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Club presentation. de lite is a unique enterprise. We are the first in Poland to create a full value clubbing brand, comparable with the most famous global.

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1 Club presentation

2 de lite is a unique enterprise. We are the first in Poland to create a full value clubbing brand, comparable with the most famous global brands: In order to meet the expectations we have created a place which will be a fresh, universal and flexible event &party spot, highly distinguished from the high number of Polish clubs. The priority of our actions is mutual inspiration and make friends policy. Brands name is a result of a word play which aim was to create a unique and unprecedented term. pl. przyjemność – eng. delight pl. lekkość – eng. light pl. światło – eng. light de lite AS A BRAND

3 de lite- 500 m2 of unique clubbing space where party experience is taken to another level. The club skillfully mixes contradictions making its guests lose themselves in fabulous audio feast in excellent company and on the highest clubbing standards. Finally there is a venue like no other, distinguished by designer minimalism, the best music and latest multimedia trends. Top artists Interesting architectural elementsUnforgettable show Visual effects. Lighting and color play Latest multimedia Speccially designed clothes for the staff

4 LOCALIZATION de lite is a modern club in central Warsaw situated on 6, Marii Konopnickiej street (near Imka Theatre, Centralny Basen Artystyczny, Buffo Theatre, Sheraton Hotel). There is a lot of parking places close to the building, a big trump is that it is easy to get to the club by car and by the city communication, also. de lite AS EVENT SPACE

5 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CLUB AREA: 500 m² CAPACITY: 700 people (public events), 400 (corporate events) SPACES: bar, dance floor with a mezzanine, lounge room, VIP room, private room SMOKING-ROOM: a separate, covered patio in the club TOILETS: 2 in private room, 5 in the club LOCKER ROOM: 350 in the club and additionally we can use Imka Theater locker room NUMBER OF SEATS: 30 (bar), 30 (lounge), 40 (dancefloor), 30 (VIP room) MULTIMEDIA: 2 large projector screens, 17 TV LED LIGHTING: multi-colored LED lighting, 4 moving heads Futurelight PHS-150 PRO-Head Spot SOUND: 4 x subwoofer, 4 x speaker, 4 x satelita SCENE: the ability to arrange a VIP room for a scene 4 x 6 m OTHER AVAILABLE AREAS: Centralny Basen Artystyczny and Imka Theater

6 CLUB PLAN bar lounge d ancefloor PRIVATE ROOM is situated door to door with Imka Theather and Centralny Basen Artystyczny VIP room PRIVATE room

7 Bar space Bas space with the first bar is fully equipped with hi-tech LED screens, tables and comfortable sofas. During the private events there is place for the catering. On the press conferences it is perfect for photo shoots. There is also an opportunity to cover the wall with your own graphic materials (2,8 x 4,65 m).

8 Patio/Smoking Room & Lounge Patio being at the same time a smoking room, is open air space separated from the club by glass wall and heated with hot air. Lounge consists of a huge lodge (for about 30 people) and is decorated with comfortable sofas, LED screens and interestingly exposed industrial elements, which are the remains of an old boiler room. This area is perfect for the buisness meetings, birtday parties and other social events. During the private party there is enough room for a buffet or area to talk in smaller groups and rest on the comfortable sofas. Patio/Smoking RoomPatio/ Entrance to loungeLounge

9 VIP room (scene) VIP room is equipped with long, comfortable, leather sofas, mini tables and a bar. There is a possibility of a total separation of this room from the rest of the club (lowering elliptic screen, closed door). VIP room may be converted into a stage (4 x 6 m) 'de lite' events departament helps the artists and techncal rider realizations. Artists appreciate the backstage of the club (private room) and lighting effects available in the 'de lite. Cabaret Paranienormalni Me, Myself & I

10 Dancefloor Dancefloor (8 m high) with a mezzanine, second bar, DJ set, multimedia and a VIP room view is the heart of the club. The space is equipped with 10 LED screens and 2 large format screens with projectors. During the conferences dancefloor is place for the audience.

11 PRIVATE room PRIVATE room is an apartment situated over the club, it occupies the surface of 50m2, and fulfills each and every privacy requirement. Separate VIP entrance, hidden passage to the club, 2 toilets, possibility of a preview from the club video cameras on TV screens and a dedicated bar with personal stuff. You will feel like home in this apartment. Its up to you whether join the guests in the club below or to stay and spend time privately with friends. Its a perfect place to celebrate professional success and to organize strictly private parties. During the concerts it is dressing room for the artist.


13 ADDITIONAL AREAS Imka Theater and Centralny Basen Artystyczny We believe that by joining forces one can achieve much more. This is why modern interiors of de lite can be expanded by Imka Theatre (775 m2), Centralny Basen Artystyczny (ok.350 m2) and the space outside the club (about 300 m2). Such vast space is a perfect to organize an official ceremony, concerts, theme parties which require several rooms or incentive events for more than 2000 people. Entrance to:

14 MULTIMEDIA We wish the club to be highly multimedia, energetic, associated with a friendly ambience, euphoric clubbing experience, interesting people, good music, the best DJs and sophisticated experience. Multimedia de lite: LED screens placed on all club walls. Live visualizations. Wall lighting by the latest LED technology, so that in a moment you can change the color of the whole space/ chosen elements. The lighting can be adapted to the rhythm of the music played. Projecting the visualization on the big screens placed on the dance floor. First rate sound system based on the latest components by Ecler. High grade DJ equipment by Pioneer and modern wiring system in the whole space of the club add up to make the highest quality sound.

15 LED Screens We are experienced in event organization. We recognize the needs of corporate clients. Our club is created in a way that the client not only organizes an event here but leaves the party relaxed and delighted. The latest LED lighting technology, big screens for the visualizations, more than 17 SAMSUNG LED screens give unlimited possibilities. Thanks to such technology we are able to adjust the space according to the communication of a given brand, concert or a show.

16 Large format screens Apart from LED screens we have two projectors and to big format screens placed on the dance floor. The screen over the DJ set is fitted for elliptic shape as it is, at the same time, a VIP room blind. Large format screens for visualizations

17 LED architectural lighting LED technology gives us the possibility to play with the lighting in each room. Thanks to it we can adjust the whole club or its particular parts to the requirements of the Client or visual identification of a given brand. We may also, thanks to central steering, adapt the character of particular places to the demands of the event script. You have an example of the colour play in one of our rooms - Prive - below:

18 Sound system/Dj equipment Sticking to high standard policy we have not forgotten about the high rate sound system. Paying great attention to the detail, we have worked out sound system based on the latest components by ECLER. In order to eliminate the tiniest losses in the sound quality we have carefully elaborated the wiring system of the whole club space and took care of high rate DJ equipment by PIONEER. This way we joined the very narrow yet very ennobling group of the best equipped clubs in the world. Such approach guarantees electrifying audiovisual experience on highest global level.

19 LED lighting

20 de lite is not just a club. In the process of the new brand creation we are supported by our partners and their great experience. Partners who put emphasis on professionalism, quality, and above all innovation. We make effort so that each organized event was an unforgettable experience. Our partners are technologic, catering, and high rate event equipment supply companies. Famous artists are befriended with the club. cateringdancers/showscenography exclusive event furniture promotial materials artists EVENT ORGANIZATION SUPPORT

21 At de lite we can create wonderful theme parties. de lite is a theatrical club. We do not wish to conform with schemes. We wish our club to evolve, be vibrant with life and keep changing in front of the eyes of our guests every second. We have all the tools to make it happen. We have the highest rate technology and a group of creative people who co-create this project. Each theme event will be accompanied by a serious of joint, dedicated elements such as: Colors of the club and its walls LIVE visualizations projected on the screens Visualizations / videos projected on the outside wall of the building Lighting of the building facadeLighting and visualizations on the dancefloorSample PRIVE lighting THEME EVENTS

22 Staff stylization Special shows/concerts Gadgets i.e. T-shirts, leashes, buttons, etc. Drinks (e.g. molecular cocktails) Scenery Invitations Available snacks/ fruit / desserts Unique smell We do not wish to be yet another club. Our motto is innovation, originality and the quality of highest level experience. We pay great attention to the details – everything that can positively influence moods and senses of our guests. Staff stylizationshowcateringcoctails concerts

23 STAFF STYLIZATION We find it important to create unusual stylizations of our staff. Katarzyna Stefania Zalewska is responsible for the stylization of our employees. So far known from the cooperation with Hupałło & Wolff duo. She permanently works with a lot of lifestyle magazines and Polish celebrities.

24 THEME EVENTS 8th anniversary of FireFly Creation - prelaunch of a periodic party DE TERMINAL On April, 15th 2011 FireFly Creation, an integrated and interactive communication agency, was celebrating its 8th anniversary in our club. The party was organized as a prelaunch of periodic aviation theme events DE TERMINAL. We have created a party based on joining various elements resulting in a unique entity: Special air-crew clothes for the staff Special air-crew clothes for the staff Visualizations referring to aviation Welcome drinks associated with aviation theme Dancers in air hostess uniforms Birthday cake with a huge jet on the top Weekend parachuting jump course and remote- controlled helicopters as business card lottery prizes Chill out space in especially arranged Imka Theatre lounge Befriended with the club Novika & Mr. Lex as special guests of the anniversary

25 THEME EVENTS 8th anniversary of FireFly Creation agency - gallery

26 THEME EVENTS 8th Anniversary of FireFly Creation – party report

27 PARTIES Plotka Roku 2010 - the ceremony & after party Full photorelation from the party:,79592,9360144.html?i=0

28 PARTIES Grand Opening - 04.06.2011

29 PARTIES X-Factor after party - 06.06.2011

30 PARTIES KOKObend back 2 school - 02.09.2011

31 PARTIES Róże Gali – after party - 23.11.2011

32 Parties Halloween – Futro Film 17.11.2011

33 PARTIES The night of a caribbean bat – 150th anniversary of BACARDI 04.02.2012

34 CONFERENCES IN de lite The arrangement and the infrastructure of the club give opportunity to organize conferences and promote events. Especially, if the event needs modern multimedia environment. There is around 200 standing places or 100 seating places. CONFERENCE SETTING

35 PARTIES The conference promoting new smartphone Nokia 500 – 08.02.2011 DATE: 02.08.2011 ORGANIZER: A1 Agency CLIENT: Nokia Poland THEME: premiere of a new smartphone Nokia 500 ATRACTIONS: Me, Myself & I - concert NUMBER OF GUESTS: 100 SUPPORT FROM THE CLUB: catering, service, open bar, rider realisation, acoustics support, multimedia and technical support

36 PARTIES Presentation of a new antivirus program Norton – 15.09.2011 DATE: 15.09.2011 ORGANIZER: ITBC Communication/ Fundorfina CLIENT: Symantec THEME: presentation of a new antivirus program - Norton and a rapport about crimes in cyberspace ATTRACTIONS: interactive floor NUMBER OF GUESTS: 50 SUPPORT FROM THE CLUB: catering, service, open bar, multimedia, technical support.

37 REFERENCES In recognition of high standard services provided on the occasion of Plotki Roku 2010 ceremony organization, which took place on March, 31 2011. The agency executed entrusted duties with exceptional professionalism and suitable diligence. Agency employees demonstrated great know-how, experience and helpfulness. They reacted immediately to organizers and guests needs. I am delighted to recommend de lite services to our partners. Anna Ałaszkiewicz Promotion Director, Agora SA In recognition of high standard services and professionalism in organization of the meeting by At Media sp. Z o.o. on April, 7th 2011 in de lite club. The meeting had a character of presentation and workshops for the guests. The services provided by de lite club were: exclusive hire of the club, catering organization, facility of presentation devices. They took care also of musical setting for the meeting. We would like to put an emphasis on the fact that de lite club carried out all given duties to the fullest. (…) The execution of the project in cooperation with de lite team brought us satisfaction also because in stressful situations the team responded immediately, with discretion and kindness providing us wide range of technical and organizational solutions. At Media Team


39 de lite ON THE INTERNET We warmly invite you to get more information about the club on the Internet

40 OFFICE: After Hours Sp. z o.o. Marii Konopnickiej Street 6 room 229 00-491 Warsaw NIP 701 020 77 69 CONTACT Żaklina Pawlak Sales & Event Manager +48 792 014 166

41 Thank you for your attention.

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