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CITCM Student Clinic Infection Control January 2014.

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1 CITCM Student Clinic Infection Control January 2014

2 General Infection Control Break the Chain Wear PPE when required Be aware of your movement patterns Clean, clean, disinfect Respiratory etiquette

3 Routine Practices Foundation of Infection Control in Canada Procedures that apply at all times with all patients. Based on assumption that all patients are potential sources of infection. Routine practices control transmission of infectious microorganisms (patient-to- patient, practitioner-to-patient, patient-to- practitioner)

4 Breaking the Chain of Infection Vulnerable Host – immunization, treatment Infectious Agent –clean/disinfect Reservoir – people, water, equipment Portal of Exit – droplet secretions Transmission –contact (direct, indirect, droplet, airborne) Portal of Entry – wound care, gloves

5 Handwashing ources/pdf/handwashing_poster.pdf ources/pdf/handwashing_poster.pdf Alcohol rubs can be used if hands are not visibly soiled and hand washing access is not immediately available. Barrier protection

6 Personal Protective Equipment Gloves (Donning and Doffing) wear if you or the patient has open wounds Masks Glasses Lab Coats

7 Cup Cleaning

8 Work Surfaces Counters, table tops, massage tables Clean when: visibly soiled, after each treatment; after contact with contaminated material

9 Sharps Disposal Ensure cover is kept at the minimum sized opening. Is locked and sealed at ¾ full. Replaced with a new one Sharps check, floors and other surfaces. (pick up with needle locking forceps) Offsite, wiped down and stored separately

10 Waste Disposal (blood contact) Waste contaminated by blood Excerpts form the Guidelines for Biomedical Waste in Canada Section 1.1 These guidelines apply to but are not limited to the following facilities: hospitals; nursing homes and extended care facilities; public health units; physicians offices/clinics; veterinarians offices/clinics veterinary research, teaching and health care facilities; medical research and teaching establishments; health care teaching establishments; clinical testing or research laboratories; facilities involved in the production or testing of vaccines; mortuaries and funeral homes; coroners offices; nursing offices; and blood banks and blood collection centres.

11 Waste disposal continued Section 2.1 Defining Biomedical waste While any item that has had contact with blood exudates or secretions may pose a hazard, it is not usually considered practical or necessary to treat all such waste as biomedical waste. Thus the following items should be considered general waste: soiled dressings; sponges; surgery drapes; lavage tubes; casts, catheters, disposable pads; disposable gloves; specimen containers; lab coats and aprons; and dialysis wastes, such as tubing, filters, towels and disposable sheets. Therefore, blood waste generated during TCM and acupuncture treatments falls into the category of general waste. However, to promote safe handling and the protection of waste management workers: Gloves; Gauze; Cotton swabs; Sponges; Clean field drapes; or Any product contaminated with blood that is not a sharp; should be contained within a secondary bag prior to disposal in general waste. Any worker who handles waste in a health care environment should be offered the Hepatitis B vaccine.

12 Laundry Quick wash cycle; calculates time based on load. Soap dispenser, ½ fill Bleach dispenser; fill to max line Dont overload the dryer. Folded linens go in the supply room

13 Clinic Dress Code Males: Wear collared shirts Females: No workout wear and leggings Everyone in professional attire. Clean Labcoat No Jeans No Boots No hats, scarves, or loose fitting garments

14 Safety Committee This semester will be starting safety committee. Representatives and Alternates

15 Conclusion Be respectful Be professional Be safe Questions??

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