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Cherokee Countys Free and Low-Cost Health Care Clinic Quality Healthcare for Everyone, Regardless of Income

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1 Cherokee Countys Free and Low-Cost Health Care Clinic Quality Healthcare for Everyone, Regardless of Income

2 Bethesda means House of Kindness Bethesda Community Clinics name comes from a Bible story in John 5:1-9. The Pool Of Bethesda was the place where all of the sick, disabled, blind, lame and paralyzed used to wait for healing. There, a 38 year old invalid told Jesus why he was sick…

3 Bethesda means House of Kindness I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. The heart of Bethesda Community Clinic is to help people into the pool of health and wellness. We are inspired and motivated by Jesus compassion for the sick and the poor.

4 Blessed is he… Blessed is he that considers the poor: the Lord will deliver him in times of trouble. The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth. He will deliver him from the hands of his enemies. Psalm 41:1-2

5 Our Mission Our mission is to demonstrate the compassion of Christ by: Providing quality healthcare to those in need, To be a healthcare home for people in need of affordable care, and A solution for our growing countys burdened healthcare system.

6 Our Vision We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable healthcare services to those in Cherokee County with minimal or no income, as well as those who simply cannot afford health insurance which includes doctors visits.

7 Health Is Our Goal Our goal is not to simply treat sickness. We are determined to prevent and reverse disease before it does further damage. A key component for our clinic is that all of our FREE healthcare patients MUST take a FREE Health Risk Assessment and follow- through with treatment in order to remain as a patient.

8 Our Origin Bethesda Community Clinic is an expression of the heart of our Executive Director and Nurse Practitioner, Karen Fegely, MSN, FNP-C.

9 Our Origin After 15 years of nursing, including working at the Cherokee County Health Department in Canton, Karen discovered a tremendous need for a local clinic to provide healthcare for those who cannot afford it. Her passion is educating and motivating her patients to make healthy lifestyle changes.

10 Our History Karen and other medical volunteers held two (2) free healthcare clinics at the Canton Homeless Shelter before that location became unavailable. At our first clinic, 90 patients were treated in six hours!

11 Our Need Since that time, Karen Fegely has simply been helping patients on a case-by-case basis after hours for free. We have recently purchased a permanent location so we can meet the needs of the entire county instead of serving only a few people.

12 Cherokee Countys Need Cherokee Countys uninsured rate was over 18% back in 2009, and is projected to be much higher now. The number of families whose incomes are now at poverty level have grown as well. Therefore, many people do not have a healthcare home, which means they are not having health screenings that can prevent chronic illness.

13 Cherokee Countys Need Preventable diseases account for 70% of the burden of disease and its associated costs. By the year 2050, 1 in 3 American adults could be diabetic if current trends persist. Many uninsured individuals are limited to accessing health care through local hospital emergency rooms.

14 Cherokee Countys Need A typical ER visit to diagnose and treat a sore throat costs $270. A free or low-cost patient visit at Bethesda Community Clinic provides a tremendous saving to taxpayers and hospitals, as well as provides a primary care base where patients can return for routine care.

15 Cherokee Countys Need Why not go to the Cherokee County Health Department? It does not offer adult acute (sick) care, nor provide care for chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer. Bethesda Community Clinic WILL offer acute and chronic care for Cherokee County residents.

16 Our Supporters The Cherokee County Health Department has already donated 6 adult exam tables and 2 child exam tables with built in scales. Local businesses have donated telephones, a router, used computers and computer services, as well as remodeling and cleaning services. All donors are displayed at our Donors Links page on our web site.

17 Our Supporters The Georgia Department of Community Health provides free malpractice protection to contracted licensed medical volunteers in our Free Clinics. They train our volunteer Eligibility Specialists, process paperwork, and conduct quality assurance reviews on the financial eligibility and referral forms.

18 Our Supporters Kennesaw State University Community Clinic and Good Samaritan of Cobb both support the creation of Bethesda Community Clinic, because they need somewhere to refer the overflow of patients they must turn away, many of which are from Cherokee County.

19 Our Supporters Henry Schein Medical has donated one Hgb A1c machine and one Cholest-tech machine. GCS Group has donated seating, desks, filing cabinets and wall systems. We also have medical and administrative volunteers ready to serve at our Saturday free clinics.

20 Our Plan We will offer FREE Health Care on Saturdays by appointment, utilizing volunteer medical professionals. Families that meet 150% of the poverty level (determined by family size and income) can register, and must bring proof of income. Free Health Care patients MUST also schedule a future Health Risk Assessment at the time of registration.

21 Our Plan Free Health Care patients will initially be seen for 1 sick visit and 1 follow-up visit. However, until their Health Risk Assessment has been completed, their status is marked as Pending and they cannot receive any further free treatment. They can still receive treatment at the weekday low-cost clinic.

22 Our Plan Low-Cost Health Care patients can schedule appointments throughout the week. Charges will be between $45 - $60, depending on the level of community financial support we receive. Both Free and Low-Cost patients are responsible for lab and procedure costs, but prices will be kept as close to cost as possible.

23 Health Risk Assessments Patients must fast for 8 hours prior to their appointment. Their finger is pricked, biometrics obtained, and they receive a health score, with a comparison to normal scores. If there is disease present, patients must attend a class about their disease where they receive personalized treatment plans.

24 Health Risk Assessments If the Practitioner deems that the disease warrants immediate attention, additional labs or immediate treatment may be required. Additional labs will be charged to the patient at as close to cost as possible. We will try to provide the locations of pharmacies with the lowest cost medicines.

25 Not All Diseases Are Medical Stress, depression, anxiety and fear all cause physical symptoms. Sometimes people simply need someone to talk to, to pray with, to know someone really cares about their situation. Bethesda Community Clinic will also have a prayer area staffed by volunteers and devotional materials available for any interested patients.

26 What Do We Need From You? A TAX DEDUCTIBLE financial donation of any size. A monthly recurring donation is the best kind, as that helps keep the Clinic open on a continual basis. We need medical, administrative, marketing, and custodial volunteers. The more medical volunteers we have, the more patients we can see.

27 What Do We Need From You? You can offer material goods and services like: Medical supplies and equipment. Office supplies and equipment. Maintenance and pest control. Please also spread the word about us to patients, volunteers and donors.

28 How Can You Participate? Go to to find out more about us, fill out a volunteer application, and donate. Read our stories and watch the videos. Like us on Facebook.

29 Why Join Us? Everyone knows someone who is affected by the current economic crisis. Many of the patients who need us were a part of middle-class America, but now have lost their jobs, finances and some even their homes.

30 Why Join Us? People are having to make choices between buying food and buying medicine and buying school supplies. By giving to Bethesda Community Clinic, you are helping to ensure that the clinic is there not only for your friends and neighbors, but also for you and your family members should you ever need it.

31 Why Join Us? Please give today.

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