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Crown copyright 2007 Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Achievement Programme NATT + Conference The Belfry Hotel, March 2009.

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1 Crown copyright 2007 Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Achievement Programme NATT + Conference The Belfry Hotel, March 2009

2 Crown copyright 2007 The GRTAP Context - ESCGA Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievement Programme (GRTAP) part of Ethnicity, Social Class and Gender Achievement (ESCGA) Plan. ESCGA aims to: to maximise progress and close the attainment gaps for underachieving black and minority ethnic and white British pupils by providing support and challenge to local authorities and, through them, to schools. GRTAP contributes by aiming: to improve the quality of provision and rates of attendance, reduce exclusions and thus also raise attainment, for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils.* *National Strategies Annual Plan 2008/09 Ethnicity, Social Class and Gender Achievement Programme Plan 1.4.08

3 Crown copyright 2007 Introduction to the GRTAP Phase 1 2006 – 08, then to 2009 Blackburn with Darwen, Cambs., Devon, Durham, Herefordshire, Hounslow, (Kent), Lancs., Newham, Norfolk, Notts., Surrey Phase 2 2008 - 2010 Bromley, E. Sussex, Essex, Gloucs., Leeds, Northumberland, Oxfordshire, Rotherham, Walsall, Waltham Forest

4 Crown copyright 2007 Achieving outcomes, the GRTAP focus Phase 1 focus: Data used to identify those underperforming Develop Quality First T&L with literacy interventions Improved parental partnerships Phase 2 focus: Early Years Foundation Stage Ensure successful transfers & transitions All the above then contribute to improved behaviour & attendance Share What Works Well

5 Crown copyright 2007 GRTAP overarching aims develop LA capacity to raise the achievement of GRT pupils develop school capacity to implement strategies to address the underachievement of GRT pupils, focusing on literacy share with others what works well, why and how - so success replicated

6 Crown copyright 2007 GRTAP objectives Develop LA & school capacity and sustainability to raise the achievement of GRT pupils Meet educational needs of GRT communities/children through personalised learning Support schools inclusive, race equality practice inc. strategic management of mobility Improve knowledge of GRT communities hence raise expectations & strengthen teaching Tailor, develop & share resources that work so that success can be replicated

7 Crown copyright 2007 GRTAP outcomes GRTAP realises its aims & objectives by achieving the following outcomes: Two percentage points increase in attendance for GRT pupils in targeted schools Increased attainment of KS2/3 GRT pupils in English, mathematics and science Reduction in exclusions of GRT pupils 10% increase in numbers of GRT pupils recorded on the Annual Schools Census

8 Crown copyright 2007 use data to identify underperforming pupils and inform teaching & learning develop Quality First teaching & learning with a focus on literacy improve effective parent/carer partnerships ensure successful transfer and transition to and from all Key Stages the above then contributing to improving behaviour and attendance Achieving outcomes, GRTAP schools priorities

9 Crown copyright 2007 increase LA capacity & sustainability raise GRT pupils achievement, espec. in Programme schools raise ascription reduce exclusions & raise attendance espec. in Programme schools Achieving outcomes, GRTAP LAs priorities

10 Crown copyright 2007 How priorities were achieved Alignment with Primary/Secondary National Strategies; EMA; schools improvement etc. Local strategic management groups Funding Local networks Regional Adviser support & visits Programme networks Resources, materials & guidance

11 Crown copyright 2007 commit to GRTAP as a priority, with senior lead organise & attend network meetings carry out data audit & self evaluation & use info. to… develop GRTAP aligned action plans target, monitor individual pupils; raising achievement through personalised learning programmes have school visits from LA/Regional Adviser to evaluate progress against aims schools report to LA, who report to National Strategies termly share… Expectations of schools & LAs

12 Crown copyright 2007 Spreading the word Local network meetings EMA newsletter case studies National network meetings & workshops National EMA conferences National media GRT DVD DCSF ascription document More to come…

13 Crown copyright 2007 Strategic Management Groups & therefore… Shared responsibility & expertise to raise GRT achievement; shared training of schools staff Understanding re under - ascription & strategies to improve & therefore… Raised ascription rates Shared identification, review, migration of data sets across agencies & therefore… Shared understanding, training & aims for Strategy Managers, SIPs, subject consultants, TESs etc. Impact – what the partners achieved

14 Crown copyright 2007 Senior school leadership of GRT issues & therefore… Capacity building via audits, self evaluation, plans etc. Baselining, targeting & Personalised learning & therefore… Focus on individuals & their learning as part of a minority ethnic group with greater use of intervention strategies Community engagement with schools & therefore… Increased representation in schools & improved community/school relations; schools own home visiting Impact – what the partners achieved

15 Crown copyright 2007 Improved attendance Raised achievement Evidence of reduced levels of exclusions Increased rates of ascription, where previous lower levels Active school engagement in Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month Impact – what the partners achieved

16 Crown copyright 2007 Challenges & opportunities Mainstreaming – Builds capacity, increasing support for vulnerable groups such as Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils Ensures other people such as school improvement partners are accountable Brings school improvement consultants and link advisers on board

17 Crown copyright 2007 The Crucial question How do you get these folks on board? -By demonstrating that you are the experts in working with the most vulnerable group -By sharing your experience and expertise -By working closely with National Strategies Primary and Secondary managers within your LA

18 Crown copyright 2007 Win,win situation The more you are able to closely align yourselves with the school improvement team The more you will be answering the needs of the GRT pupils and their communities The more you will be in demand

19 Crown copyright 2007 Final question How do you know you have achieved success? -When the Strategy managers, School improvement advisers and the School improvement partners become the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller champions within the LA

20 Crown copyright 2007 The wider issue Remember the other half of the apple your multi agency role -The TES will continue to perform this vital role -Aim to replicate the mainstreaming approach that you are developing within education

21 Crown copyright 2007 Final thought The vast majority of Traveller pupils linger on the periphery of the education system. The situation has persisted for far too long…* GRTAP aims to change that situation * Provision and Support for Traveller pupils (Ofsted 2003)

22 Crown copyright The content of this publication may be reproduced free of charge by schools and local authorities provided that the material is acknowledged as Crown copyright, the publication title is specified, it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context. Anyone else wishing to reuse part or all of the content of this publication should apply to OPSI for a core licence. The permission to reproduce Crown copyright protected material does not extend to any material in this publication which is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Applications to reproduce the material from this publication should be addressed to: OPSI, The Information Policy Division, St Clements House, 2–16 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BQ Fax: 01603 723000 e-mail: © Crown copyright 2007

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