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MSU College of Law Introduction to the Tax Clinic.

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1 MSU College of Law Introduction to the Tax Clinic

2 Who We Serve English as a Second Language Taxpayers International Students & Scholars Low-Income Taxpayers with an IRS controversy.

3 Courts We Practice In Michigan Tax Tribunal Michigan Court of Appeals United States Tax Court U.S. District Court

4 What Clinicians Will Learn Analytical skills through careful reading of code, regulations, and case law. Interpersonal skills via daily interaction with clients, opposing counsel and governmental agencies. Advocacy for clients through the written and oral communication word.

5 How is Tax Clinic different from other law school courses. Clinicians are working as attorneys, on behalf of real clients with real legal problems. The stakes are high! Reading, research, and analysis is mostly directed towards the clinicians cases.

6 What should 1Ls Do Speak with current and former clinicians. Recognize how tax issues effect all areas of the law. Visit the Tax Clinic.

7 What Should 2Ls and 3Ls Do Participate in at least one clinical program. Recognize that public service is a responsibility that comes with the privilege of practicing law – why not start early?

8 What do clinicians gain from the Tax Clinic experience? Real practice experience. Writing products. Resume benefits. Greater Responsibility. Satisfaction of helping clients.

9 Contact Information Michele L. Halloran, Director, Tax Clinic Christina M. Thompson, Public Interest Tax Fellow 541 E. Grand River Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823 Phone: 517.336.8088 - Fax: 517.336.8089

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