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Whitefoord Community Program Veda Johnson, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Emory University School of Medicine.

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2 Whitefoord Community Program Veda Johnson, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Emory University School of Medicine

3 Whitefoord Community Program Community-based, community-driven organization that strives to empower residents of the Edgewood community to take charge of themselves, their children, and their community. Mission: …working together with families and the community to ensure that every child has what he or she needs to succeed in school. Established in 1994 by the late Dr. George Brumley and Dr. Veda Johnson

4 Demographics Located in the Edgewood community of Southeast Atlanta High poverty, crime and substance abuse Large #s hard-working families School average enrollment for Whitefoord and Coan is approx. 500 and 550 students respectively 98% Free or Reduced lunch 75% Medicaid and 10% Peach Care eligible

5 Community Needs Increased Access to quality medical care Chronic Health Problems Asthma Diabetes Obesity Youth violence Teen Pregnancy Substance Abuse Mental Health Disorders

6 Community Needs… Early Childhood Education Afterschool Programs Adult Literacy and GED instruction Family Support Services Social Services Parenting Adult Counseling

7 Planning and Implementation Community identified and prioritized its needs Collaborated with schools, parents, community leaders, community agencies, and potential funders to develop program(s) to address needs Established advisory committees within schools and community to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of programs Recruited community members onto Board of Directors to participate in governance of organization

8 Whitefoord Community Program Created to address the needs of families as defined by the community Located across the street from the elementary school in 5 converted houses and modulars Components: Child Development Program Family Learning & Community Development Center School Clinics

9 Child Development Program Quality early childhood education for 74 children from 6 weeks to 4 years of age Combines the resources of the state of Georgias Pre-Kindergarten program and the philosophy behind the Early Head Start and Head Start programs. Culturally appropriate parenting sessions Currently undergoing NAEYC accreditation

10 Family Learning & Community Development Center Offers adult literacy, voluntary GED instruction, life skills and other community educational activities After school and summer programs for students at Whitefoord Elementary and Coan Middle School Intel Computer Club House Whitefoord elementary after school program Coan Bike Rite program Summer Reading Program

11 Whitefoord Elementary and Sammye E. Coan School Clinics Pediatric and adolescent primary care health clinics providing comprehensive health services for students and their pre-school and/or adolescent siblings Initiated by the Dept of Pediatrics at Emory University Nov. 1994 Removed the health care of children out of the institution and placed it into the community

12 Clinics…. Goal : Increasing access to quality health care and improving the academic achievement of students Address the physical, mental and emotional health of the child Care for the child in the context of family, home and community Developed the Whitefoord Community Program, a community-based support program for families of children enrolled in the clinic

13 Clinic Services Management of acute illnesses and injuries Management of chronic illnesses (diabetes, HIV+, asthma, obesity) Routine and sports physicals Immunizations Dental care

14 Services contd Mental Health Assessments and Counseling Psycho-educational Testing Social services Referral to Sub-specialist 24 hr. coverage

15 Staffing Pediatricians/Medical Director Mid-level Providers (NP/PA) RN/Clinic Manager Medical Asst Dentist and Dental Asst Social Worker/Mental Health Providers Health Educator Clerical Staff

16 Accomplishments Increased access to medical and dental health care Provided medical care to over 4500 students since 1995 Medical home to over 1200 children High clinic enrollment (95%) and utilization Increased immunization rates for 2 year olds Increased parental involvement Reduced cost to the states Medicaid program

17 Accomplishments… Improved school attendance/?performance Every child in school receives health education instruction on drug and substance abuse, violence prevention, safety, general health, and nutrition Improved health outcomes for children with chronic illnesses (e.g. asthma, diabetes) Increased symptom free days for asthmatics Stable glucose levels

18 Success stories….We measure success one child at a time… Diagnosed early staged brain tumor in 3 rd grader who is expected to have a full recovery Early detection of a genitourinary deformity in a 9 year old which was successfully corrected Reduced emergency room use and hospitalization of students with asthma

19 Success Stories… Through on-site counseling and support, facilitated the recovery of many emotionally troubled children A mans spirit will sustain his infirmities, but a wounded spirit who can bear it? Witnessed several challenged families assume proper responsibility for their children

20 Whitefoord and Coan Childhood Healthy Lifestyle Program Observed increased prevalence of obesity in school clinics School-wide assessment of problem revealed: The percentage of overweight students (BMI [Body Mass Index] >95%) at Whitefoord and Coan - approximately 17 % and 24.9% respectively The percentage of at-risk students (BMI 85-95%) - 19.5% and 24% respectively The purpose of project : To establish a school-wide health promotion/obesity prevention program and a weight loss/fitness program for overweight students enrolled in the Whitefoord and Coan Clinics.

21 Implementation Obesity prevention and health promotion Identified curricula for school wide obesity prevention and fitness promotion Take 10 – elementary school Planet Health – middle school Weight Reduction Recruit at-risk students into weight reduction program Obtained baseline BMIs, health and nutritional status, labs ( lipids, glucose and insulin) Conduct twice weekly exercise classes and twice monthly nutritional classes

22 Results Implemented Take 10 in the elementary school and will implement Planet Health in middle school next month. Enrolled 52 Students into weight reduction program 95% with BMIs > 95% ile. 61% with fasting elevated fasting lipids 43% demonstrating some degree of insulin resistance Conducted first of 3 families dinners to enhance family involvement 22 families attended with a total of 60 participants

23 Barriers Parental Involvement 20% of middle school parents attended parent meeting 70% of elementary school parents attended Recruitment of students into weight reduction program Fear of ridicule by other students Motivation for students to attend sessions on regular basis and to comply with program Teachers buy-in to conduct Take 10 Additional responsibilities interfere with teachers loaded schedule Difficulty in conducting school wide sessions in middle school Class schedules do not include health education on all grade levels.

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