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Importance of Yoga in Music Education By Dr. Manjiree Gokhale.

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1 Importance of Yoga in Music Education By Dr. Manjiree Gokhale

2 What is Education Education is originated from the Latin word Eduatum, where E means from inside and Duco means to lead, to bring forth. Education is the process or act to explore and awaken the hidden, innate potentials of a man, and to bring out and develop them suitably.

3 What is Music Music means organized sounds Music is harmonious sound created by the playing of instruments or use of vocals as a whole or individually Music is a direct expression of human emotions designed to manipulate and transform the emotions of the listener and performer Music is heard and felt

4 Music Education Means - Exploring and Awakening the hidden potentials related to the ability of hearing, perceiving, storing, memorizing and expressing music Exploration of Creative Abilities

5 Yoga and its relation with Music Education Yoga is a process of harmonizing the Individual Music with the Cosmic Music Yoga is the melody and harmony of the unseen inner self and music the melody and harmony of the seen outer self

6 Traditional Music Education Included many Yoga Practices With changing times, the inclusion of Yogic practices in the training of a musician faded away.

7 Todays New and Severe Problems Speed Speedy Technological Changes Commercialization Heavy musical exchanges of musics of the world Extremely difficult for a musician to balance the speeds of learning, teaching and performing

8 Need for a change - Solution In Prevailing Traditional Teaching Methods Yoga is a solution to all these problems together Yoga works on the body, emotions and mind and other musical abilities holistically

9 YogaMusic

10 Yoga removes musicians problems Yoga enhances musical abilities Yoga unfolds Latent Creative and Musical Potentials

11 Experimental Workshops A series of six one month workshops Total Participants: 73 Parameters Listening tests Breath holding tests

12 Daily Schedule of the Workshops

13 Listening Tests Pitch Volume Tempo Timbre Calculated in Marks Total maximum marks =140

14 Breath Holding Test details Participants were told to take a deep breath and then hold it, by closing the nose. The time span was then noted in seconds till the participant would leave the grip on the nose for breathing

15 Classification All the observations were classified by two types: According to the timings of the Workshops: Morning, Afternoon and Evening. According to the musical background of the participants: Musical and Non-Musical.

16 Sample Observations and Results 48 out of 73 participants scored a noticeable % difference of more than 5 % in the listening tests That means 65.75% of participants developed a noticeable hearing capacity difference.

17 Participants already in the field of Music benefited more than those who were not related to music between 5% to 10% difference and difference above 20%. Between 10% to 20% of difference level the non musical participants benefited.

18 Overall 14 out of 22 i.e. 63.64% of music related participants developed a noticeable difference in hearing capacity. Overall 34 out of 51 i.e. 66.67% of participants not related to music developed a noticeable difference in hearing capacity. 51 out of 63 i.e. 80.95% of participants breath holding capacity noticeably increased.

19 Conclusion Traditional Methods + Yoga = Excellent Music Education

20 Thank You All my Music and Yoga teachers, participants and colleagues

21 Music is the Yoga, of merging Science and Art And Yoga is the Music of the Whole in a Part Train yourself with Yoga, add insight to your Song Aahat will soon strike the inner Anahat Gong

22 GOD BLESS YOU ALL Hari Om Tat Sat

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