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English Grammar Lesson Comparative Adjectives When comparing two persons or things, we use a comparative adjective + than.

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2 English Grammar Lesson Comparative Adjectives

3 When comparing two persons or things, we use a comparative adjective + than.

4 Examples: Andy is shorter than Leon. Leon is nicer than Andy. Leon is more popular than Andy.

5 Exercise 1

6 Group the following adjectives into three groups: closer taller nicer more exciting more cheerful thicker more careless larger more serious older poorer safer Answers: (i) poorer, taller, thicker, older (ii) closer, safer, nicer, larger (iii) more careless, more cheerful, more serious, more exciting

7 One syllable: Syllable safetallold More than one syllable: usefuluseful excitingexciting serious serious

8 Explanation

9 Formation of Comparative Adjectives (i) For most adjectives of 1 or 2 syllables, add er Examples: lighter, warmer, quieter, cleverer

10 (ii) For adjectives of 1 or 2 syllables ending in e, add r Examples: larger, wider, later, nicer

11 (iii) For adjectives of more than 2 syllables or adjectives of 2 syllables ending in ful, less, ic, ous, ive, add more Examples: more beautiful, more expensive, more comfortable, more enthusiastic more helpful, more useless, more spacious, more active

12 Exercise 2

13 List the comparative degree of the following adjectives: 1. young 2. white 3. lively 4. effective 5. cool 6. wise 7. large 8. warm 9. charming younger whiter more lively more effective cooler wiser larger warmer more charming

14 Practice Exercise 1

15 The baby isthe pumpkin. small smaller than

16 This T-shirt is that T-shirt. colourful more colourful than

17 The diamond of the ring is the diamond of the necklace. large larger than

18 Mr Chan Mr Wong rich Mr Chan is richer than Mr Wong.

19 sofas chairs comfortable Sofas are more comfortable than chairs.

20 Flat A bedroom toilet kitchen Living room bedroom toilet Living room kitchen Flat B The bedrooms of flat A the bedrooms of flat B. spacious are more spacious than

21 Practice Exercise 2

22 Compare yourself with your neighbour. Make 5 sentences using comparative adjectives. You should make comparison in the following areas: - appearance (maximum 3 sentences) - personality - academic results

23 Mr Tam (Vice-principal)Miss Wong (a Maths teacher) Examples: Mr Tam is taller than Miss Wong. Miss Wong is more humorous than Mr Tam. Mr Tams salary is higher than Miss Wongs salary. The office of Mr Tam is larger than the office of Miss Wong.

24 You may make use of the following adjectives: - appearance e.g. tall, short, thin, fat, beautiful, handsome - personality e.g. nice, friendly, polite, talkative - academic results e.g. hard-working, intelligent

25 ProductionProduction

26 Situation You are a Form 2 student and very weak in English. You are looking for a tutorial school. You live in Wanchai and have to attend a computer course every Saturday afternoon. You have found information about 2 tutorial schools. Compare them and tell which one you will choose.

27 B1

28 TOP 1

29 B1 North Point Central 5 mins. walk from MTR station 10 mins. walk from MTR station 1,000 sq. ft. (5 classrooms) 1,300 sq.ft. (5 classrooms) LOCATION & PREMISES convenient?near to MTR station? large? small?

30 TOP 1 B1 TUTORIAL CLASSES Price: $1,500 (10 lessons) Price: $1,800 (10 lessons) Duration: 1.5 hrs. once a week (Fri. afternoon) Duration: 2 hrs. once a week (Sat. morning) Class Size: 55 /class Class Size: 40 /class expensive? cheap? convenient? long? short?

31 TOP 1 B1 CLASS ACTIVITIES & NOTES No games in class Language games in each class detailed notes with exercises will be provided after each lesson grammar notes will be provided interesting? detailed? useful?

32 TOP 1 B1 TUTORS 40 years old 28 years old 10 years teaching experience 5 years teaching experience young? old? experienced? handsome?

33 Which tutorial school will you choose? Try to compare the two schools and decide. List five reasons why you choose it.


35 convenient? near to the MTR station? large? small? expensive? cheap? long?short? interesting? detailed? useful? young? experienced? old? handsome?

36 Homework You are going to have lunch with your friend. You have to decide where to go. Try to compare Kentucky and Mc Donalds. You can talk about the food, price of food, service and environment of these two restaurants. State your decision and at least five reasons using comparative adjectives. Write about 50 words.

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