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2 Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin.

3 Food Facts Stuck On My Shoe Out of State Math Whats Up Doc 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points Fashion

4 Sodium and Chlorine are poisons, but when mixed together, this compound is very tasty 10 Points Answer

5 Salt Formula: NaCl 10 Points

6 Milk has this ingredient which helps strengthen bones and teeth 20 Points Answer

7 Calcium 20 Points

8 Sodas contain this as an ingredient. It can be used to rot metal, teeth or bone 30 Points Answer

9 Acid 30 Points Phosphoric Acid

10 Trees absorb carbon dioxide, through photosynthesis, and release this into the air. 40 Points Answer

11 Oxygen 40 Points

12 This food came from Germany, but to sell it in baseball games, bread was added 50 Points Answer

13 Hot Dog 50 Points Also called frankfurter Frankfurt, Germany

14 This cheap material is nailed or glued to the bottom of a shoe or sneaker to absorb the impact 10 Points Answer

15 Rubber 10 Points

16 These shoes were originally intended for construction, but now its a fashion statement 20 Points Answer

17 Army / Water Boots Timberland 20 Points

18 These were the first professional basketball shoes. Now, they are popular with teenagers 30 Points Answer

19 Converse 30 Points

20 The Aztecs used the seed of cacao like money. Today, its crushed and mixed with sugar to make this 40 Points Answer

21 Chocolate 40 Points

22 In the Asian culture, it is customary to remove this before entering a home 50 Points Answer

23 Shoes 50 Points Japan experiences heavy rainfall, roads and sidewalks are often wet and muddy. To track this muddy mess into another's home would be disrespectful, as many Japanese use rooms for more than one purpose, i.e., a living room may double as a room to sleep in and no one wants to lie down on a wet, muddy floor. Read more: The Reason to Take Off Shoes in Japan | shoes-japan.html#ixzz2RNvQRG5LThe Reason to Take Off Shoes in Japan | eHow.com shoes-japan.html#ixzz2RNvQRG5L

24 This fashion company was started by a woman who sold hats 10 Points Answer

25 Coco Chanel 10 Points Paris, France 1909

26 This material is very expensive, but people buy it even though its made from animal skin (for pants, sofas, etc) 20 Points Answer

27 Leather 20 Points

28 This fashion company started by selling luggage 30 Points Answer

29 Louis Vuitton 30 Points Paris, France 1854

30 This sneaker company started in Germany by two brothers who later hated each other 40 Points Answer

31 Adidas 40 Points Two brother who helped the Nazis

32 Mr. Levi Strauss sold these types of clothes to miners digging for gold. It comes with double stitching for strength 50 Points Answer

33 Denim (Jeans) 50 Points

34 This state once belonged to Mexico. Now the Lakers play in it. 10 Points Answer

35 California (1850) 10 Points

36 This state is called the Garden State. Youll need to cross the Hudson River to reach it 20 Points Answer

37 New Jersey 20 Points

38 In 1867 The United States buys this property from Russia, but no one wanted it. It later becomes a state in 1959 30 Points Answer

39 Alaska 30 Points

40 This state is called the Empire State; it has the same name of a city 40 Points Answer

41 New York 40 Points

42 The explorer Ponce De Leon spent his youth looking for the Fountain of Youth. All he found were swamps 50 Points Answer

43 Florida 50 Points

44 The perimeter of a square with a side of 10 feet. 10 Points Answer

45 40 feet 10 Points 10 ft P = 10 ft + 10 ft + 10 ft + 10 ft = 40 ft

46 Recipe called for two dozen eggs for a souffle. This required this number of eggs 20 Points Answer

47 24 eggs 20 Points

48 The pizza chef was told to cut the diameter of 16 inch pie in half. The radius would be this 30 Points Answer

49 8 inches 30 Points

50 70% of students dont like uniforms. Of the 200, how many dislike it 40 Points Answer

51 140 students 40 Points

52 Purchasing a toy valued at $9.60 with a twenty dollar bill will give you this as change 50 Points Answer

53 $10.40 50 Points

54 This character was always chased by Wile E. Coyote. Now its a form of Internet service 10 Points Answer

55 Road Runner 10 Points

56 This rodent character was created by Walt 20 Points Answer

57 Mickey Mouse 20 Points Walt Disney 1928

58 This cat said this when excited, Sufferin Succotash 30 Points Answer

59 Sylvester the Cat 30 Points

60 This swine had a speech impediment, but was always happy and everyone liked him 40 Points Answer

61 Porky Pig 40 Points

62 President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt made this toy popular even though he shot the real animal 50 Points Answer

63 Teddy Bear 50 Points

64 Click here for Final Jeopardy

65 Make your wager Click for The Final Question

66 This German scientist was known for his humor and wild, white hair, but his formula (E=MC 2 ) killed 300,000 Final Jeopardy Answer

67 Albert Einstein Final Jeopardy Although he didnt build them, his famous formula was used by the U.S. government to develop two atomic bombs which were dropped on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This ended WWII. Ironically, his formula can be applied for creating a clean source of energy. 1905

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