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Career Clinic Paul Wilson for CIMA, 16 March 10. Who? Catalyst – Paul Wilson –

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1 Career Clinic Paul Wilson for CIMA, 16 March 10

2 Who? Catalyst – Paul Wilson – Team Founder North East Accountancy Awards –

3 What? How do you sell yourself and how can you improve? A practical, interactive session to help you refine or refresh your approach to job hunting, focussing on CV writing and interview techniques, with hints and tips that can be applied in any situation. Bring your CV and interview hat for valuable constructive feedback.

4 1. What is selling? Opportunity/need Communication Agreement Transfer goods/services for £, p

5 1. Opportunity/Need - You Job Industry similar different Match – Progression Skills – Sideways Knowledge – Sideways Entry Level – Retrain

6 1. Opportunity/Need - Employer Sales funnel Volume –Advertisements Press (prof., local, national) Web – ads, social media –Agencies –Business directories –Editorial –WOM –Events Quality Follow up communication – type/freq. Records Job

7 1. Demand Co.s looking at any given time Mean 5000 Companies

8 CV Writing CV Smiles doc

9 2. The Interview

10 An opportunity for an interviewee to ensure the potential employer feels that they are the best person that they can work with in a given role

11 Opportunity Need – they want you! Grasp it! Think opportunity (vs problem) –Positive perspective Youre the best person to tell them about you

12 What is the employer looking for? A ttitude, S kills and K nowledge About you – beliefs/values – shared? –How did/do you feel about? Why…. Competencies – technical, personal and social Your experiences – best messages Recent and relevant

13 Personal and Social Competencies Demonstrate to the max Balance –Video Commitment Self control Oh tell him List/attach/handout – words to use

14 Feeling Feeling/emotion/senses Messages – communication Behaviour Why did you move? Body language/doing 55% How its communicated 38% Whats communicated (verbal) 7%

15 Body language Positive Powerful First walk into a room –30/7 Move! Gut feel HSBC/Army ads.

16 How you communicate Listening Voice - pace, tone, inflection, accent, volume/projection, pitch –Enthusiasm, drive, integrity, control, initiative, adaptability Pen = question?

17 How you communicate Tree diagram –Balance sheet –Newspaper – headline/byline Prioritise Added value –Response -vs- context (ie not too long!) 1 4 19 £ B&V

18 What you communicate Human nature – positive/positive 5 of 6 Common negatives (egs) –Language – problem vs challenge Turned around (opp./need) Fine tuning vs wholesale change Self–awareness - consciousness

19 Work Work is about doing, a process, adding value Service, industry/manufacturing, public Measurable – currency, £ p

20 Substantiate who you are and what you do Reflect what like to work with –Lots to give/say = lots to give/do? Present best information Consistency Competition Assurance (Person Audit) CVAgentInterview AssessmentTest Decision

21 Summary Strive for positive in every element Coincidence we are talking about adding value being and relationship with positive language, positive verbal and non-verbal communicative traits? Think opportunity Practice=perfect. All elements of what you do/life Bite size elements, big goals – long term view Be yourself - your best self Finance Director – earch/?job=10053 earch/?job=10053 Factory/Management Accountant – earch/?job=10115 earch/?job=10115 Commercial/Business Planner – earch/?job=10096 earch/?job=10096 Audit Executive – earch/?job=10107 earch/?job=10107 Tax Assistant (P/T) – earch/?job=10105 earch/?job=10105

22 Reading Body language Public relations theory Communication theory Jon Livingston Seagull, Goleman NLP Web eg. based-interview based-interview

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