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Maurice Richard By Tina Paliotti and Georgia Tsichritzis.

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1 Maurice Richard By Tina Paliotti and Georgia Tsichritzis

2 Quick Facts "The Rocket" Joseph Henri Maurice Richard August 4, 1921
Montreal (Bordeaux) May 27, 2000 at 17:40 Technical School of Montreal (machinist certificate) Professional hockey player 50 goals in 50 games (in 1945)

3 Childhood and Family Life
Eldest of eight children At four, began playing hockey excelled at baseball and boxing Lucille Norchet in 1942 Seven children

4 Accomplishments Many ‘firsts’ Fifty goals in one season ( NHL season) in fifty games 500 goals career Stanley Cup eight times in Montreal Captain of four straight cup wins ( ) Hart trophy in 1947 Retired as NHL's all-time leading scorer #9 jersey number retired on October 6, 1960, by the Canadiens Hockey Hall of Fame (1961)

5 Accomplishments Maurice Richard Arena (1962)
Officer in the Order of Canada (1967) Longest standing ovation (16 minutes) in 1996 Number five on The Hockey News list of the 100 Greatest Hockey Players (1998) The Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy (1999) to goal-scoring leader A Quebec Major Junior Hockey League team was also named after him, the Rocket de Montréal (1999)

6 Historical Significance
Perseverance heart and soul of the Montreal Canadiens Hope for people considered of “Second Class" Pride of being "Québécois " "The Richard Riot" season VIDEO

Quand il lance, L’Amérique hurle. Quand il compte, Les sourds entendent. Quand il est puni, Les lignes téléphoniques sautent. Quand il passe, Les recrues rêvent. C’est le vent qui patine. C’est tout le Québec debout. Qui fait peur et qui vit. -Félix Leclerc


9 Bibliography / Webography
Wikipedia: Hockey Database: CBC Digital Archives

10 Tips to Keep in Mind N.B. Use POINT FORM !!!
Elaborate on each point verbally: What you say is three times longer than what is written on your slides

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