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Division of Student Development Budget Presentation 2005-2006.

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1 Division of Student Development Budget Presentation 2005-2006

2 Division of Student Development Departments Recreation Admissions Campus Counseling & Career Planning Dean of Students Office Judicial Affairs Orientation Housing Office for Students with Disabilities Placement & Student Employment University Center Student Activities

3 Student Development Mission The Division of Student Development at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in supporting the mission of an engaged metropolitan university serves as the catalyst that encourages each student to grow toward his/her full potential as a contributing member of society. It accomplishes this by: 1. Recruiting and retaining a diverse academically qualified student body. 2. Focusing the attention and energy of each staff member on a student-oriented philosophy that serves and encourages a campus- wide culture of successful persistence. 3. Providing services that support and complement the academic mission of the University. 4. Enhancing the learning environment by delivering meaningful leadership and personal growth opportunities for student development.

4 Student Development Mission in Progress Division currently in strategic planning process to revisit mission Current focus – Nine Words Recruit and Retain Service + Learning Ethos of Engagement

5 Accomplishments Claiming the Assets of Technology Integrating blackboard and OneNet training through orientation process Added Adaptive Technology Coordinator for Office of Students with Disabilities through Vocational Rehab grant Implemented new housing software reservation system Established wireless access in University Center Installed security camera system in University Center Implemented on-line registration for intramural events Developed CD format information guide for newly admitted students Created online tour scheduling for Admissions Implemented online reservation and confirmation of Admissions recruitment events

6 Accomplishments Recruit, Retain and Celebrate Diversity Achieved the highest level of African American student enrollment (19.9%) in UTC history and in UT system Achieved 50% minority residency in UTC housing Implementing Student Success Center this spring in partnership with Academic Affairs to increase student success Initiated a successful Mocs Rock Memphis recruitment program Implemented an academic coaching program to increase the success of students with disabilities

7 Accomplishments Demonstrating Accountability Recruited largest freshmen class in UTC History (1504) Increased number of clients in Counseling Center by 24% Implemented new Orientation program as a result of study of best practices and collaboration with Freshman Senate Using technology to deliver information regarding career and educational opportunities for our students and alumni Implemented case conferences and random case note review to improve counseling treatment strategies

8 Accomplishments Improving Partnerships Conducting ongoing interaction with Place Properties to create more positive environment for students in UTC Place Established cross-campus Retention Committee in partnership with Academic Affairs Provided Continuing Education housing and meeting spaces for their community outreach programs Partnered with IT to orient students to Blackboard and OneNet Partnered with faculty member in supervising Transformation Project grant Partnered with Kaplan to provide free mock ACT and SAT testing for Hamilton County residents Partnered with Financial Aid to provide student and parents with information about the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship

9 Accomplishments Enhancing Learning Environment Provided programs through Campus Recreation that encouraged healthy physical development. Collaborated on a variety of wellness programs with topics including: study smart, alcohol 101, date rape prevention, diversity, gender communication, leadership, etc. Conducted Leadership Institute focused on diversity and collaboration for student leaders Conducted multiple programs during the presidential election focused on learning about the U.S. political system Implemented Opening Days to connect freshmen to the learning environment Created a New Student Convocation targeted toward freshmen and their families to encourage a sense of community Hired new Assistant Director in Housing to focus on educational/wellness programming in the residence halls Conducted the Perspectives Lecture Series on Stem Cell Research versus Moral Issues Increased Counseling Center educational programming by 42%

10 Accomplishments Assessment Revising Judicial Code Creating new division-wide strategic plan Created campus-wide ADA Program Review Committee Initiated assessment of constituencies including students, faculty and parents Conducted career employment surveys of graduating students and alumni Created a division-wide Assessment and Evaluation Committee

11 Student Development Budget Overview Categories – Base Budget A. Institutional Funding - $1,632,562 B. Student Activities Funds - $718,126 C. Housing Operations - $3,681,301

12 Part I Institutional Funding

13 Impact of Budget Cuts & Student Increases (On-Campus) Inability for professional staff development to meet the needs of the changing culture of student body Loss of staff to assist in the areas of assessment, leadership, technology and service learning Reduced number and quality of programs offered to students as on-campus population increases Reduced effectiveness in managing a 200,000 sq. ft. University Center with only two full-time institutional employees Growth program is Recreation18 Intramural Sports (1860 students); 9 Club Sports (260+ students); 5 Non-Credit Classes (80 students); 16 trips in the Outdoor Programrun by one professional & student staff

14 Impact of Budget Cuts & Student Increases (On-Campus) Reduction in speed and quality of service to users of the University Center Increase in University Center user fees to groups and departments Delay in processing student conduct issues Less supervision of student activities Need additional admissions specialist to process the additional 40% increase in applications (over past 4 years) Financial Impact = over $100,000 in 03 and $56,000 in 04

15 Admissions Budget Budgeted:$637,000 Will Spend:$739,000 Process:End of Year Adjustment Recommendation:Budget on Front End Timetable:Three Years 06 – Highlight Process 07 - $50,000 08 - $50,000

16 UTC Freshmen Enrollment YearEnrollment 20011081 20021201 20031411 2004 1502 2005 1620 (projected)

17 Budget Request 05/06 Costs Going Forward 1. Student Development Specialist line13, 200 2. Counseling Ctr Director salary commitment 4, 000 3. UC student staff funding @ current level25, 000 4. Adaptive Technology Coordinator in OSD45, 682 5. Student Success Center (partial year)35, 000 subtotal $122, 882 Prioritized Needs 1. Restore Placement Graduate Assistant 10, 577 2. Restore tennis court maintenance 3, 800 3. Graduate Assistant/Mgr for UC 10, 577 4. Counseling Ctr operations budget 10, 000 5. Equity adjustment pool (1% of E & G) 13, 000 6. Reinstate some travel funds 20, 000 7. Computer/Equipment 15, 000 subtotal $82,954 TOTAL $205,836

18 Student Development Specialist Funds - $13,200 Funds cut in 05 budget causing deficit Covered salary from vacant Associate Dean Position No other area funds in Student Development to cover salary

19 Fully Fund Counseling Center Director Salary - $4,000 Director approved for hire at current salary with no funds added to budget Director also Associate Dean - Office for Students with Disabilities & Student Success Center report to position Covered shortfall from non-recurring OSD grant funds

20 Student Staff Need for University Center - $25,000 Opened newly renovated 200,000 sq. ft. building with no additional staff Student staff does room set-ups for all meetings, programs, etc. for UC Imperative in providing customer service to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the greater community Number of events in UC has increased 43% since reopening

21 Adaptive Technology Coordinator - $34,608 Benefits @ 32% for total of $45,682 Responsible for maintaining compliance to ADA and section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Law requires equal access including needs related to technology Vocational Rehabilitation grant in Office for Students with Disabilities concludes this year

22 Student Success Center - $35,000 Continue funding at completion of Lupton Grant, (May, June 05) Initiated by Student Service Task Force to assist in retention initiative of University Collaborative office coordinated through both Academic Affairs and Student Development

23 Placement Graduate Assistant - $10,577 Position lost in past budget cuts Filled in October with one-time money Vital to assisting students with resume and interviewing skill Post part-time jobs on Placement webpage Conduct mock video interviews Placement office currently staffed at only 1.5 exempt staff members

24 Tennis Court Maintenance - $3800 Reinstatement from previous budget cut Utilized in competitive matches by mens and womens tennis teams Two courts yearly stripped and surfaced No court maintenance in 04/05 Each court will cost $10,000 if not maintained over a 10-year period 10 courts = total cost of $100,000 (estimate from Stein Construction)

25 Graduate Student Assistant/Manager for University Center - $10,577 Needed to ensure proper management of building during all hours building is open Necessary for required supervision of night and weekend programs Least expensive option for operating UC

26 Equity Adjustment Pool - $13,000 Staff salary adjustment pool Promotions Job reclassifications Salary compression 1% of E & G Division Salaries

27 Counseling Center Operating Budget - $10,000 Reinstatement of cuts over time Currently have operating budget of less than $5000 Additional funds place budget in line with other state counseling budgets Funds will be used to implement mental health screening and purchase educational materials Provide updated materials for career counseling and assessment

28 Division travel funds - $20,000 Reinstating some travel funds that have been cut over time No travel funds available for E&G departments Professional development vital for presenting at conferences and serving in regional & national organizations Imperative in recruiting and retaining qualified staff

29 Technology & Equipment Upgrades - $15,000 Vital for record keeping No money currently allocated No scanners on computers Outdated computers No color printers Recreational equipment

30 Part II Student Activity & Athletic Fee

31 University Programs and Services Fee Allocation 2005-2006

32 Part III Housing

33 Projected Rate Increases 05-06 12% increaseTotal net income $179,465 9% increaseTotal net income ($32,005) 7% increaseTotal net income ($100,000) Based on 90% occupancy for fall semester and 85% occupancy for spring semester * North campus only (Boling, Lockmiller, Johnson-Village)

34 Proposed Semester Rental Rates 2005-2006 ComplexContract04/05 Rate05/06 Rate BolingSemester$1400$1595 LockmillerSemester$1470$1595 Lockmiller (2 person)Semester$1900$2125 VillageSemester$1680$1895 UTC Place (4 bed/2 baths)12 Months$4800$5280 (3000 Building)Entire ContractEntire Contract UTC Place9 Months$4350-$4794$4750-$5212 (2000 & 5000 Buildings)Entire ContractEntire Contract UTC Place (3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 1 bedrooms available @ variable rate plans)

35 Comparison of University Housing Rates

36 Proposed Housing Budget BolingVillage Income$1,216,805Income$1,564,470 Expenses-$1,107,085Expenses-$1,496,200 Balance$109,720Balance$68,270 LockmillerSummer Income$986,875Est. Income $190,000 Expenses-$985,400Est. Expenses-$132,000 Balance$1,475Total Est. Balance$58,000 Assumes 12% increase for North Campus Assumes 90% occupancy fall/ 85% occupancy spring

37 Total Projections Total Income $3,768,150 Total Expenses-$3,588,685 Total Balance $179,465

38 Proposal for Housing Improvements Lockmiller Furniture – 22 apartments 88 beds 88 desks 88 chairs 88 sofas 88 chairs 88 tables (end) 88 tables (coffee) 88 tables (kitchen) Estimated cost = $110,000

39 Mattresses 449 for Johnson -Village 331 for Boling 88 for Lockmiller 886 mattresses Estimated cost = $130,000

40 Lockmiller Old Furniture



43 Lockmiller New Furniture



46 Total Improvement Costs Lockmiller Furniture$110,000 Mattresses$130,000 Total Cost$240,000 Financed over 5 years Annual cost estimated @ $60,000 81% of residents would receive tangible benefit

47 $20,000 One-Time Budget Allocation Placement Graduate Assistant$10,577 Graduate Intern – Student Development $ 3,000 Student web designer, division web page$ 1,000 Professional staff to attend local conference $ 1,200 Sent one staff member to national conference $ 2,000 Total spent to date $17,777

48 Student Development Three- Year Funding Plan Description2005-062006-072007-08 Cumulative Total Student Development Specialist Line$13,200 $39,600 Counseling Center Director Salary$4,000 $12,000 UC Student Staff Funding$25,000 $75,000 Adaptive Technology Coordinator (OSD)$45,682 $137,046 Student Success Center$35,000$120,654 $276,308

49 Student Development Three- Year Funding Plan Description2005-062006-072007-08Cumulative Total Placement Graduate Assistant$10,577$11,529$12,566$34,672 Tennis Court Maintenance$3,800$3,800$3,800$11,400 UC Graduate Asst/Manager$10,577$11,529$12,566$34,672 Counseling Center Operations$10,000$10,000$10,000$30,000 Equity Adjustment Pool$13,000$14,000$15,000$42,000 Travel$20,000$20,000$20,000$60,000 Computer/Technology/Equipment$15,000$15,000$15,000$45,000

50 Student Development Three- Year Funding Plan Description2005-062006-072007-08Cumulative Total Admissions Budget$50,000$ 100,000$150,000 UC Custodial Service$10,000$ 20,000$ 30,000 New Activity/Wellness Center Professional/Student Staff$138,000$138,000 New Activity/Wellness Center Supplies - Operating Equipment$10,000$ 10,000 Placement Office – Additional Graduate Student$11,529$12,566$ 24,095 Placement Office – Make Part-Time Position Full-Time$20,000$ 20,000 Totals $205,836$365,923$538,034$1,109,793

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