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November 2009 Top 10 issues for AMHPs.

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1 November 2009 Top 10 issues for AMHPs

2 November 2009 10 – diagnostic criteria Every bodies business?

3 November 2009 9 - SCT Workload implications but also more recognition of the knowledge, skills and overall competence of AMHPs

4 November 2009 8-MCA in MHA settings Understanding the influence of the MCA both directly (new rules around ECT and treatment of SCT patients who are in the community) and indirectly (as we gain a better understanding of what a deprivation of liberty means for vulnerable groups of patients)

5 November 2009 7 - More assessments of people lacking capacity Older people with dementia Young people and children who lack capacity or competence

6 November 2009 The Anselm groupings 1.Patients with capacity who agree to admission and/or treatment any necessary restrictions on their freedoms 2.Patients with capacity who do not agree to admission and/or treatment but who meet the criteria of the MHA 3.Patient who lack capacity who can be admitted in their best interests and whose admission does not amount to deprivation of Liberty 4.Patients who lack capacity and whose admission DOES amount to a Deprivation, and who therefore need to have their stay authorised by a legal framework of MHA or MCA

7 November 2009 6 -The use of s135 (1) in MCA situations To allow the making of other arrangements for peoples treatment or care.

8 November 2009 6- Age Appropriate accommodation Is it, or when is it, right and proper to sign an application where age appropriate accommodation isnt available?

9 November 2009 4 - Making the new roles work Allowing access Sorting out financial /practical problems Roles beyond AMHP

10 November 2009 3 – the effect of the AMHP regulations Did you do your 18hrs between 3 rd Nov 08 and the 2 nd Nov 09?

11 November 2009 2 – the great s2 or s3 debate Sometimes an assessment in the community is enough of an assessment to justify the use of s3!

12 November 2009 1 - Leadership and mental health social work In a demanding and changing world, we need to develop leadership to promote what social work brings to mental health – beyond the role of the AMHP

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