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1 Passage 3. 2 1. Idea of the text 2. Word study.

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1 1 Passage 3

2 2 1. Idea of the text 2. Word study

3 3 1. Have taste, tasteful, tasty 2. In good taste & have taste In bad taste & lack taste 3. Our assumptions

4 4 When I speak of taste here, we do not mean the sensation we get from an object when we put it in our mouth, …

5 5 …, but the taste that we are referring to when we say, for example, She dresses tastefully.

6 6 In other words, the taste I am speaking of is the ability to distinguish between what is attractive to the eye in matters of clothing, decorating, furnishing and so on, and what is unattractive. She is so charming !

7 7 Whats your opinion of the decoration here?

8 8 Do you like the style of the furniture?

9 9 Of course there may be differences of opinion with regard to the attractiveness or otherwise of a suit of clothes, or the appearance of a room.

10 10 What do you think of the appearance of the room?

11 11 Do you like the appearance of this bedroom ?

12 12 Oh, great ! ! What is it ?

13 13 But it is customary to speak of a person as having taste if the style he chooses in clothes and furniture and so on is not too violent, avoids clashing colors and designs, and wins general approval from those people who show a concern for such matters.

14 14 clashing colors

15 15 Can you match the bookshelves with the sofas ?

16 16 have taste style, colors, approval

17 17 Notice that we distinguish between tasteful and tasty. The latter…. The former…. tastefultasty

18 18 Notice that we distinguish between tasteful and tasty. tastefultasty

19 19 What did he say to her?

20 20 tastefultasty things that we eattastefulattractive patterns and designs have taste style, colors, approval

21 21 Sometimes we do not speak of people as having taste or not having taste, but of things being in good taste or being in bad taste. (not) have taste people in good (bad) taste things

22 22 When we speak of a room as being tastefully designed or designed in good taste, we mean the same thing. tastefulin good taste

23 23 The bedroom is tastefully designed. It is designed in good taste.

24 24 But we more commonly use the phrase in bad taste to refer to words and deeds of a certain kind.

25 25 If people are unable to choose between matching colors and clashing colors, most commonly we say that they lack taste.

26 26 But if they do or say things that we do not consider decent or fitting to the situation they are in, we say that they have acted in bad taste. I dont like girls who are not pretty.

27 27 in bad taste words and deeds unable to choose lack taste

28 28 This difference in our choice of words seems to tell us something about the way we think. The way we choose these two expressions shows our attitude to people.

29 29 By saying that people who make an unsatisfactory choice of colors and design lack taste, we seem to imply that they are incapable of making a better choice and cannot be blamed for it. Just try it on, dear. !!!

30 30 lack taste unable to choose should not be blamed

31 31 But our use of phrase in BAD taste to describe words and jokes like those mentioned above, suggests that we consider that all people can distinguish between suitable and unsuitable actions in regard to other persons, if they want to. Look at that swelling thing!

32 32 They have the necessary faculty, the necessary taste, but they have not used it properly, and their wrong choice of words or deeds can and should be blamed. I dont like girls who are not pretty.

33 33 in bad taste wrong choice of words or deeds Should be blamed

34 34 It is another question whether these implicit assumptions about human nature are correct or not. lack taste in bad taste unable to choose can distinguish should not be blamed should be blamed assumptions about human nature

35 35 have tastechoose (style, colors, approval) tasteful tasty attractive patterns and designs things that we eat in bad taste able to choose, but... unable to chooselack taste have (not) taste people in good (bad) taste things

36 36 tasteful, distasteful, tastefully, tasteless, tasty 1. If you eat too much something, it will become ____________. 2. The room is simple but ___________. 3. The room is __________ furnished. 4. I like the fish. Its very _________. 5.There were aspects of his character which I found _________. tasteless tasteful tastefully tasty distasteful

37 37 have taste, lack taste, in good (bad) taste 1. People who are unable to choose between clashing and matching colors _____________. 2. I like people who _______________. 3. His bedroom is designed _________________. 4. He is always making jokes ________________. 5. As she ___________ in colors, she appears to be countrified. lack taste have taste in good taste in bad taste lacks taste


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