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A Pizza Its a pizza ! BIG adjective BIG BIGGER.

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2 A Pizza

3 Its a pizza ! BIG adjective


5 BIG – an adjective BIGGER – a comparative

6 English Lesson Comparatives and Superlatives Version 2.2-04 ` Mr. LO Chung-kwong TPGSS

7 Part I The Comparatives

8 When we compare two persons or things, we use a comparative adjective + than.

9 Examples: The red ball is bigger than the blue ball. red ball blue ball big small The blue ball is smaller than the red ball. adjective comparative + than

10 The tree is taller than John. John is shorter than the tree.

11 How do we form Comparatives ?

12 (i) For short adjectives of 1 or 2 syllables, + er old older coolcooler warmwarmer cleverer narrow clever nearnearer narrower

13 (ii) For adjectives of 1 or 2 syllables ending in e, + r larger, wider, simpler large, wide, simple.

14 (iii) For adjectives of 2 syllables ending in y, change y into ier. pretty, heavy, lucky. prettier, heavier, luckier

15 (iv) For adjectives of more than 2 syllables ( e.g. beautiful ) or adjectives of 2 syllables ending in ful, less, ic, ous, ive, + more more useful more expensive more comfortable more fantastic more careless more delicious more talkative…

16 (v) Some adjectives with special comparatives Dick has got 90 marks in the Maths test. Dick has got a good result. Sue has got 95 marks in the same test. Sue has got a better result. Good Bad Far Better Worse Farther

17 tall - taller large – larger happy – happier careful – more careful bad – worse

18 Put the following comparatives into five groups: closer longer worse more useful prettier richer more careless larger happier older more talkative better luckierfarther later Answers: (a) richer, longer, older. (b) later, larger, closer. (c) more careless, more useful, more talkative. (e) better, worse, farther. (d) Prettier, luckier, happier.

19 Come and try!

20 Give the comparatives of the following adjectives: 1. thick 2. large 3. colourful 4. expensive 5. hot 6. wet thicker larger more colourful more expensive ho tt er we tt er

21 Using the Comparatives

22 The English book is the Chinese book. thick thicker than

23 This sitting-room is that sitting-room. tidy tidier than

24 old The woman is older than the girl.

25 comfortable Sofas are than chairs. more comfortable

26 bedroomtoilet kitchen Living room Flat A bedroom toilet Living room kitchen B Flat A flat B. large is larger than Flat B

27 Lets make some sentences!

28 Make 4 sentences using comparative adjectives to compare Peter and Mary. Peter Mary

29 Examples: Mary is taller than Peter.

30 Suggested answers Peter is shorter than Mary. Mary is thinner than Peter. Peter is fatter than Mary. Mary is lighter than Peter. Peter is heavier than Mary.

31 The Superlatives Part II

32 Using the superlatives When we are comparing three things or more, we use the + a superlative

33 The elephant is bigger than the lion. The lion is bigger than the rabbit. The elephant is the biggest.

34 Forms of Superlatives

35 A. Adjectives of one and two syllables + est big bigger biggest n cheap n cheaper n cheapest fat fat fatter fatter fattest fattest pretty prettier prettiest

36 expensive more expensive than the most expensive n important n more n more important than n the n the most important B. Adjectives of 3 or more syllables, or adjectives ending in ful, less, ic, ous or ive.

37 C. Some special superlatives Good Better than The best Far Farther / further than The farthest / furthest Bad Worse than The worst

38 Classwork Try the Online Exercise.







45 Homework 2 Do GE 2 a ( short answers ) and 2 b ( sentences ) Hand in on Thursday. Find this PowerPoint on the CEC Eng Resources and Information

46 Bye

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