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Enterprise Business Intelligence Ben Kimmel Assistant Director, Fiscal Services.

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1 Enterprise Business Intelligence Ben Kimmel Assistant Director, Fiscal Services

2 Cleveland Clinic 3.6 million patient visits 160,000 admissions 42,000 employees 2,700 physicians and scientists

3 Current EBI Infrastructure Phase I implemented 2006 SQL Server platform Business Objects presentation layer 18 TB data 40 FTEs 93% data load frequency < weekly 6,000 total users, ~1k/week

4 Agenda Cleveland Clinic performance management evolution Example dashboards EBI infrastructure Governance

5 The CC EBI Evolution 1993200420052006199520021998 Monthly Wheels Monthly Operational Indicators Continuous Improvement Summits Web Based Wheels Daily Dashboard Dashboard Tools and Data Warehouse Executive Dashboard Institute Scorecards 2008 EBI PM DSSDept DBs Short Cycle 2010-12

6 Performance Management EBI & performance management Using data to manage business Feedback loops & accountability Predictive modeling Enterprise level Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Functional Systems Stand alone, functionally specific applications DSS applications Financial consolidation tools Automated processes that feed a central data warehouse with data from disparate source / transaction systems Single source of information Initiative driven Using DW data in fact based analytics Augment data with KPIs, business imperatives & scorecarding Key metrics & trending analysis Division / function specific

7 Dashboard Architecture Executive Dashboard High Level Indicator Driven Visual & Intuitive Focused Flexible Finance Statistics Patient Access Quality Patient Experience Physicians Institute Chair Department Nursing Clinical Operations Patient Support Services Finance & Statistics Quality Patient Access Operational Dashboards Summary P&L by Entity Financial Metrics Key Statistics Reports Service Line Summary Core Measures Patient Experience Hand Hygiene Outpatient Access Days Wait Appt when wanted Operational Dashboards


9 Executive Quarterly Review Align strategic objectives Common scorecard platform Transparency Best practice sharing Continuous Improvement





14 Clinic Access Template Management Appointment Days Wait Appointment When Wanted Same Day Access








22 Short Cycle Near real-time Quicker delivery to clinical managers Summarized nursing unit performance





27 Smoking Cessation (AMI/HF/PN) 2010 2009 2011

28 Pneumonia Vaccination 20102009 2011

29 HF Education 201020092011

30 SCIP: Hair Removal 20102009 2011

31 SCIP: Normothermia 201020092011

32 SCIP: Periop Beta-blocker 201020092011

33 SCIP: VTE Prophylaxis Orders 2010 2009 2011

34 20102009 2011 SCIP: Appropriate VTE Prophylaxis within 24 hrs

35 Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. - Wyatt Earp 35

36 ICU Operations ICU Ops Team created in 2006 Expanded in 2009 - - Oversight committee formed - - 30+ ICUs - - 350 beds - - 30,000 admissions/year




40 ICU Hand Hygiene Compliance

41 ICU CLABSI Rate 50% reduction Rate

42 Blood Utilization Scarce resource High cost Clinical risk



45 Physician Level Detail

46 Example Physician

47 Cleveland Clinic Blood Use per 1K patient days 200820092010

48 EBI Infrastructure

49 Information Delivery Environment Before EBI CIS SC Billing ORIS GL Data Sources Data Stores / Applications Information Access / Display DSS Crystal ODS Excel Previous environment characterized by: Heavy reliance on packaged technology solutions with limited integration Data stores developed and owned by independent departments – duplicative and expensive Inefficient and untimely delivery of information Disjointed approach to information access & display (reports, online tools, excel, crystal, etc.) Multiple representations of data with inconsistent definitions – no single source of truth

50 Others Current Information Delivery Environment CIS SC Billing ORIS GL Data Sources Distributed Enterprise Data Warehouse Consistent Information Access / Display DSS Current environment characterized by: Coordinated approach regarding: Data ETL and storage Data visualization and reporting Data stores developed and owned by independent departments Efficient and timely delivery of information Coordinated representations of data with consistent definitions – moving towards a single source of truth Medops Others

51 Infrastructure Configuration & Access Key Areas of Responsibility Infrastructure: IT Source ETL: IT Warehouse: Finance Dashboard: Med Ops Distributed Functionality for Flexibility Marts Dashboards Tools

52 Governance

53 Our EBI Strategy Guiding Principles Utilize proven, best practice methodologies and metrics to facilitate predictable and repeatable outcomes Continually strive to increase innovation and drive toward creativity and thought leadership Focus on planning and resource allocation to permit flawless execution even amid unforeseen events Align enterprise resources to strategic goals and priorities and drive accountability to achieve highest- value business impact Consistent Process Continuous Innovation Proactive & Adaptable Effective Governance

54 The Role of Executive Sponsor Drive Strategic Priorities Embrace Key Performance Indicators Issue Resolution Secure Funding & Resources Espouse Operational Changes Based on Fact-based Findings Executive Champion of EBI

55 Iterative Execution Planning Change Process Plan Requirements Change Process Analyze Design Change Process Design Deploy Support Training & Preparation System Test Launch Preparation Develop Test Case Development Code Control Milestone 2 – Milestone 2 – Vision & Scope, Data Model & Report Layout, Preliminary Schedule 1 3 4 5 2 Milestone 1 – Milestone 1 – Project Initiation Milestone 5 – Milestone 5 – System Test, Documentation, & Training Complete, Production Deployed Milestone 4 – Milestone 4 – Code Complete (Database & Reports), System Test Initiation Milestone 3 – Milestone 3 – Business Rules, Final Design, Test Plans, Final Schedule

56 Driving Toward High Performance Key Take-aways Transition from data-rich to information-rich Common source of truth - - Business Intelligence Alignment with organizational goals - - Safety, quality, operational excellence Transition from transparency to operational excellence Culture of continuous improvement


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