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First Impressions of the Veterinary Clinic

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1 First Impressions of the Veterinary Clinic

2 First things First Veterinary clinic is a business.
Goal is to make a profit while providing quality care. Each member of the team is governed by a code of ethics and must adhere to them.

3 The Sign Goals of a sign are: Show location Generate clientele
Detail services provided Hours of operation Telephone number


5 The Grounds and the Building
Grounds should be well kept. Parking area clean of debris or trash. Lawn neatly mowed. Trash/poop picked up. Free of potential hazards. Building should be in good repair. Building should be visibly appealing.


7 The Entrance Clearly Labeled. Easy to access. Open and inviting.
What else should be on the door or close to entrance area?

8 Reception area Some could argue that this is most important part of the veterinary hospital. Should be clean, well-organized and inviting. Should be free of clutter and comfortable for patients and clients.


10 What should not be in a reception area?
Potentially toxic plants Ability for patient to harm themselves Possibility of cross contamination between patients Clutter! Clutter! Clutter!

11 Exam Room Should be inviting and warm, not cold and sterile.
Should be fully stocked with necessary items. Should be easily accessible and large enough to accommodate multiple individuals if necessary.


13 What other areas might a client see?
Offices Treatment room Kennel area Grooming area Surgery Suite

14 See through the client’s eyes
Bring in someone from the outside in order to evaluate your clinic. Have them be open and honest with you so that you can improve the appearance of your clinic. Remember that the people have a lot to do with first impressions as well (we will be talking about this later).

15 Main Themes Keep it Clean!! Keep it Organized!!

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