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Atlantis III 1 Model MAV9750AWW - features Maytag Atlantis III Model MAV9750AWW Oversize Capacity Plus Quiet Plus II 6 Speed Select Stainless Steel Tub.

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1 Atlantis III 1 Model MAV9750AWW - features Maytag Atlantis III Model MAV9750AWW Oversize Capacity Plus Quiet Plus II 6 Speed Select Stainless Steel Tub

2 Atlantis III 2 To Access the Console Control Components: Remove the three T15 Torx Screws from the top of the console Rotate the top of the console toward the front of the machine and lift T15 Torx Opening Console

3 Atlantis III 3 Component Access On the new Atlantis, the console assembly can be easily removed if necessary Wiring diagram

4 Atlantis III 4 Removing console Disconnect: Lid switch harness 120 volt line cord Console ground wire Main wiring harness Pressure switch hose

5 Atlantis III 5 New on The Atlantis! Main Harness Disconnects

6 Atlantis III 6 Lower Cabinet Components Can Be Checked From The Harness

7 Atlantis III 7 Removing Selector Knobs To remove selector knobs, use a plastic putty knife or metal knife(taped) and carefully pry off knob Black tape on blade to protect from scratching

8 Atlantis III 8 Removing Timer Cap

9 Atlantis III 9 Removing Knob Locking tab The knob pulls off the locking tab

10 Atlantis III 10 Extra Spin Switch Wash/Spin Speed ATC Switch Pressure/ Infinite Water Level Switch Wash/Rinse Temperature Extended Spin Switch Timer & Chime Chime Volume Switch Finger Faucet Console Control Components

11 Atlantis III 11 To remove Lid, first remove one of the plastic hinges Removing The Lid

12 Atlantis III 12 Remove Hinge Push up to release Locking Tab Pry top of hinge toward center

13 Atlantis III 13 Removing Lid After removing one of the hinges, cock the lid at an angle and slide the remaining hinge pin out of its receptacle

14 Atlantis III 14

15 Atlantis III 15 Popping The Top 2 ½ Lift Top Insert putty knife to release spring clip. Repeat process on the opposite side

16 Atlantis III 16 Top Open Lid Switch Water Valves ATC Thermostats Agitator Dispenser Cup Tub Cover Detachable Main Wiring Harness Connector Spring Clips

17 Atlantis III 17 Removing Front Access Panel Remove 5/16 screw on each side of cabinet Clip Pull top of panel out and lift off bottom clips 1 43 2

18 Atlantis III 18 Front Panel Removed

19 Atlantis III 19 Components Suspension springs Pump Drain Hose Outer Tub Transmission Motor Tub Hose Warning sticker – use as position reference

20 Atlantis III 20 Bottom of the Machine Motor Transmission pulley Pump Roll belt off transmission pulley to remove

21 Atlantis III 21

22 Atlantis III 22 Pressure Hose and Dome Pressure Dome

23 Atlantis III 23 Lid Switch Screw (2) Lid Cam Guide Tube Plunger Lid Switch Components

24 Atlantis III 24 Lid Switch Assembly Lid Switch Plunger Guide Tube Lid Cam

25 Atlantis III 25 Water Inlet Assembly ATC Thermostats Hot ValveCold Valve

26 Atlantis III 26 Two locking tabs secure the top of the inlet flume to the base Thermostats come as part of an assembly

27 Atlantis III 27 Parts breakdown Agitator/Auger ASSY Tub Cover Dispenser Cup Agitator Bolt Tub/Housing Seal Screw (6) Outer Tub Screw (4) Inner tub Screw (4) Seal Isolator Gasket Tub Cover

28 Atlantis III 28 Removing Agitator The Agitator is held to the shaft with a 1/2 bolt Agitator Dispenser Cup ½ Bolt and seal

29 Atlantis III 29 To remove tub cover, push down on cover while releasing plastic clips and lift off.

30 Atlantis III 30 Removing Inner Tub Remove four ½ screws

31 Atlantis III 31 Nylon Seal on screw Nylon Seal Replace if damaged

32 Atlantis III 32 When reassembling, position top plate on locating tabs Used with stainless basket

33 Atlantis III 33 Removing inner tub With top plate removed, lift out inner tub

34 Atlantis III 34 Spring Tool Part # 22002922 Upper Slot – Older Performa and Brand Washers Lower Slot – Atlantis and 1999 Performa Washers

35 Atlantis III 35 Remove Six Suspension Springs Start in the front and work toward the rear

36 Atlantis III 36 With belt, hoses and springs detached, roll out the tub assembly

37 Atlantis III 37

38 Atlantis III 38 Top O Ring Part #25-7941 Groove

39 Atlantis III 39 Seal Nut BottomTop Side

40 Atlantis III 40 Seal Nut Removal Seal Nut Tool 22002898 Wrench 35-2968

41 Atlantis III 41 O Ring Seal Nut Basket Hub Tub Seal Spin Bearing Transmission ASSY Housing Assembly

42 Atlantis III 42 Suspension Housing Stator brake Brake Rotor and Lining Brake Spring Brake Spring Retainer Cam Pulley/Dust Cover kit Washer 1.25 ODX Retaining Ring 10-24 x.50 Screw (6) Tub Support Lower Bearing Screw (6) Tub Brace (3) Screw (6) HP Plastic Screw (3) Snubber Thrust Bearing kit

43 Atlantis III 43 View of Basket Hub

44 Atlantis III 44

45 Atlantis III 45 Seal

46 Atlantis III 46 Remove four 5/16 screws

47 Atlantis III 47 Remove six 3/8 screws securing outer tub Take note of the three spring hangers before separating outer tub

48 Atlantis III 48 Separate outer tub from transmission assembly

49 Atlantis III 49 Foam Gasket

50 Atlantis III 50 Rubber Seal

51 Atlantis III 51 Tub Seal

52 Atlantis III 52 Prior to series 16 Series 16 and newer

53 Atlantis III 53 Prior to series 16 Triple lip seal series 16 and newer,used in conjunction with high torque transmission

54 Atlantis III 54

55 Atlantis III 55 Dimple should be at 7:00 oclock position When installing tub support, the round dimple should be lined up with the support next to the motor

56 Atlantis III 56 Removing Pulley Remove dust cap Remove clip 1 2

57 Atlantis III 57 3 4 Remove cam and pulley Remove washer

58 Atlantis III 58 Pulley and cam components

59 Atlantis III 59 Remove washers and bearing assembly. Take note of order to insure proper assembly

60 Atlantis III 60 Wave washer Thrust bearing Thrust washer-thick Thrust washer-thin Washer and Bearing Sequence

61 Atlantis III 61 Checking adjustment Atlantis III Arrow Maximum mark Minimum mark When assembling cam, to check adjustment, first locate reference points

62 Atlantis III 62 Indicator in acceptable range Minimum Indicator arrow Maximum Indicator should fall between the Min/ Max marks

63 Atlantis III 63 Brake tool Part #LA-2004–old tool new #12002012-brake/bearing kit Upgrade kit – LA-2004 to 12002012 use part #12002011

64 Atlantis III 64 Horse shoe clip The horseshoe clip engages the groove in the transmission shaft

65 Atlantis III 65 Depressing Brake Spring Position tool on shaft and insert clip into groove Tighten nut to release brake

66 Atlantis III 66 With the brake spring depressed, remove the six screws securing the brake stator

67 Atlantis III 67

68 Atlantis III 68 Aligning Brake Cover Two of the six holes are smaller than the other four. Install these two screws first

69 Atlantis III 69 Brake Rotor and Lining

70 Atlantis III 70 Brake Spring

71 Atlantis III 71

72 Atlantis III 72 Brake Components

73 Atlantis III 73

74 Atlantis III 74 Technical Data Sheet

75 Atlantis III 75 Cycle Sequence Chart

76 Atlantis III 76 Wiring Schematic

77 Atlantis III 77

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