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INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: A Gift that Keeps on Giving.

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1 INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: A Gift that Keeps on Giving

2 SEED is sponsored by W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The New York Womens Foundation and many visionary individuals who appreciate realizing meaningful social impact returns on their investments. THE SEED GREENHOUSE


4 SOCIAL CAPITAL PRODUCT REACH GETTING TO PEAK PERFORMANCE High social capital but limited reach Too few leaders carrying the weight Scaling up social innovation Solid product, capacity-constrained DRAMATIC SOCIAL IMPACTS Where do you see your grantee partners?

5 During the past five years, SEED has increased the shared leadership, reach and impacts of more than 200 non-profit initiatives. 5 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 MORE THAN 200 INITIATIVES

6 Your investment will exponentially expand SEEDs capacity and allow us to reach thousands every month.

7 SEED helped us to think about old problems in new ways - we were really able to push ourselves to come up with innovative approaches and solutions. Hour Children In contrast to other strategic planning experiences, SEED incorporates coaching and capacity building for each member to reach their full potential as a facilitator and participant. SEEDs streamlined approach helps you quickly get to action. Why Hunger The structure has given us intentionality in how we approach what we do, and it has increased our accountability to each other. This has really helped us move things. Summer Search I could personally say that SEEDs tailored, human touch is a rare quality. Voces Latinas Voices From the Field The SEED process helps us connect our beliefs and our work to our vision. Its creative, and it is clarifying our power. Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies SEED has provided tools for a new way of strategic planning. It has allowed us to approach our work not as departments working against deadlines with proposal targets, but rather as a cohesive team working towards a unified vision. Business Opportunity Center Network SEED meets us where we are, hears our concerns and guides us to shift our conversations dramatically to focus on creating possibilities for our future. Violence Intervention Program SEED works at our pace in ways that allow our various leadership bodies to fully participate and ensure completion of our work. FIERCE Many success stories:

8 Diagnostics Coaching SEEDing Sustainability SEEDing Impact Stories Learning Pods SEED Greenhouse Your investment will make SEEDs proven capacity- building practices widely accessible. The SEED Greenhouse will use lead-edge software to power up sustainable leadership teams. SEED Meetings SEED Visioning SEED Planning YOUR grantee partners can be first to benefit. They will gain free access to SEEDs first three online products.

9 GROW SOCIAL IMPACT : Using SEED leadership practices, teams learn to draw on the strengths of more leaders, streamline collaboration, and recognize possibilities that previously eluded them. PRODUCT INCREASING TEAM EFFECTIVENESS EXTEND VALUE: Adopting SEED assessment and planning practices, teams align their daily work with big dreams and achieve greater results with less effort. Investing in Results The SEED Greenhouse guarantees a 25 to 1 ROI: For every dollar invested, a minimum of $25 dollars of new social impact will be realized. PEOPLE DRAMATIC SOCIAL IMPACTS

10 INCREMENTAL CHANGE STRATEGIC PLANNING SEED PLANNING GETTING BY, going this way and that The focus is on short term PROBLEM-SOLVING Aiming for an OPTIMAL SOLUTION The focus is on pre-established FUTURE TARGETS Modeling the vision in MULTIPLE INTENTIONS The focus is on PRESENT OPPORTUNITIES The future is something we build in the present. - Paulo Freire Accountability is tied to a PLAN ON PAPER that is quickly outdated Accountability is about STAYING ON TASK Accountability is rooted in REFLECTIVE PRACTICE The motivation is to SURVIVE The motivation is to BE GRAND The motivation is to TRANSFORM Change agents remain stuck in RESTRICTING SILOS Change agents ATTEMPT TO MAXIMIZE within their restricting silos Change agents BUST OUT OF SILOS to realize a shared vision SEED builds cross-organizational capacity for leadership teams to close the gaps between vision and results.

11 SEED will also provide downstream, aggregate data for investors to track results attained in the SEED Greenhouse. THREE RETURNS ON INVESTMENT: THREE RETURNS ON INVESTMENT: Deep satisfaction as a founding partner Free grantee access to match your investment

12 S S tretch its vision and step into a more powerful presence You are invited: Invest to Grow Impact through SEED Online. Imagine Imagine our world when every dedicated, community-serving team can, at any time, draw on the very best technical assistance to: E E nliven its work with more of what it does best E E nnoble more diverse talents and contributions D D iscover performance capacity and maximum impact!

13 BUILDING THE SEED GREENHOUSE 2014-18 Financial Strategy - SEED Online Academy Greenhouse Investments

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