken for current age level Year 7 and 8 (e.g., and ) Level 3 Track 2 online re-certification or Level 4 & age-specific component if not previously taken for current age level Year 9 and 10 (e.g., and ) Must attend Level 4 Clinic & age-specific component if not previously taken for current age level

16 New training opportunity!
USA Hockey SafeSport Program includes carefully defined policies prohibiting various forms of abuse, from sexual, physical and emotional, to bullying, threats and hazing. The policies also address areas where misconduct can occur and are intended to reduce the risk of potential abuse, including a locker room policy, a travel policy, and situations surrounding the ever-expanding growth of social media and electronic communications. More information on the USA Hockey SafeSport Program can be found at All USA Hockey registered coaches are required to take the training but at no cost. Mass Hockey believes the tests are optional but is “strongly encouraging” coaches to take these as well You’ll need your USA Hockey registration number Access the training at

17 KPW’s Half-Ice program for Mites
The term “ADM” doesn’t appear to be in favor as much any longer… What is KPW’s Half-Ice Program? Emphasis on skill development More touches/repetitions Small spaces Cross-ice element in practices and games More info on cross-ice programs available at

18 KPW’s Half-Ice Program for Mites
How is Half-Ice implemented at KP-Walpole? Practices – all Mite practices are required to be conducted using the KPW half-ice approach, plan to incorporate at Squirt-Bantam levels periodically Elements of the KPW approach include: Cross-Ice “game” station “ABC’s” station (Agility, Balance, Coordination) “Battle drill” station – competitive in nature (1v1, 2v2, 3v2, etc.) “Core Skills” station – essentially incorporates the Turns, pivots & stops station we’ve built into the beginning of practices over the past 4-5 seasons “Stick/Puck” station These are the elements the program is implementing and you should be incorporating into any ADM-styled practice You also have the flexibility to include other station(s) of your choosing Good idea to include “fun” sessions occasionally as part of practice For example, soccer game on ice (no sticks)

19 Half-Ice program for Mites
Mite 1’s and 2’s will be playing Half-Ice games in SSC play for roughly first half of season All other Mites will play Half-Ice for the full season. Other programs (Westwood, Medfield, Franklin) have committed to participating in the Half-Ice games we run in Norfolk

20 Half-Ice League for Mites
We have run a Half-Ice League for the past few seasons in Norfolk. For the 2013/2014 Season, the league will likely include up to 12 teams. Season will run from Oct 1st to March 31st on Saturday 3 & 4 pm at Norfolk. In an effort to balance our KPW Half-Ice teams, they will all be practicing together for the month of September. Around the third week of September we plan to divide the players into 3 equal teams in preparation for the Oct 1st game schedule starting. Coach’s meeting for the entire Half-Ice League is scheduled for September 11th, 7pm at Norfolk Arena. ALL Half-ice coaches are requested to attend.

21 Incorporating this approach into other age levels
In place of “clinics” or “ADM practices” Try to coordinate 3 teams together roughly monthly basis When these are scheduled, Head Coaches should coordinate who is doing what before you get to the rink The framework is there, just need to agree on specific drills to execute

22 Registrar Information Updates
IMRs from USA Hockey ALL Coaches and Players must register for season at: Need Hard Copy w/ Barcode. CORIs: Everyone who with be in contact with the kids will be required to submit a CORI (per MassHockey District 3) Includes Head/Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, “Locker room parents”, etc. KPW CORI Coordinator collecting completed CORIs tonight If you have not already done so, please collect IMR’s and CORI forms now from entire team (Players, and Coaches) and submit in one package per team to KPW Registrar: Nicole Capobianco

23 Registrar Information Updates – Team Rosters
If you don’t get your roster copies tonight, your players have NOT completed On-Line Registration at Contact players ASAP. Forward the player’s / coach’s Confirmation page Notify me when your team is 100% compliant. Roster Signing NOT NEEDED THIS YEAR!!

24 Sample Roster WITH Addresses.
Sign Here!

25 Sample Roster WITHOUT Addresses.
Sign Here! Do NOT sign here!

26 District Playdowns District Playdowns – State Tournament
All Head Coaches (or a team representative) MUST attend the Coaches Meeting for their respective age group: Midgets, Girls U19: September 10th, 7pm, Foxboro Sports Center Bantams, & Girls U14: Probably late September (exact date TBD) Peewees, Girls U12, & Squirts: TBD (typically in October) All District Playdown details will be distributed at these meetings (brackets, contact info, “play-by” dates, rules, etc.) The District 3 Meeting will be announced when details are known

27 Other Tournaments If your team is going to play an In-State tournament (e.g., Jingle Bell Skate, or Falmouth Williamson) Need to notify SSC before schedules are locked in They will not be very accommodating to changes once the schedule is published and have asked that no Tournaments be scheduled due to League playoffs for your teams between: 3/21/14 and 4/6/14 (Mite through Bantam/Girls U14) 11/9/13 & 11/10/13 (Midget/Girls U19) Exceptions will be made for teams that qualify for State Tournaments If your team is going to play in an out-of-state tournament (i.e., Lake Placid, Waterville Valley) Need to complete Travel Permit form (Mass Hockey) Allow 2-3 weeks for processing Need to notify SSC early to avoid schedule conflicts

28 Ice Scheduling This year we have gained some new weekday ice at Norfolk & Foxboro, so not as many weekend practices will be on your schedule. Everyone should have at least six practices before their first game Weekend of September (9/7 & 9/8) every team (except Midgets) should have a Full Sheet of ice for themselves. Opportunity for scrimmages if you want… We will do our best to keep consistency with as many teams as possible. PLEASE contact Rocky Morrison for any of the following relating to ice: Cancel practice Conflict with game schedule Tournament Schedules If any Ice times become available it will be posted on the Available Ice Calendar. Please check on it before contacting Rocky if you need ice.

29 Off-Ice Skills The KPW Board is looking into offering an off-ice skills program with Foxboro Sports Center Sign-ups would be organized similar to the Stop-It Goaltending Clinics Families can sign up for 10-week sessions, but at a reduced cost Likely be three sessions during the season Sessions would likely be mid-week Multiple stations in a rotation, including: Shooting tunnel 2 stick-handling stations Skating stride machine Mini-rink for several skills Players would be paired up, and rotate 45-seconds on the station, 45-seconds of rest Tempo would be similar to that of a game environment

30 Coach’s Handbooks – they’re back!
A little thinner this year… Clear page holders provided for your Rosters and Game Sheets Copies of Admin Notes, Playdown Checklist (Squirt – Midget) and Skills Progression in the binder itself Copies of all of the forms you may need throughout the season are included and provided on a CD with your Handbook, but will also be posted on the KPW website on the “Hey Coach” page Drills sections has been organized to roughly correspond to Cross-Ice elements as KPW will implement them Also has a section of Goalie-specific drills co-located with the Core Drills tab, as well as “Other Drills” you may (or may not) find useful Note: the diagrammed drills are only suggestions and not meant to be considered exclusive or comprehensive Feel free to use your experience and imagination to keep things interesting and fun for your team’s players Some other resources you may want to explore include: FlexxCoach (the USA Hockey utility) You Tube (lots of interesting stuff there) Drill Draw (subscription utility)

31 Tips and Techniques for a Successful Season
“Success” does not necessarily mean Wins Your first objective should be to oversee the continuing development of all of the players on your roster Everyone should have the same opportunity to play in any situation (i.e., no dedicated PK or PP units at Squirts) Roll your lines in all situations – playing favorites will be noticed by parents and you will invite a lot of grief you don’t need Your second objective should be to ensure that they want to keep coming to rink – keep it fun, keep it interesting

32 Tips and Techniques for a Successful Season
Get/keep your assistants involved in practices Head Coach can’t do it alone Plan in advance & communicate With assistants and practice partners Develop a routine for kids to follow Non-ADM practices Core drills followed by whatever you have planned ADM-style practices Use the KPW template for planning

33 Tips and Techniques for a Successful Season
If you haven’t already done so, please identify a Team Manager for your team. Head Coach/Team Manager Please communicate issues through Division Director, then Hockey Director Still no response, then to President KPW will be conducting a Team Managers Meeting in near future at Foxboro Sports Center Once Identified, have them set up in the system so they show up on the team page. (We will discuss this further in the meeting)

34 Tips and Techniques for a Successful Season
Suggest you have a meeting with the parents at the first practice, or as early in the season as you can Set your expectations with them from the outset: When to be at the rink before practice and games & Locker room policy Communication to/from coaches to parents (i.e., upcoming schedule) How to address schedule conflicts Parent Code of Conduct Administrative details (CORIs as needed, Consent to Treat Forms, etc. – ask your Team Manager to coordinate this if possible) Tournaments? Answer any questions Parents may have about KPW, the team, or life in general… If you don’t know the answer, contact your Division Director If you should ever have a player injury or discipline issue, communicate with your Division Director ASAP Player rankings need to be submitted at end of season to help with next year’s evaluations Should be coordinated with input from all team coaches. If there are differences of opinion, these need to be discussed and settled before final rankings are submitted. Keep your game sheets on file (or in Coach’s Handbook) in the event there is a roster or eligibility dispute

35 Tips and Techniques for a Successful Season
Suggest you meet with your players as soon as possible to set ground rules and build a team identity Emphasize respect for parents, coaches, referees, other players (ours and any opponents) KPW teams should be known for sportsmanship as well as any on-ice successes When to be at the rink before practices and games 6pm practice means fully dressed and ready to step on the ice a few minutes before 6pm, not fooling around in the locker room No rough housing in locker room Pre-game routine Parents/family out of locker room minutes before game time White board review of any key game strategy Warm-up routine, shooters, etc. Post-game routine Center ice handshake Head to locker room – remove helmets and be prepared to listen Review of game in locker room, coaches and players’ perspectives Game puck or Hardhat etc. Parents stay out until door opened for them Team nicknames or other team-building activities

36 Coach’s Uniforms If are a new coach, you will need to order a Coach’s Uniform through the KPW website If you don’t have your suit yet, wear something appropriate with the KPW logo until it is available. We want to project a professional appearance at all times Full suit expected to be worn at practices No Shorts – EVER! Jacket expected to be worn at games We want to project an image of KPW PRIDE Orders will be collected from Day Street by Maura Buckley (KPW Merchandizing)

37 Team “welcome back” e-mails
You should have had a chance to contact your teams by now… Take advantage of the mailing lists built into your team pages on the KPW website IMRs Direct Team to USA Hockey Website: Collect and submit as team to Nicole Capobianco

38 Equipment Information Update
Jersey information Submitted by Maura Buckley in July to Day Street Sports, should be available shortly (if not already available) Jerseys are for games/pictures only Rest of team equipment will be handed out at conclusion of meeting Pucks, water bottles and carriers, cones, socks, goalie equipment for those teams that need it, etc. Coaches are responsible for any equipment issued to you

39 Thanks The success of the KPW program depends on the time, dedication, and commitment of all its volunteers, but especially to you Coaches…

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