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Verbos Irregulares. ANUNCIAR To announce AYUDAR To help.

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1 Verbos Irregulares

2 ANUNCIAR To announce

3 AYUDAR To help

4 BAILAR To dance

5 BUSCAR To search/look for


7 CANTAR To sing

8 CENAR To eat dinner

9 COCINAR To cook

10 COMPRAR To buy

11 CONTESTAR To answer

12 CRUZAR To cross

13 CUIDAR To take care of

14 DECORAR To decorate

15 DESCANSAR To rest

16 DIBUJAR To draw

17 ENTREGAR To turn in

18 ESCUCHAR To listen

19 EXPLICAR To explain

20 GANAR To win/earn

21 GRABAR To record

22 LAVAR To wash

23 LIMPIAR To clean

24 LLEGAR To arrive

25 LLEVAR To wear/carry

26 MANEJAR To drive

27 MIRAR To look at/watch

28 MONTAR (EN BICICLETA) To ride (a bike)

29 NADAR To swim

30 PAGAR To pay

31 PARTICIPAR To participate

32 PREPARAR To prepare

33 VISITAR To visit

34 ESTUDIAR To study

35 GASTAR To spend

36 HABLAR To speak

37 PATINAR To skate

38 ESQUIAR To ski

39 APRENDER To learn

40 BEBER To drink

41 COMER To eat

42 CORRER To run

43 CREER To believe

44 PENSAR To think/believe

45 DEBER Ought to should Frequently followed by an infinitive ex: Tú debes comer mean you should eat.

46 LEER To read

47 ROMPER To rip/break

48 VENDER To sell

49 TENER To have

50 BARRER To sweep

51 HACER To do or make

52 SER To be

53 PONER To put

54 TRAER To bring

55 ABRIR To open

56 ASISTIR To attend

57 COMPARTIR To share

58 DESCRIBIR To describe

59 DISCUTIR To discuss

60 DORMIR To sleep

61 ESCRIBIR To write

62 INTERRUMPIR To interrupt

63 OCURRIR To occur

64 PERMITIR To permit

65 VIVIR To live

66 IR To go

67 RECIBIR To receive

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