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Superintendents Proposed Capital Improvement Plan 2009-2019 October 27, 2008.

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1 Superintendents Proposed Capital Improvement Plan 2009-2019 October 27, 2008

2 The Opening Ceremonies

3 What is the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)? Superintendents recommended CIP budget to the School Board Intended to convey the school systems needs Spans a ten-year period First five years cost information included Fluid document that is updated annually

4 What Types of Projects Are in the CIP? Permanent new or expanded facilities Modernization or renovation of facilities Site acquisition Mechanical/maintenance projects Architectural/engineering design work

5 Evaluating Capital Projects (Facility Condition Inspections) Facility 20+ years old OR Addition 10+ years old Evaluate facility and mechanical systems Determine costs Include in CIP Include in School Plants Budget

6 Why Does the CIP Change Annually? Major repairs, maintenance, and renovations Housing info Student population

7 New Homes Built 2003-2007 20032004200520062007 SF1,107965964883634 TH2231400 Condo12622037969 SFCO201231334920 APT03746050300 TOTAL1,1611,5271,3741,0611,023 Does not include age-restricted units Jan-Oct 2008 281 0 55 2 0 338

8 Approved Preliminary Home Sites (by Middle School Planning Area) JMS/WBM 564 DCM/HOM 400 HMS 575 GBM 213 CWM/GRM 1,984 IRM 79 OSM 547 Total: 4,362 Source: City of Chesapeake Planning Department, 7/08

9 Percent of Enrollment Change 1998-2008 23 consecutive years of enrollment growth 3 years of enrollment decline

10 Recent Enrollment Considerations More 12th graders exiting than Kindergartners entering Although CPS declined in overall enrollment, 20 schools gained students this year As of 2007, enrollment decline is regional: –Norfolk declined 5 of 5 years –Portsmouth and Virginia Beach declined 3 of 5 years Significant downturn of local/regional/national housing and economic markets

11 Changing Enrollment Patterns Kindergarten vs. 12th Grade Enrollment 2,534 2,505 3,062 2,382

12 Historical Enrollment Compared to Projected Enrollment 37,800 38,100 *Estimated enrollment

13 Enrollment Outlook *Source: The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, 6/07 Residential construction will continue to shift from large single family developments to multi- family, infill, and mixed- use housing developments By 2030, Chesapeakes population is expected to grow by 30%* Chesapeake is expected to gain nearly 60,000 jobs by 2034*

14 Qualifying Heats Begin

15 SchoolCapacity HES66% GBI68% GRI74% SRI75% TES75% RBW76% CAM76% GBP76% TIS78% CAR84% NHP85% GRP87% BRI88% DCM49% JMS58% GRM59% HOM68% WBM77% IRM81% CWM89% DCH73% GFH89% All Schools Under 90% Capacity

16 90-99% Cap. 100-109% Cap. 110-119% Cap. Elementary School Zones Over 90% of Capacity School Capacity CRE91% BRP93% WBP93% PORT94% GFE95% DCE98% DCCE100% SWE104% CWI105% GTP108% BMW109% CHT112% TME114% WBI114% SEE115%

17 90-99% Cap. *Once the replacement school for OSM is completed, OSM will be less than 100% of capacity. 100-109% Cap. 110-119% Cap. Middle School Zones Over 90% of Capacity School Capacity GBM92% OSM*109% HMS116%

18 *Once the addition and renovation for WBH is completed, WBH will be less than 100% of capacity. 90-99% Cap. 100-109% Cap. 110-119% Cap. 120%+ Cap. High School Zones Over 90% of Capacity School Capacity GBH97% HHS106% IRH110% OSH114% WBH*132%

19 9 WBP/ WBI 12 CHT 7 SWE 4 DCCE 4 DCE 2 GFE 5 SEE 18 BMW/ CWI 2 BRP 1 GRP 5 TME 3 GTP Portables by Elementary School Zones 14/28 elementary schools have portables 72 portables total

20 26 HMS 12 IRM 30 OSM 17 CWM Portables by Middle School Zones 4/10 middle schools have portables 85 portables total 12 portables at CWM are for an HVAC project

21 34 WBH 1 DCH 11 HHS 6 GBH 21 IRH 19 OSH Portables by High School Zones 6/7 high schools have portables 92 portables total

22 Qualifying Heats Continue

23 Why Are Major Mechanical/Maintenance Repairs Needed? Systems and parts have a finite life Scarcity or unavailability of older parts –Increased operational costs –Increased operational failures (example: no heat more frequently and for longer periods) No temporary fix for failed roofs or HVAC systems

24 Age of Roofs (15-20 Year Life Span) CIP includes 20 roof replacements

25 Age of HVAC Systems (15-Year Life Span) CIP includes 29 HVAC replacements

26 The Gold Medal Matches

27 Major Mechanical/Maintenance Projects $65,261,800 or 17% of Total CIP Budget Roof Replacements BRIRBW BRPSEE CAMSRI CHTSWE CWMWBI GBIFormer Re-Ed Ctr GBPPlanetarium GRISchool Plants IRHW & S IRM HVAC Replacements BMWGRISEE BRIGRPSWE CAMHESTES CARHHSTIS CREHMSTME DCHHOMWBI DCMISCWBM GBHNHPWBP GBIOSHEWC GBMPORTIRH* IRM*WBM* *Mixing boxes only

28 School Projects 81% of Total CIP Budget Addition/ Renovation (A/E & C) Modernization (A/E & C) New Schools (A/E & C) CHTCWMHigh School – Elbow Rd/ Centerville Tpke N IRHMiddle School – Relieve HMS GBP (A/E only)Elementary School – BMW/CWI/GRP/GRI area IRM (A/E only)Elementary School – DCE/DCCE area

29 Other Projects $9,076,700 or 2% of Total CIP Budget Parking/storage facility for buses Install lighting at GBH softball field Addition & renovation of food services warehouse Repairs at Chesapeake Alternative School Repaving at DCH, DCE, GBH, and WBP Repair auditorium ceiling at IRH

30 Chesapeake Alternative School & Deep Creek SECEP Housing Options Option 1: Renovate and/or modernize the existing buildings Option 2: Demolish the existing facilities and rebuild on the existing sites Option 3: Sell the properties and facilities and rebuild on other sites Option 4: Sell the properties and facilities and relocate to an existing facility or facilities

31 Nearing the Closing Ceremonies

32 2009-2014 Five-Year Grand Total (Current Dollars)

33 2009-2014 Five-Year Grand Total (Inflated Dollars)

34 Extended Public Hearing & Work Session Coverage 7:00PM at SAB Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008 Monday, Nov. 10, 2008 Monday, Nov. 24, 2008 & Final Action

35 Additional copies of the CIP are available: Planning & Development Dept. All branches of the public library CIP 2009-19

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