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Patty Brantley Amanda Randall Hien Nguyen

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1 Patty Brantley Amanda Randall Hien Nguyen

2 The IKEA Vision “The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. We make this possible by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.”

3 Location opening in Spring 2007! Portland, OR Seattle, WA
Near the Portland Airport opening in Spring 2007! Seattle, WA 601 SW 41st St. Renton, WA 98057 store hours Mon-Fri 10am-10pm Saturday 9am-10pm Sunday 9am-9pm -280,000 square-foot -approximately 1,200 parking spaces -feature four model homes -50 room settings -supervised children’s play area -250-seat restaurant serving Swedish specialties

4 History 1943 IKEA is founded by Ingvar Kamprad. Swedish retailer
1955 IKEA begins designing its own furniture. 1985 The first IKEA store opens in the USA. 1993 IKEA reaches 114 stores in 25 countries.

5 *The IKEA group has 90,000 co-workers and operates in 44 countries.
*Company Motto: “Affordable Solutions for Better Living” *The IKEA group has 90,000 co-workers and operates in 44 countries. *World’s leading home furnishings retailer *Low-cost home products *Assembled products by the consumer

6 $$$ sales by region Asia + Australia 3 % North America 16 % Europe 81 % top 5 sales countries Germany 19 % USA 11 % United Kingdom 11 % France 9 % Sweden 8 % Sales for the IKEA Group for the financial year 2004 (1 September August 2005

7 Ikea & the Environment Use of wood-recyclable, biodegradable and renewable material Select wood that is from verified, well-managed forests that have been certified Free disposal of light bulbs Minimize costs by reducing wastes-saving raw material, energy and other resources Selecting the right environmental friendly products Use leftover material from one product to another Employees are “environmental co-ordinators” working in different ways to increase environmental awareness

8 Outlook for 2007 The Ikea group plans to focus on the following issues for 2007: Reduced Prices Continued Quality assurance at all levels Expansion Continued focus on environmental and social issues

9 Customer Service Restaurant in store Child Care Design Advice
IKEA exit bistro Swede Shop IKEA Restaurant Child Care Supervised Playroom Baby Care Room Food Warming Facilities Children’s Meals Design Advice Office Planning Kitchen Planning Home Furnishing Advice Store Atmosphere Easily Located Products Browse through showrooms and try out products Delivery Services available or take home products immediately Company Website Ask Anna Product Recall Information IKEA Recycling Information Online room planners Store Locator

10 Marketing Mix Product Place/Distribution Everything for the home
Kitchens, bathrooms, sofas, chairs, beds and textiles, rugs, floors, lamps, plants, and everything in between Displayed to show design possibilities with IKEA products Assembled by the customer Place/Distribution Merchandise sold in 254 Free Standing IKEA stores in over 44 countries as well as on the internet Exclusive distribution plan NOTES: Under place and distribution talk about the Planner page where you can download a program for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. The program downloads on to your computer with the latest merchandise and prices. From there you select your current rooms dimensions and place items like doors, windows, heater vents etc similar to the layout of your room. From there you can pick the IKEA furniture specific to your room that you like, place it in your room and move the furniture around. After you have completed this activity, you can view the room with the merchandise in it in 3D from all angles, the next page displays all of the necessary pieces to create the room with your specific criteria and the prices and totals of all of the IKEA products to make the room complete. From there, the list can be mailed to your local IKEA store where you can pick up your items or you can shop online for them as well.

11 Marketing Mix Promotion Price
THE IKEA CATALOGUE is the most important marketing channel. 2007’s catalogue was printed in 175 million copies in 55 editions and 27 languages. Other promotions include their seasonal sales, internet deals and television advertisements IKEA Credit Card Price Low to moderate pricing depending on item Prices range from $9-$19.99 for simple lamps to over $4,000 for complete rooms  enlarge image We are just beginning to see more IKEA commercials in our area due to the new Portland, OR location with an expected opening date of July 25, 2007 Specific to the Portland, OR location: customers can begin lining up for the opening of the store starting July 23, 2007 and all they say they will be doing something special for everyone on opening morning For example with price for a full room, using the kitchen as an example over $4,000 gets you: cabinets, countertops, interior shelves, hinges, drawers, molding, panels, sink, faucet, knobs and handles. Lighting and Appliances are sold seperatly Leather Sofa $999.00 Swivel Chair $129.00 Chandelier $69.99

12 Target Market Diverse group of men and women Age : 25-45
$35,000-$65,000 Located in Major Cities in the US as well as Internationally Creative Inspiration and DIY

13 Competition Intertype Competition Intratype Competition
Home Improvement Stores Home Depot Jerry’s Department Store’s Meier & Frank Macy’s Discount Retailers Wal-Mart Fred Meyers Intratype Competition Crate and Barrel Pier 1 Pottery Barn Furniture retailers utilizing similar store layouts M.Jacobs Ashley’s Home Furnishings Ethan Allen

14 Store layout Original design
warehouse on the lower levels Showroom and marketplace upper levels One way layout- leads customers along the long natural way Loop layout Sequence involves: Furniture Showrooms Housewares (market-hall) Warehouse (self serve) Tour of IKEA Which arrive at the cashier’s station to make payment

15 Ikea Includes *Restaurants Swedish food Meatballs Local cuisine
*Interactive Website *Catalog Normally at one place in the store where there are large windows.

16 Works Cited Ikea. Com

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