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LA County Fire Department

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1 LA County Fire Department
Wellness Fitness Data Collection

2 Purpose Automate collection of yearly fire fighter fitness exams
Standardize clinic fitness evaluation forms and reporting requirements Increase scheduling efficiency Forward data to IAFF/IAFC for analysis

3 Overview

4 Data Collection Software Capabilities
Capture all medical data specific to LA County Fire and IAFF/IAFC request. Mail merge the following documents: Medical Questionnaire Medical Release Medical Evaluation Standard medical forms Standard medical summary report Recruit data

5 Medical Clinics: Data Entry Software
After each exam, the clinic will enter results into the data collection software. Standard reports will be printed and mailed to fire fighter A transmission file will be created for upload to LACOFD

6 Web Site Capabilities Secure all Web pages
Schedule all employees, during their birth month, for medical exams at one of the six contracting clinics. Collect transmission data from clinics Distribute standard forms and schedules to clinics Display standard aggregated reports

7 Medical Clinics: Web Site
Medical Clinics will log into the LACOFD Web server with a unique ID and password Once logged on they may: Upload periodic files containing medical and physical fire fighter data Download exam schedules Download Standard forms Download ICD-9 data (Yearly)

8 ICD-9 Codes LACOFD obtains subscription to ICD-9 database
Post database on Website for download by clinics

9 Web Site Users Clinics LACOFD Wellness/Fitness Personnel IAFF
Upload unidentifiable data LACOFD Wellness/Fitness Personnel Create schedules Review aggregated data IAFF Fire Fighters? Fill out IAFF questionnaire (Already built)

10 Fire Fighter Confidentiality
Where is the Fire Fighter data? Current situation: Demographic and Medical Data stays at the clinic on paper and is mailed or couriered to OHP. New: All data stays at the clinic in a database for standard data entry methods and report generation. What data? All data specified in the Fire Services Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative (Identifiable)

11 Fire Fighter Confidentiality
What data is transmitted to the county? Non-identifiable summaries of medical and fitness data (Subset of data held at clinic to be chosen by LACOFD) Medical Blood Pressure/Pulse, Immunizations, Cholesterol, etc Physical Max VO2, push ups, Curl ups, etc Identification Age group (20-29, 30-39, 40-49, etc) Clinic Battalion

12 HIPPA Chain Fire Fighter will sign a release form before each exam.
Only non-identifiable medical data will be transmitted to LACOFD. Identifiable data will be under protection of medical clinics – They are already HIPPA compliant. All searches into summarized medical data by LACOFD will be logged

13 Employee’s Role Fill out IAFF Questionnaire on-line
Fill out Medical Questionnaire. Fill out Medical Release at clinic. Fill out Medical Evaluation form of clinic.

14 Clinic’s Role Utilize standard forms
Capture all medical data in data collection software Provide all employee’s a standard summary report Utilize a standard check list for all medical reports Export non-identified medical data to LACOFD Web host

15 Fire Department Role Schedule medical appointment for employees
Provide via a medical Questionnaire Provide via the IAFF Questionnaire Provide Medical Exam Evaluation form

16 Health Program Coordinator
Capture information of the following Tetanus Hep-B titer Hep-C screening TB Export quantitative data

17 Overview

18 Benefits of Capturing Data
Identify groups that need additional training or programs: “Where does the money need to be spent?” and “ Is the money well spent” Over the years – reinforce validity of programs.

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