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Sara, going to MGGS, describes arriving in her new world: Standing here, I can see mountains and volcanoes in the distance. Water crashes on the rough.

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1 Sara, going to MGGS, describes arriving in her new world: Standing here, I can see mountains and volcanoes in the distance. Water crashes on the rough rocks and the wind blows furiously in the air. As I slowly twist around, a whole new area of land stands before my eyes. Mouth-watering sweets hang on buildings. The exquisite view makes me want to walk forward. I study everything carefully then swiftly walk on. Something catches the corner of my eye. I walk towards it; its a door. This door is strange: its shape is box-like, although the only difference from a normal door is that it has a light glowing vibrantly on top. This door has windows that are non-see through; thick gold handles on the blue wood. Glancing round quickly to see if anyone was watching, then cautiously I placed my shaking nevertheless excited hand on the thick handles. Gripping it tightly I carefully I pulled the door open and walked in…

2 Julius describes arriving in his new world: Rowing, towards my home. Finally the huge, ice block appeared, the wall of freezing as well as windy cold… This was my home - the world I was in, cold, cold, cold, it is… My coat furs warming me up, in this freezing air. Turning around, I could see, again, blocks of ice, in the view point, black, Im back to the palace of ice. I need to cross the wall, and then Im in! There!!! Blue, wide, humongous my homes great area. After a long time, an ice-blue door leading to my born city of Interesia… Am I here? Not yet! Not yet… While Im rowing through, painted animal furs, its spinning around my head, hanging from the ice-blue door, Interesia, Im back…

3 Matilda, going to Maplesden Noakes, describes her world: Standing here I see the clear blue sea going far out, the light golden, scorching yellow sand on my feet. I look up to the clear blue cloudless sky. On the sand it has beautiful swirling shells that are a pretty creamy colour. Turning round I see wooden huts that have tropical fruit in and the smell is lush. The hand-made wooden huts go round in a circle with a magical water fountain in the middle that sprays water around the place, in the town centre. Nothing to hear - just the smooth sea. As I look to the door I get distracted by the lovely light pink and purple glass door handle that is shaped in to a big flower. The blue door frame is gorgeous with glass flower patterns on them; I put my hand out to reach the door handle when…

4 Nicola, going to MGGS, describes her world: Staring closely, taking in my surroundings in front of me, I see a roller- coaster; as my eyes follow the swirling pattern of it, I spot that it leads all around the island. Surrounding the roller-coaster are mountainous trees with balconies as well as huts on a wooden platform. You must be careful you dont fall! As I walk slowly through the thick tropical forest covered with palm trees and jungle surroundings, I notice a peeping head out of a nearby window of a close hut; it calls out, Tat tes you doin hair?. I had an idea that it sounded like a question and thought it must be asking What are you doing here? Scuttling like a crab from a distance I see a line of about ten people with vibrant clothes on doing the conga in the distance. Shivering and shaking with cold as I see the sight of a far away mountain I see a distant shadow and a wisp of smoke arising from inbetween the mountains; I wonder what there could be? Now I turn my concentration on this peculiar creature that looked like a monkey but the people called Mongos. I thought they looked rather cute until… one of them jumped on my back, another swung from a vine tree and hit me in the face. I sure didnt see them as cute again! After my attack these strangers invited me into a hut which was amazingly warm and vast; it was most unusual, it seemed like a small hut, until suddenly you go through a door and there were beds, fire, gorgeous paintings and exquisite sofas, which were extremely comfortable.

5 Nicolas world, continued… Not until I was climbing down did I notice that what I was climbing down was a vine attached securely to a tree but as I saw the others sliding down the vines, I knew it was the beginning of an amazing adventure. I started to travel further and further through a forest which lead me to an amazing brightly coloured door, with wintery colours surrounding it. The door was different shades of blue: Snowman (miniature), Christmas decorations and something that looked like a…turkey. I wonder what would be behind the door: as I just feel the door gently it suddenly made me fall through and I ended up in the mountain place where Id been looking as I crept through the thick snow I saw alien creatures celebrating around a fire and in the middle what looked extremely like a dinosaur.

6 Annas world is called Aquarealm… I feel a little dizzy as I have just transported. I dont normally transport but its the quickest way to get around this place. Oh, did I mention Im underwater? In a place called Aquarealm: I still dont know why Im here even after six months, but its so beautiful even if I did find a way home I wouldnt go. I live in my glass bubble so I can breathe. The air never runs out and I can customize it if I want, at the moment its purple! Anyway through my bubble I can see beautiful and elaborate fish circling above me, their tails flicking pompously as they glide effortlessly through the icy water. To think that one day they may be on my plate is unappetizing and I shall have to say sorry before I gobble them up. Thats the main thing to eat at Aquarealm, fish! I suppose it makes sense but I still hate it when their eyes are left on which they do quite a lot here. Below me is the dusty sea bed with coral reefs that look like hearts – pumping in the water. They emit a strange unearthly song which is quite unusual, however Ive got used to it now.

7 Nathan is going to Oakwood Park; this is his world, Trampilicous : Standing here I can see… blankness; all I can see is complete white, I feel stone cold like the ice age all over again! (Run away from the mammoths.) This world is so… empty. Is there anything here? I dont think so! All I can hear in this blankness is the rudd birds of the shadow proclamation chirping and singing as they fly by to the next fortunate wanderer! I still at first feel cold, but then I turn around from this blankness then see a… door? A bearded man comes through the door and starts talking to me… Welcome he says, Welcome to Trampilicous! The man is extremely tall and obese, he seems to be a governor in the world of Trampilicous town or possibly the mayor. For some reason now I feel… alone!

8 Ollie is going to Maplesden Noakes; heres how he describes his world: As soon as I arrive I can see the dark blue sea, which is crashing against the rocks, the sound of the wind whistling floats into my ears, a grin creeps onto my face. The day is dark yet surprisingly warm - about twelve degrees centigrade. A weird and wonderful bird flies overhead, its belly is bright red with grey wings which (at the end) are tipped golden. Its head was navy blue with an orange beak! I hear a strange sound from behind; I turn… The sand around is dry and warm, unlike the rocks, due to the fact they are rough and cold! Then a scent creeps into my nose, I frown, my face goes green I smell fish (which I hate!!!!!): I turn to the door… It is colossal to say the least! The door itself is made of brown oak.

9 Matthews world is called Edakong; hes going to Maplesden Noakes: Standing here, I can see boiling, bubbling mud pools – murky grey with lots of steam. Behind them stands a horrific volcano. It pongs! As I am detesting this smell, I am getting drenched with this light drizzle. As I turn I can see a deep, dark, forest, nearby rising from the rocks. As I walk through the deep, dark, forest I hear a rumble. As I turn again to face the volcano it is vibrating. So I start to run. As I run through the deep, dark, forest I could hear some fluorescent lava chasing me like a game of cat and mouse. As I am still running, I can smell a horrific scent of burning wood Oh dear, its still chasing me! I scream to myself. I have just caught a glimpse of a shiny thing to my right, as I go over to it with the lava still chasing me, its a lever. As I go other to it I think should I push or pull? So I pushed, then I realised that the lava was getting faster. So I pulled the lever all the way down and the lava stopped so that meant the lava was controlled

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