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Smart Fenders A Long Over Due Revolution PIANC Congress 2014 Presented By Johnny Qiu Zalda Technology Corporation.

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1 Smart Fenders A Long Over Due Revolution PIANC Congress 2014 Presented By Johnny Qiu Zalda Technology Corporation

2 Fendering Since 1950s Invention of Engineered Fenders Definition of fender – A means for controlled release of berthing kinetic energy Makeshift solutions prior to engineered fenders Invention of engineered fenders Innovations 1950s – 1980s 30 years of development process centered around compression rate Square – Trapezoidal – Arch – Element Cylindrical – Cell – Cone – Stacked Cone Technical Stalemate Since 1980s Frontier technology of the 1950s Lack of significant technical development since 1980s Technical Stalemate, lack of data, single purpose, generic design and products

3 Smart Fenders – The Vision Exploration of Fender Potentials Location Advantage – Unique Waterfront Location Carrier of Ship - Dock Interaction Basic Fender Functions – Better Protecting Ships and Docks Directions of Smart Fender Development Reinvent An Age Old Product with New Technologies Expanded & Diversified Functions and Possibilities of Individuation Generate Values with Services and Information A Long Over Due Revolution THE FUTURE IS FINALLY HERE !

4 How To Build Smart Fenders Inertial Guidance & Multi Layer Positioning TechnologyConventional Fender System + Positioning Hardware (PSU)Central Software On PC (CS) To Process Positioning DataRendering Fender 3D Model In PCFurther Data Analysis To Generate Warnings and Alarms PSU are mounted on predetermined locations on fender frontal structure CS generates dynamic 3D model of the fender system along with its motion characteristics, based on position and heading of PSU With motion data, CS generates fender related warnings, alarms, and analysis using fender engineering and design principles

5 Smart Fenders - Installation Internal Installation Scheme For New FendersExternal Installation Scheme For Existing Fenders

6 Smart Fenders - Graphic User Interface Fender System View Window Monitoring details of one particular fender system Five real time 2D views of the fender system Real time 3D view of the fender system Comprehensive data - warning table Integrated ER curve view Fender system navigation window Berth Overview Window Birdseye view of a marine terminal and its Smart Fender status Historical Data Replay & Impact Distribution Graph

7 Smart Fenders – New Era, New Objectives Reduce Fender Related Costs Prevent Fender Related Dock - Ship Structural Damages Minimize Unexpected Fender Maintenance Prevent Fender Permanent Damages Provide Real Time Accident - Damage Alarms Berthing Accident Alarm Fender Damage Alarm Instant Alarms with Supporting Data Across Multiple Platform New Approach To Fender Design Data Based Fender Asset Reconfiguration And Redistribution "Impact Distribution Based" Fender System Design Standard ?

8 Collect Berthing Impact Base Data Fender Development Berthing / Navigation Practice Study Structural Fatigue Studies Building A Platform with Fender System The Smart Waterfront System Cost and Operational Realistic Technology No dramatic Increase In Fendering Costs Low Maintenance and Zero Effect on Harbor Operation Smart Fenders – New Era, New Objectives

9 Smart Fenders – The Interactive Fender Fender Design Weakness Warnings Preemptive Fender Design Improvement Imminent Fender Failure Warnings Preemptive Fender Maintenance Instant Berthing Accident / Fender Damage Alarms The Information Technology Approach 3D Fender Motion Monitoring & Permanent Database The Ship – Dock Impact Black Box

10 Smart Fenders – Reducing Costs Reducing Fender Related Costs Address The Causes Of Fender Related Costs

11 Smart Fenders – Transparent Fendering

12 Smart Fenders – Total Understanding, Better Design New Approach To Fender DesignUnveil Mysteries Of Fender Design Impact Distribution Graph & Historical Data Replay Easily Answer Necessities Questions Definitively Answer Cause Questions Impact Distribution Based Fender Design Fender System Reconfiguration Fender Asset Redistribution Follow The Trends To See The Future

13 Ship Berthing Contact Velocity Vix -- The initial movement speed reading of the first fender system contacted by the ship during a berthing Ship Berthing Impact Kinetic Energy Amplitude Es is calculated based on Measured Vix and known ship and dock characteristics If calculated ship berthing kinetic energy exceeds berth fender system design capacity, berthing energy amplitude alarm will be triggered Smart Fender will trigger a fender design energy capacity warning if : --- Measured ship berthing energy frequently approaches design value --- Fender compression frequently approaches rated fender deflection Smart Fenders Explained – Energy Warnings & Alarms Whereas W: ship loaded mass V: MEASURED ship berthing configuration velocity Vix Ce: ship eccentric coefficient Cm: ship mass coefficient Cs: ship softness coefficient Cc: berth configuration factor

14 Smart Fenders Explained – Reaction & Structural Impact Alarm BIM monitors compression displacements of all fender elastomers and interpolates their real time reaction forces using their C-RE curve Instantaneous Berthing Impact Load RT = total fender reaction force of all fender elastomers compressed by the berthing ship If RT reaches or frequently approaches preset berth structural limit, Smart Fender will trigger Berth Structural Load Alarm

15 Smart Fenders Explained – Data Based Fender Design Fender Side Motion (Y Axis ) Historical Data: Easily determining if a fender system needs shear chain on one side, both sides, or none at all. Fender Compression Motion (X Axis) Historcal Data Berthing Impact Distribution is uneven along the berth. Therefore it is clearly unreasonable to distribute fender asset evenly. Optimize Fender Components Using Data Approach Fender Elastomer Shear Chain / Weight Chain / Tension Chain Fender Frontal Structure ETC Prevent Fender System Permanent Damage Prevent Damage to Ship and Dock Structures Due to Insufficient Fender Design.

16 Smart Fenders Explained – Imminent Failure Warning By tracking long term trend of fender static posture and general compression range, Smart Fender can predict fender failure when fender deterioration reaches critical level. This allows preemptive preventive maintenance to be preformed at chosen time frame, to avoid costly adverse influence to terminal operation due to unexpected fender maintenance

17 First Major Smart Fender Project In The World 12 Fender System Project In East Asia Installed On March, 2011 Smart Fender System On 8 Main Fender Systems And 2 Auxiliary Fender Systems Each Main Fender System Has Two Off I 1000x2000l S2 ( ER= 76.8tm / 166.8t @ 57.5% ) And One Off 3150x2750x320 Fender Panel, With No Restraining Devices On Each Fender Panel, Four PSU Modules, One LIS Module, And One Auxiliary Battery Module Were Installed Using Internal Installation Scheme A Generic PC Workstation ( Intel I 3 / 1GB / 500 GB / Win 7 ) As Smart Fender System Central Station Smart Fenders – Case Study YHL 1103 General Information

18 14 Berthing Speed Alarms Since Mar. 2011 40+ Fender Lateral Movement Alarms Since Mar. 2011 2 Low Impact Alarms Since Sept. 2011 10+ Angle Alarms Since June, 2011 Fender Design Weakness Warnings On Insufficient Fender Energy Capacity And Insufficient Restraints. Berthing Practice Change Recommended and Adopted. Preemptive Design Optimization Performed With I 1000x2000 H2. Fender 3D Berthing & Fatigue Motion Statistics & IDG Multiple Improvements Made To Smart Fender Design Smart Fenders – Case Study YHL 1103 Achievements

19 Smart Fenders – Background Based on Zalda MMCS Platform Network Monitoring - Automation Platform for Marine Applications 10+ Marine / Highway Applications Developed Seamless Integration with MLM / BSM / ACM A Part of Berthing Impact Monitoring Technology ( BSM ) Smart Fender System Smart Pile System Ship Accidental Drift Monitoring Dock Seismic Monitoring

20 Smart Fender Head - A Platform of Possibilities

21 BIM Development Team Johnny Qiu – Author, Original Concept / Functionality / GUI Design Wei Yu – Co-author, System Design, Software Programming Guoping Tang – Hardware & Mechanical Design Weimin Xia – Software Programming Cuiping Jin – Fender Integration Design COPRI / PIANC PORTS 2013PIANC World Congress 2014 Aug. 25-Aug. 28. 2013June 1 – June 5, 2014 Sheraton Seattle HotelSan Francisco Marriott Marquis 1400 Sixth Avenue55 Fourth Street Seattle, WA 98101, USASan Francisco, California 94103 Contact Information Zalda Technology Integrated Solutions for Berthing, Fendering, and Mooring 2488 Technology Dr. Hayward, CA 94545-4867 T. +1 510-783-4910 F. +1 510-783-1897 W. E. Thank You !

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