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FISD Minor Illness ClinicMustang Clinic FISD Minor Illness ClinicMustang Clinic.

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1 FISD Minor Illness ClinicMustang Clinic FISD Minor Illness ClinicMustang Clinic

2 UTMB Health Operated by UTMB Health Pediatric and Adult Primary Care Advanced Practice Clinicians Kathy Nash Amy Haverty Gwyn Rossi Dr. Michael Binder – medical director

3 Offering Treatment of Minor Illnesses Approved Services Under this Program Include Treatment of... Colds Rashes Sore throat Fever Cough Earache Headache Some in office lab tests – Strep Screens, Urinalysis, Blood Sugar Immunizations – not covered in this program Treatment for the following conditions is not included under the program and should be handled by your regular provider… Thyroid problems High blood pressure Diabetes Chronic lung disease Heart disease Broken bones Illness in children < 6 months of age causing unrelenting fever, possible dehydration If you feel that a procedure is warranted (sutures, staples, draining of abscesses)

4 About UTMB, Friendswood 128 W. Parkwood, Friendswood (next to 24 Hour Fitness) 281-338-8937 Providing care for people of all ages 7 am – 5 pm Appointments may be scheduled by calling office number which is answered after office hours by UTMB Access Center Phone advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Records are kept electronically so has to make access easier at all times.

5 Guidelines Immunizations records are essential to us. Have them with you at every visit. Call to cancel appointment rather than not showing up. Urgent Care Clinic is available after hours though not a service covered by this program. Visits are recorded electronically to make them easily accessible to Nurse Practitioner or your PCP. Co-pay - $10 per visit due prior to being evaluated. School/Work excuses provided for patient being evaluated. Appointments are made by office staff during the day but may be made via the Access Center after 5 pm and before 8 am. You will have a special number to call. Appointment times will be reserved for FISD at optimal times.

6 Other Services In-services for nurses, teachers, students and other employees as requested by FISD administration. Educational Programs for students (Healthy Choices). Flu Shot Administration – Health Fair (not included in this program but available upon request from FISD administration. MyChart – ability to communicate in EMR with office staff.

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