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2 Introduction to Eastern Biodiesel Technologies Pvt
Introduction to Eastern Biodiesel Technologies Pvt. Ltd/Biodiesel Technologies, Kolkata Headquartered in Kolkata India, Biodiesel Technologies was conceived in 2002 in response to the serious environmental and health hazards arising out of the various polluting emissions casing our environment. Biodiesel Technologies has built a strong reputation as a leading pioneer in the manufacturing, fabricating, setting up, installing and commissioning of Biodiesel Processing Plants of various capacities. Our Core Competencies: -Designing, Fabricating and Commissioning various capacities of Biodiesel Processing Units.(BDT Mini Series 1 MTPD to 3 MTPD) & (BDT Series 5 MTPD to 500 MTPD). -Providing Technical Consultancy of our highly skilled and experienced professionals for our clients who order plants from us. -To ease up the process and increase the efficiency of the plant we also specialize in providing “DRY WASH SYSTEM” and “OIL PURIFICATION & DEGUMMING PLANTS”.      

3 Clients Our Patrons are the big corporate giants: To name a few are:
Tata Chemicals Ltd (TCL) Southern Online Ltd (SOL) West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) Chemicos Universal Ltd Graceford, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Fathopes, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia And a lot of individuals have set up a BDT Unit from us.

4 Highlights of BDT series manufactured by Biodiesel Technologies
USP (Unique selling Proposition) of Biodiesel Processing Plants manufactured by Biodiesel Technologies/Biodiesel Technologies, Kolkata Multi-Feedstock Biodiesel Processors Modular Batch Transesterifiers - Expandable Latest Adsorbent Technology Compliant-Chemical Purification System, Water Less Process. Indigenously Developed, Low Cost High Energy Effectiveness Minimum Manpower requirement Optimum oil to Biodiesel Conversion Final Product- BIODIESEL-International Standard Compliant (EN-14214, ASTM D-6751, BIS) Suitable for all diesel engines without modifications Equipped with Methanol Recovery System Zero waste production process Zero effluents-Non Polluting Plants Low Temperature and low Pressure process High safety Levels Low electricity consumption Centralized Control Panel with video screen Low Footsteps

5 Pre requisites for setting us a BDT Unit
The basic requirement for setting up the plant that you require is Land. Now the question that comes to your mind as to how much land will be required for setting up the Plant. It is directly related to the capacity of the plant that you put up. However it is imperative that we provide you with the following details that will provide you a basic layout of the things that are required for setting up the plant: 1. Requirement of land : Ranges from 5000 Sq. Feet to acres 2. Factory Shed: Sq. Feet to 10,000 Sq. Feet 3. Electrical: 440V/250KVA depending upon the size of the plant 4. Water Supply: 24 hours piped water supply with O/H storage 5 to 20, Litres depending upon the size of the plant 5. Stand By Power: 25 KVA to 250 KVA Genset depending upon the size of the plant Analytical Laboratory: Basic module will be set up by us Set of storage Tanks: Will be dependent on the capacity of the Processing Plant Biodiesel Processor Unit: Modular batch Transesterifiers BDT5 MTPD to 500 MTPD is capable of handling MULTI FEEDSTOCK The Plant supplied is also capable of handling Acid Oil with high FFA upto 60%-90% in an Esterification and Transesterification Process. Animal Fat with high FFA upto 5% is also successfully handled by the Plant.

6 FEEDSTOCK that can be used to convert into biodiesel
Biodiesel Processing Plants manufactured by Biodiesel Technologies/Eastern Biodiesel Technologies, Kolkata can convert following feed-stock into Biodiesel. Feed-Stocks for Biodiesel Processing Plant that are available in India are listed below:   Palm Oil Palm Acid Oil Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Acid Oil Animal Tallow Karanj Oil Jatropha Oil Rubber Oil Used Vegetable Oil  Clients are to clearly note the following: Biodiesel can only be produced from Refined Vegetable oils and no Crude vegetable oils from the Oil Expellers can be converted to Biodiesel. Crude vegetable oils coming out of the Oil Expellers contain GUMS and PHOSPHATIDES which needs to be removed to make the oil DEGUMMED AND DEACIDIFIED ( Refined).This process ( Degumming & Refining) needs different Unit called Degumming & Refining/De-acidification unit which needs to be set up separately in case the client decides or wants to keep options to produce Biodiesel from OIL SEEDS/ CRUDE VEGETABLE OILS. However, the Processing plant (Modular Batch Transesterifiers) supplied by us can process the following oils to Biodiesel WITHOUT REFINING ( No Degumming/Refining unit is necessary in this case): RBD Vegetable oils (Refined, bleached and degummed Vegetable oils) of Palm, Soyabean, Sunflower, Ricebran. Animal Tallow, Fish oil, Acid Oil, Palm Fatty acid Distillate Etc.In case the FFA in these oils are high, these are processed in an Acid-Base process, which our plants are capable .

7 License required for setting up a BDT UNIT
To start up any industry, any new venture, there is a long list of licenses and approvals that are required from various government bodies and regulatory associations. However to set up a Biodiesel Processing Plant, one doesn’t have to bother about such things. The Biodiesel Processing Plants manufactured by us requires hardly three licenses. All the below mentioned licenses are easy to get: Factory Licenses: For setting up of any Factory, one needs to take an approval from the District factory Inspectorate. Explosive License: For storage of Methanol, one has to obtain an Explosive License from the Directorate of Explosive. For Biodiesel, this license is issued form Nagpur. Pollution Control Board Clearance: Since our Multi-feedstock Biodiesel Processing Plants are non-polluting, hence the same can be obtained easily.

8 Plant set up procedure STEPS DESCRIPTION 1.
Detailed discussion with the Team of Biodiesel Technologies after having gone through the General offer Letter, Quotation, and Commercial Feasibility. 2. Signing of the Agreement: At Biodiesel Technologies, we use a very Transparent Method of following Agreement. Once the customer decides to go ahead with the project and places us the final order, we sign an agreement disclosing all the details of how the project will be carried on. This agreement includes the following: -Warranties and Liabilities -Scope of work -Technical Specification (Specification and scope of supply, Description of equipment used) -Project implementation schedule -Commercial: It includes Price summary, Terms of Payment for the supply of the Plant, Delivery Details, Validity, Reservation After Sales service. After the agreement is duly signed by both the Parties at our Kolkata Office, we proceed with manufacturing the Biodiesel Processing Plant.

9 Plant set up procedure 3. Placing the Order
Once the agreement is duly signed by both the parties, and modalities are sorted out. The customer has to pay us advance money in order to go ahead with the project and manufacturing the Processing Plant. (The advance money shall be decided while signing the agreement.) 4. Once the customer places the order, he can go in for finding Land, building, factory shed, formulating backward and forward integration of feedstock and supply of finished product i.e., Biodiesel etc. The Plant takes about 6 to 8 months of time to manufacture, and during this 6 to 8 months, the customer can look in to these details of Land, Licenses, Factory Shed etc. So that by the time the customer is done with all the formalities we are also done with the Plant and we can hand you an operational plant without wasting anytime in between. 5. INSPECTION Biodiesel Technologies believes in the policy of absolute transparency and customer satisfaction. We would like that our customer should visit the plant before the delivery and be satisfied with the project. 6. DELIVERY Once the plant is ready, and a date has been finalized by the customer, we will dismantle the machine and it will be sent by our low trailers.

10 Plant set up procedure 7. INSTALLATION AND COMMISIONING
Once the plant reaches the customers site and the customer has arranged for feedstock and other requirements, the entire team of Biodiesel Technologies will visit the Plant site and make the Plant operational by running it for 72 hours and produce Biodiesel complying it with all national and international standard. 8. AFTER SALES SERVICE In future if the customer happens to face any problem in the technical running of the plant or requires any kind of help, our team will be there to help you sort out the problem.

11 Cost involved to set up a Mini BDT Unit-1Mtpd bdt unit
Sr. No Operating Heads (1 MTPD) Area/Size Approximate Cost (Rs. In Lakhs) 1 Land 500 Sq.ft Buyer’s Scope 2 Factory Shed (Open Shed 4 Feet Wall) 200 Sq.ft 3. Electrical Power 15 KVA,440V 3Ph 50-60HZ Variable 4. Feed oil storage tank MS (5 days lead time) 5,000 Lts 0.20 (Buyer’s Scope) 5 Methanol Storage (Underground like in Petrol Pumps) (5days lead time) 1,000 Lts 0.04 6 Water storage Tank 0.03 7. Biodiesel Storage tank (5 days lead time) 8. 9. Glycerin Storage Tanks (5 days lead time) Ester Buffer Tank (5 days lead time) 500 Lts 2000 Lts 0.02 (Buyer’s Scope) TOTAL(a) 0.53 Details of Processing Plant: 10. Transesterification Unit 1 MTPD/MBTU 12.00 11. Washing Resins (Imported) 200 Kgs 2.00 12 . Packaging /Transportation At Actuals 13. Training, Installation & Commissioning Charges Air fare /Transport from Hotel to your factory/Food and boarding to be provided by you to 4 of our Installation Engineers for at least 30 days. (WITHIN INDIA) 1.00 TOTAL (b) 15.00 GRAND TOTAL 15.53

12 Biodiesel can be supplied to….
The biggest consumer of Biodiesel is INDIAN RAILWAYS Transport companies who run their fleet of vehicles on Biodiesel Industrial generators And many more


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