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“Quality for a better tomorrow”

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2 “Quality for a better tomorrow”
About our Companies: Qatar Imports W.L.L. (QI) Trading and Services company whose partner company, SCWB L.L.C., is based out of Little Rock Arkansas in the United States of America. Both companies have established a successful presence within their markets as trading, importers, distributors, cleaning and services. Qatar Imports targets retailers, commercial/residential properties, hotels/spas and industrial clients. QI is dedicated to providing the opportunity for exploration of diversity and exceeding market expectations with their green and cost effective products and services. QI is focused entirely on product differentiation by providing products & services that are not offered by any typical supplier within their markets. “Quality for a better tomorrow”

3 Our Quality Products and Services:
Qatar Imports W.L.L. trading and services offers selective products and services, ranges such as: Our exclusive green cleaning services and solutions Our exclusive award winning misting/cooling systems & installation services Supply and delivery services Indoor/Outdoor patio heaters and furniture “We strive to carry only the highest quality products that have a low impact on the environment and our client’s wallets.”

4 The Mission: Our mission is to save energy and provide comfort through innovative, high quality, ecologically friendly products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations. One of Qatar Import’s goals is to generate a fair profit for the owners and investors as well as a dynamic work environment for its employees. Our main goal is to be a step ahead of the competition both in product exclusivity and pricing. Every employee is committed to the continual improvement of our products and services through product knowledge as well as “hands on experience” and customer service.

5 General Cleaning Services
ECO Friendly Cleaning Products Services Contracts ALL Water Tank Cleaning Treatments: - Full Power Washing, Scrubbing, disinfecting, & Sanitizing Services. Rugs / Carpet Cleaning & Extraction : - spot/steam cleaning & extraction, shampooing and vacuuming. Sofa cleaning & Treatment : - spot/steam cleaning & Extraction for all Sofas. Tile, Marble, Granite, Stone etc : - Polishing & Crystallization works. Mattress Cleaning : - Spot/Steam cleaning & Extraction Wood Care : - Cleaning, Painting, Varnishing and full treatment services Stainless Steel & Outside Signage Boards internal/external Window & Glass Cleaning All Purpose DEEP Cleaning & Services First Construction Cleaning



8 Misting systems: Our misting systems have been proven to be much more effective than conventional methods for cooling outdoor locations both in cost and overall cooling. The concept incorporates water and contained pressure to provide outdoor cooling through "flash evaporation." Specially designed and patented mist nozzles operate under high pressure to produce tiny water droplets that can reduce the surrounding air temperature as much as 30° F, truly amazing! Our customized stainless steel mist line & Mist Fans provides cooling to the area from our high pressure pump assembly. When combined with our mist nozzles, this system can achieve maximum cooling without wetting the area or leaving moisture that can be potentially hazardous. These systems can also provide a dynamic visual effect to any location. Qatar Imports offers one of the largest selections of equipment and components on the market today.



11 Outdoor Heaters


13 Finished in a stylish black and chrome trim
Features and Benefits/ Parasol Heater 2kW heat output Finished in a stylish black and chrome trim 3 heat settings available - 650W, 1300W or 2000W 5 meter power cord fitted with a BS 13 amp plug Safe - There is no gas canister involved and you don't have to worry about secure storage of cylinders. Approved for water resistant outdoor use Anti-tilt mechanism fitted Medium-wave heater elements for fast, silent and  odorless heat and providing a warm orange glow Efficient - infrared heats people directly, not the air in between Economical - Low running costs and unlike gas no annual service – a fraction of the cost of gas. Folding, space saving design when not in use

14 Features and Benefits/ Freestanding Heater
Unique double circular element Fully waterproof and can be left outdoors No fumes or smell  Instant heat-up  Two heat settings 1kW and 1.8kW Also emits a warm light Modern elegant design suitable for domestic and commercial use Efficient and cheap to run Easily moved and stored

15 Features and Benefits/ Wall mounted Heater
Fully waterproof and can be left outdoors No fumes or smell  Instant heat-up  No noise/ runs quiet Economical - Low running costs and unlike gas no annual service – a fraction of the cost of gas. Comes in Black or White

16 Our Contacts & Locations:
Website: Sales: Support & Maintenance: Qatar Contact Info: Qatar Imports Sales and Operations Manager P.O.Box Waleed Bayyari Doha, Qatar Mobile: Office: Fax: USA Contact Info: 201 Epernay Loop Shane Connerly Little Rock Mobile: Arkansas USA Waleed Bayyari Mobile:

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