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NCNM Residency Program

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1 NCNM Residency Program
MaryK Geyer, ND Associate Dean, Director of Residencies

2 Residency Organizations
CNME (Council on Naturopathic Medical Education) NPGA (Naturopathic Post Graduate Association) NERC (Naturopathic Education and Residency Consortium)

3 Residency Site Structure
Sponsor Institution Teaching Clinic (NCNM Clinic) Distant Sites Shared NCNM/Distant Sites

4 National College of Natural Medicine
Academic Medical Center Community Clinics Teaching Experience

5 Shared NCNM/Distant Sites
CNM/NCNM AWT/NCNM Women’s Health & Adv. Gyn/NCNM

6 Interested in Developing Your Own Residency?
Historically, many new residency sites have developed from students who had an established relationship with a physician/clinic Universal Residency Site Application 2-4 month window for development of a new site Residencies can not be developed for one person Positions must be advertised to all eligible candidates

7 Residency Application Process
Universal Application Application and fee still need to be submitted to individual schools Sponsor school essays unified, but individual sites may require individual essays.

8 Matching Program Created to minimize unfilled residency positions
Eliminates one candidate getting multiple offers Site’s supervisor and candidate still responsible for deciding placement

9 Matching Program NPGA Match Administrator will hold the Residency Site Preference List for all candidates Residency Directors hold Resident Preference List from site supervisors Directors and Match Administrator meet to match preferences in April/May

10 Questions?

11 NCNM Residency Opportunities

12 NCNM Residencies NCNM currently (2013-2014) has:
8 First Year (PGY1) NCNM positions 3 Second Year (PGY2) NCNM positions 3 “shared” NCNM-Distant site position (PYG1). 14 Affiliate site clinics (PGY1 & 2)

13 NCNM Residencies NCNM’s Upcoming 2014-2015 Cycle:
7 First Year NCNM Positions 2nd/3rd Year NCNM Positions: 3 Positions 1 Shared NCNM-Distant Site Position AWT/NCNM 11 Distant Site Residencies New sites may be added before application closes on January 13- Stay Posted

14 NCNM Teaching Clinic Rich multi-disciplinary learning environment – Eclectic Training Residency involves supervising student teaching shifts. Experience serving community clinics Resident Education

15 NCNM’s Community Clinics
Currently NCNM residents serve 11 Community Clinics Each of these clinics serves diverse populations; allowing for a rich education working with different population needs, expanding cultural awareness, & serving our communities.

16 Workload for NCNM Residents
Clinical Experience: Approximately 6 shifts/week+ 1 call shift: On-Site, Community Clinic, and Supervising Hydrotherapy Student Shifts External Rotations Ability to set up Private Practice Shifts, if desired Teaching: Clinical Skills Labs (CPD) and Gyn Labs Participating in Clinical Milestone Exams, Clinic Synthesis Courses, and other misc. education activities Weekly Resident Education lecture/meeting: Lecture, Simulation, Teaching Development, Personal and Professional Development, Journal Review

17 NCNM 1st Year Resident Salary & Benefits
Salary: Projected 33 K, this may increase depending on budgetary availability Time off: 12 personal days, 5 education days, 5 bereavement CE Budget: $100/year (Note: CE hours are covered through resident education)

18 A Woman’s Time/NCNM Tori Hudson, ND and MaryK Geyer, ND
¼ Time spent at NCNM Teaching Clinic, ¾ time spent at A Woman’s Time. Primary care with focus on women’s medicine, pediatric care, and pain management Participate in the care of patients, management and writing new material for public relations, and have an obligation to ensure the continuing of naturopathic care.

19 Not Participating in the 2014-2015 Match Cycle
Integrative Women’s Health, Advanced Gynecology/NCNM Kimberly Windstar, ND and MaryK Geyer, ND ½ time Women’s Health shifts ½ time NCNM clinic shifts Requires previous mentor shift experience with Dr. Windstar

20 Center for Natural Medicine/NCNM Martin Milner, ND and MaryK Geyer, ND
Not Participating in the Match Cycle Center for Natural Medicine/NCNM Martin Milner, ND and MaryK Geyer, ND ¾ time Cardiopulmonary teaching shifts ¼ time NCNM teaching shifts ECG testing, Pulmonary function testing Stress tests, body composition analysis, etc. Only applicants from the Heart and Lung mentor rotations at CNM will be considered.

21 NCNM Distant Residency Opportunities

22 A Family Healing Center Jason Black, ND and Jessie Black, ND - McMinnville, OR
Primary care with focus on women’s medicine, pediatric care, and pain management Participate in the care of patients, management and writing new material for public relations, and have an obligation to ensure the continuing of naturopathic care.

23 A Woman’s Time - Integrative Residency
Tori Hudson, ND – Portland, OR Primary care with a practice emphasis on Women’ s Health Private patients, clinical rotations, research, public speaking and writing Clinical rotations with specialty physicians in the areas of gynecology, surgery, oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, internal medicine, rheumatology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, ENT, family practice, neurology and pediatrics.

24 An Hao Natural Health Clinic Edythe Vickers, ND, LAc – Portland, OR
Not Participating in the Match Cycle An Hao Natural Health Clinic Edythe Vickers, ND, LAc – Portland, OR Primary care with focus on Women’s health, chronic illness, and cancer care. Candidates must be licensed to practice both naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine.

25 Canby Clinic Erin Walker, ND - Canby, OR
Small town family practice with a focus in primary care, manual medicine and IV Therapy.

26 Not Participating in the 2014-2015 Match Cycle
Center for Natural Medicine Martin Milner, ND – Portland, OR Primary Care with an emphasis on Cardio-Pulmonary testing & treatment Resident will see patients in Dr. Milner’s private practice. Extensive training in EKG , Pulmonary function tests, Stress tests, & body composition analysis Requires Cardio-pulmonary mentor shift experience.

27 Full Circle Care Leslie Peterson, ND – Salt Lake City, UT
Primary focus is on adult internal medicine with emphases in endocrinology, reproductive health, gastroenterology, and autoimmune diseases. Candidates must intend to practice in Utah after residency to be considered for this position.

28 Grain Integrative Health Lindsay Baum, ND & Sarah Kates-Chinoy, ND - Portland, OR
Primary care integrative medicine – whole family healthcare from infancy through hospice care, and accessibility for acute care management is emphasized. Requires flexibility and a desire to learn about all aspects of operating a clinic and establishing a medical practice.

29 Ho’o Lokahi Heath Center Michael Traub, ND – Kailua Kona, HI
General practice focusing on dermatology and oncology. Physical medicine, homeopathy, IV therapy and nutritional counseling Conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about patient care.

30 Integrative Healing Arts Lawrence Chan, ND – Vancouver, BC
Primary Care including weight loss and age management. Clinic incorporates Naturopathic medicine, Chiropractic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy. Residents will be able to supplement their clinical experience with intensive rotations with other specialists in the community.

31 University of Bridgeport Jennifer Johnson, ND – Bridgeport CT
General family medicine at UB health Center and/or satellite clinics, working with supervising physicians on student teaching shifts. Strong academic and teaching experience preferred.

32 Arthritis Care Carla Guggenheim, DO, Nicholas Morgan, ND-Lansing, MI
Clinical focus in rheumatology and polypharmacy. Residents work closely with Dr. Guggenheim and other clinic providers to provide quality patient care and spend approximately 75% of their time providing patient care.

33 Cameron Wellness Center Todd Cameron, BSN, NMD-SLC, UT
General Naturopathic family practice, endocrine health, IV therapy, injection therapies, weight loss, Bio-Impedance analysis, detoxification protocols, Skenar technology, Doppler technology, simple wound repair and minor surgery.

34 Portland Clinic of Holistic Health Eric Blake, ND, DAc
Primary care with wide span of clinical cases including complicated recalcitrant conditions. Areas of educational focus will include oncology, women’s medicine, infectious disease, respiratory disease, autoimmune disease and pediatrics. Resident is expected to participate in community outreach and wellness lectures.

35 check Website before Application submission for additional sites
Dr. MaryK Geyer Elisa Ford check Website before Application submission for additional sites

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