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Introduction to Caswell Clinic

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1 Introduction to Caswell Clinic
Peter Ghroum Senior Nurse South Wales Forensic Service ABM University NHS Health Board Honorary Lecturer at Swansea University, Cardiff University & South Wales University

2 Caswell Clinic 5 Wards:- Penarth Wd:- Intensive Care Unit (Mixed).
Ogmore Wd:- Rehab. (Male). Newton Wd:- Admission & Assessment (Female). Tenby Wd:- Admission/Assessment incl. prison Transfer Care (Male) Cardigan Wd:- Continuing Care (Male)

3 Caswell Clinic Medium secure Service.

4 SERVICE PROFILE 5 Clinical Teams: 5 Wards:
 Responsible Medical Officer  30 WTE nursing staff each ward  Clinical Psychologist  49:51 nursing skill mix  Occupational Therapist  Dedicated ward-based Domestic and  Social Worker Housekeeping Service  Nurse Community Support Service & Academic Department: Social Workers  Professor in Forensic Psychiatry Community Psychiatric Nurses Lecturer Practitioner in Forensic Mental Health Nursing

5 Caswell Clinic Philosophy
Public Protection Care & Hope Non-judgemental attitudes Tidal Model/Recovery Star within the CTP Patient Story Priority Primary Nursing Central to success

6 Where will your Journey take You ?


8 Ten Point STAR

9 The Ladder of Change Stuck Seeing the Big Picture Accepting Help
Believing Learning Self-reliant Seeing the Big Picture Stuck- At one end of the ladder is the feeling of being STUCK- of not feeling able to face the problem or accept help From Stuck we move to accepting help. At this stage we want to get away from the problem and we hope that someone else can sort it out for us Then we start believing- that we can make a difference ourselves in our life. We look ahead towards what we want as well as away from things we don’t want. We start to do things ourselves to achieve our goal as well as accepting help from others. The next step is Learning how to make our recovery a reality. It’s a trial and error process. Some things we do work, and some things don’t, so we need support through this process. As we learn, we gradually become more self-reliant until we get to the point when we can manage without help. The STAR

10 Intelligent kindness “ Kindness is something that is generated by an intellectual and emotional understanding that self-interest and the interest of others are bound together”. Ballatt and Campling, 2011)

11 Thank you for listening!
Peter Ghroum Tel.No:

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