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Customer Service in the Ambulatory Setting David W. Mountjoy, MHA, FACHE Executive Director-Ambulatory Care University of Missouri Health Care.

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1 Customer Service in the Ambulatory Setting David W. Mountjoy, MHA, FACHE Executive Director-Ambulatory Care University of Missouri Health Care

2 University of Missouri Health Care Clinic System 51 Outpatient Clinics-Primary Care and Specialty Care 600,000 Clinic Visits Annually 400+ Physicians-Mix of Full and Part Time Faculty 585 Clinic Staff Clinics Reviewable by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission Clinic Management Model Requires Collaboration between Hospitals, School of Medicine, and University Physicians Practice Plan

3 Clinic Organizational Chart

4 Customer Service in UMHC Clinics History as a Teacher Who Owns Customer Service? Getting Organized Buy-In Voice of the Customer

5 Why Focus On Customer Service? Competition Revenue and Finance CG-CAHPS Reputation/Marketing Most Important…Its the Right Thing to Do

6 Core Components of Customer Service Leadership Service Goals and Expectations Responsibility and Accountability Communication Education Service Recovery Reinforce Behaviors Measure Satisfaction Action Planning

7 Education and Training Ritz Carleton Model Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) Clinic Front Desk Training Interpret Survey Results Action Planning-It Takes a Team

8 Measurement Tools Clinic Free-For-All Surveys Press Ganey Survey-Pluses and Minuses NRC Picker Clinic Pulse Surveys

9 Press Ganey 28 Questions Some Questions not Relevant Low Response Rates Timeliness of Results User Friendly CG-CAHPS

10 NRC Picker Guaranteed Response Rate Web-based Timely Results Custom Reports Stoplight Reporting Sample Action Steps for each Question Shared Action Planning

11 Clinic Pulse Survey Simple and Brief-2 Questions Timely Results-ARC High Response Rate Rapid Action Planning Inexpensive

12 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Examples of Less Than Desirable Practices Examples of Works in Progress Examples of Great Successes

13 Patient Expectations in Clinics The Visit Through the Eyes of the Patient Greeting and Welcome Wait Times-Waiting Room and Exam Room Provider Encounter Clinic Environment Technology

14 Speaking of Technology… Phones and Phone Management Smart Phones Email Social Media Telemedicine EMR/HIE

15 Example of ACD Report

16 Patient Portals Book Clinic Appointments 24/7 View Previous Appointments View Lab Results View Medical Record Communicate with Provider Receive Appointment Reminders Prescription Refill Requests Patient Education Material

17 Strategies For Customer Service to Improve Patient Satisfaction Communication with Patients Staff Training and Engagement Physician Training Other Tools

18 Communication With Patients Appointment Delays-Be Honest and Timely Reminders Cancellations/Rescheduling Utilize Wait Time No Surprises-Dont Blindside Patients Patients Care about their Care

19 Staff Training and Engagement Patient Satisfaction-Incorporate into Performance Evals Phone Scripting Phone Etiquette-Smile over the phone 5/10 Rule Body Language Manage Up Appropriate Attire and Appearance Partner with the Patient Be a Resource

20 Physician Training Review Clinic Schedules/Appointment Access Distribute and Review Physician-Specific Patient Satisfaction Scores PFCC for Physicians-Mandatory Incorporate Patient Satisfaction into Incentive Plans

21 Other Tools Communication Boards in Clinics Share Best Practice in Clinic Staff Meetings Do Follow-Up Phone Calls Review Clinic Space for Best Workflow Clinic Environment-Art, PCs, Clean, and Safe Stand Behind Your Brand Rounding For Outcomes Innovate

22 Results NRC Picker Pulse Surveys

23 Patient Experience – Our Journey Made Goal 3 out of 9 times Made Goal 6 out of 6 times

24 Clinic Pulse Surveys Question 1: Based on todays visit, I would recommend this practice to family and friends. Options: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree Question 2: What, if anything, could have been improved today? Options: No Problems, Scheduling Appt., Check In/Arrival Process, Care Provider, Lab/X-Ray/Other Service, Nurse, Wait Time, Comfort/Cleanliness, Check-out Process Survey Period-11/05/12-11/09/12 (5 working days) Response: 35% of all patients seen completed survey

25 Clinic Pulse Surveys Mean Score for Q1 for 3517 responses: 4.4 (5=Strongly Agree) Q2 Results: 1. No Problems=2946 2. Scheduling=64 3. Check In/Arrival=87 4. Care Provider=36 5. Lab/X-Ray/Other=23 6. Nurse=22 7. Wait Time=351 8. Comfort/Cleanliness=52 9. Check-out=36

26 Suggested Readings Hardwiring Excellence- Purpose, Worthwhile Work, & Making a Difference. Quint Studer Front Office Success- How to Satisfy Patients and Boost the Bottom Line. Elizabeth W. Woodcock Mastering Patient Flow- Elizabeth W. Woodcock. Second Edition If Disney Ran Your Hospital- 9 ½ Things You Can Do Differently. Fred Lee. 2006 Customer Service in Health Care- Optimizing Your Patients Experience. Karen A. Meek. The Six Elements of Customer Service- Gail Scott 8 Customer Service Ideas to Enhance Patient Satisfaction. MGMA Journal. March 2010

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