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Chris Savage Nuclear Industry Association CIC Economic and Policy Forum 24 th June 2011 The Prospects for Nuclear New Build.

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1 Chris Savage Nuclear Industry Association CIC Economic and Policy Forum 24 th June 2011 The Prospects for Nuclear New Build

2 The voice of the UK civil nuclear Industry 250 members across whole nuclear sector Members range from utilities to small enterprises About the NIA NIA with DECC Secretary of State Chris Huhne at the Lib Dem Party Conference (2010)

3 NIA – membership diversity Utilities, Contractors and vendors Fuel cycle and decommissioning Civil, process, design and multi- discipline engineering Project management, engineering, safety case and consultancy Equipment and component manufacturers Legal, financial, insurance, training and agency services

4 SC@nuclear The Essential Guide to the new build nuclear supply chain Stage One February 2011 Supply Chain Development

5 Pioneer in nuclear generation Full fuel cycle capability Highly skilled workforce Mature and flexible supply chain UK Nuclear Industry

6 Source: DECC, 2009 Digest of UK Energy Statistics Coal - 28% Oil - 1% Nuclear – 18.5% Gas – 44.5% Renewable – 3.5% Hydro - 1% Other – 3.5% The UK electricity mix

7 Sizewell B, PWR Suffolk Nuclears global contribution 14% world electricity 32% EU electricity 436 plants operating 63 plants under construction 13 plants started in 2010 156 ordered or planned 332 proposed

8 Nuclear New Build Projections About 230* new nuclear power plants will be ordered by 2020 Market research North America - EPRI reported that 64 GWe of new nuclear capacity in the USA by 2030 - Government R&D funding for nuclear is being revived. China - Increase in nuclear capacity to 40GWe by 2020 and its target for nuclear capacity in 2030 is 160GWe. India - India expects to have 20GWe(30 units) nuclear capacity on line by 2020 Asia - Japan : 12 units of new plant will be on line by 2020 - Korea : 10 units will be placed order by 2020 - Thailand : planning to 4 GWe nuclear capacity by 2020 - Vietnam and Indonesia are planning to adopt nuclear options by early 2010s (7 units) South Africa - South Africa expects nuclear capacity to increase to about 11 GWe by 2020 * WNA reports and DOOSANs analysis New plants order projections by 2020 China India Russia Korea Japan N. America Asia Africa France E. Europe U.K. (40) (30) (40) (10) (12) (44) (11) (10) (11) (10) Total(229)

9 UK Nuclear Renaissance Three new build consortia Plans for 16GW of new plant Typical plant £8bn capital spend Multi-unit sites 5000 construction jobs per site at peak First commissioning in 2018

10 Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Rt. Hon Chris Huhne MP: Safety is and will continue to be our number one priority. I am pleased that todays report confirms that the UKs current safety arrangements are working. Chief Nuclear Inspector, Dr. Mike Weightman: The extreme natural events that preceded the accident at Fukushima – the magnitude 9 earthquake and subsequent huge tsunami – are not credible in the UK…But we are not complacent. No matter what the differences are, and how high the standard of design and subsequent operation of the nuclear facilities here in the UK, the quest for improvement must never stop. Interim report on Fukushima by the Chief Nuclear Inspector

11 Sizewell B 2035 Closure dates for AGR and PWR fleet Hartlepool2014 Heysham 12014 Hinkley Point B2016 Hunterston B2016 Dungeness B 2018 Heysham 22023 Torness2023

12 Next Generation Capacity Profile

13 Nuclear is low carbon Grams per kWhr

14 Nuclear is affordable Nuclear Parsons Brinkerhoff, May 2008

15 Where are we now… Justification: Completed October 2010 GDA: Conclusions, September 2011 National Policy Statements: Approval expected Summer 2011 Electricity Market Reform: White Paper expected July 2011 Investment approval for first plant: 2012

16 Nominated and approved sites 1. Bradwell, Essex, NDA 2. Hartlepool, Durham, EDF Energy 3. Heysham, Lancashire, EDF Energy 4. Hinkley Point, Somerset, EDF Energy 5. Oldbury, Gloucestershire, the NDA and Eon 6. Sellafield, Cumbria, NDA 7. Sizewell, Suffolk, EDF Energy 8. Wylfa, Anglesey, RWE npower and the NDA

17 New Build Plans for UK EDF Energy UK (EDF Energy/Centrica Joint Venture) 2 x 1600 MW EPRs for Hinkley 2 x 1600 MW EPRs for Sizewell 1st operating 2018, 4 by 2025 second tranche to follow NuGeneration Ltd (Iberdrola/GDF Suez/SSE Joint Venture) Up to 3600MW operating by 2025 Technology to be decided Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd (RWE/EoN Joint Venture) 6000 MW operating by 2025 Technology to be decided in 2011

18 New build locations

19 AREVA EPR PWR - 1650 Mwe Being built in Finland and France 2 being built in China Traditional layout & improved safety & design Seeking UK localisation

20 AP1000 ® Based on principles of simplicity and standardisation Modular approach to construction 10 units under contract around the world Of these, four are currently under construction in China - first unit will be on line in late 2013

21 Supply Chain Hierarchy

22 Schematic Order Timeline for UK Nuclear New Build Programme

23 Next Generation 16GWe Scenario

24 Next Generation Workforce for 16GWe New Build

25 w w w. n u c l e a r s u p p l y c h a i n. c o m


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