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Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

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1 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

2 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
INTRODUCTION Manufacturers of Bulk Drugs - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). We have commissioned State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities conforming to GMP & US FDA standards.

3 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
HISTORY Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Project conceived in – 2009 Funding Sanctioned in Dec for manufacture of APIs Project commissioned in September 2011. The project running got delayed due to delay in certain Govt. approvals. Trial Commercial Production started – April/May 2012 Commercial production started in June 2012.

4 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
APPROVALS MOEF New Delhi NOC PPCB, PWD, CGWA Consents for Air/Water Drug Manufacturing license Biological/Non biological drug Boiler/DG Approvals Explosive Storage License Factory License ESI/PF/VAT/Excise Registration. Hazard waste storage consent. Drawings/Building Plan approvals. Import Export Code.

5 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Utility Capacities : Power Load 850 KW Power Back up 650 KVA Di Water 50 Cum/Day Boiler 1.5 Ton Chilled Brine 86 TR each (2 No.) Chilled Water 86 TR (1 No.) Cooling Tower 250 TR each (3 No.) Vacuum Systems 2 No. Air Compressor 1 No.

6 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Effluent Treatment Facilities (With Capacities) MEE LTS/HR ETP LTS/HR STP LTS/HR Incinerator 50 kg/hr Effluent storage 5.0 lac lts (Capacity) Hazard Waste storage 240 sq ft MEE

7 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Quality Control Gradient and isocratic HPLCs , GC, Polarimeter digital, UV Spectrophotometer, Kfs, Melting Point Apparatus, Titrators, Ovens, Muffle furnace, Vacuum Oven, Quartz Distillation Assembly, 5 Digit Weigh scales etc……..

8 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Glass Line Reactors Provision for expansion for Clean Rooms Pilot Plant facilities Production facilities within existing area New Production block facility In utilities also.

9 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Production Facility:- SS Reaction Capacities 39 kl (14 SS Reactors) MSGL Reaction Capacities 6 KL ( 2 MSGL Reactors) Distillation Capacities 12 KL (3 Systems) Centrifuges, STDs, ANFD, RVD, Sparklers, Nutch, Glass pots etc.

10 Infinity Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Powder Processing Area:- HVAC System with class 1.0 lac FAU system FBDs, Compactor, Multimills, Sifters, Blenders etc.

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