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Dra. Rebecca de los Rios PAHO - ERP Leaders in International Health Program Module International Cooperation and Health diplomacy Session 2011 South-South.

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1 Dra. Rebecca de los Rios PAHO - ERP Leaders in International Health Program Module International Cooperation and Health diplomacy Session 2011 South-South Cooperation in the Global Agenda of Cooperation for Development

2 Topics to be discussed Some background and historical facts The Guiding Principles The evolution of the concept and models SSC in the Cooperation Agenda SSC in health The challenges of SSC Pan American Health Organization

3 History and chronology of events Pan American Health Organization Reports 2008, 2009, 2010 Article from USAM by Alejandra Kern. Context and Challenges of South- South Cooperation 30 years after the Buenos Aires Declaration.

4 Background: Global Context Pan American Health Organization Cold War and Bipolar World The response of developing countries: Group G77 and the non-aligned movement Political Objective: A new international economic order

5 1 st United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD and the G-77 (1964) Economic Cooperation between developing countries CEPD Stimulus for economic and trade integration processes among developing countries Plan of Action for priorities related to economic cooperation Pan American Health Organization

6 1 st United Nations Conference of Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries TCDC: Buenos Aires Plan of Action(1978 ) The technical cooperation among developing countries has emerged as a new dimension of international cooperation for development, that shows the determination of the developing world to achieve national and collective capacity to stand by itself, and the need to create a new international economic order. Pan American Health Organization

7 The focus of TCDC It was conceived as a diverse and wide-ranging collaboration; when it was confirmed that the TCDC was a multidimensional process and that its extension could be bilateral or multilateral and, its nature, subregional, regional or interregional. It was defined as a process through which two or more countries work together to achieve the development of individual or collective capacity with a cooperative exchange of knowledge, abilities, resources and technologies. Pan American Health Organization

8 Principles of TCDC Solidarity Respect for sovereignty National ownership demand driven Independence/No intervention/no conditionality Equity/Mutual Benefit/Partner Relations Complementary cooperation North-South Pan American Health Organization

9 The end of the Cold War: A multi- polar and globalized world An evolution of the concept takes place: from TCDC to South-South Cooperation High level conferences and debates about the inclusion of other guiding principles of South-South Cooperation take place. South-South Cooperation is renewed and strongly incorporated in the cooperation agenda for development at global, regional and national levels. Pan American Health Organization

10 From TCDC to South-South Cooperation UN General Assembly Decision, 2003 South-South Cooperation has evolved to take a different form, for instance it has become an exchange of knowledge, experiences, innovation, economic, financial and commercial cooperation, political partnerships and associations of different nature. Special Unit for SSC-UNDP Pan American Health Organization

11 From a bilateral relationship among governments to a relation with and among diverse actors The SSC bilateral traditional focus: Government to Government. Participation of other actors: Local governments, civil society, academia, enterprises. Multiple ways and arrangements for collaboration and cooperation emerge. Role of traditional donors, multilateral agencies and international development banks (triangular cooperation) SSC in regional and inter-regional integration and association mechanisms (ASA, ASPA) Pan American Health Organization

12 SSC in the Global Agenda High level conferences about SSC: The South Summits (Marrakesh, 2003 y Doha, 2005) UN General Assembly, 2004 established 19 December as World SSC Day. SSC in Development Cooperation Forums in the UN (ECOSOC 2008 and 2010 ) III High Level Forum about Aid Efficiency (CAD- OECD 2008, Accra Action Program) I High Level Event SSC, Bogota 2010 (CAD/OECD and SSC Working Group) XVIII Ibero-American Summit, El Salvador 2008 Ibero American Program of SSC Pan American Health Organization

13 SSC is installed in the International Agenda of Cooperation for Development Main donor countries incorporate SSC in their Agendas (Japan, Spain, EU, UK, Germany) and Multilateral Banks. It is incorporated in the G-20 agenda, IV Aid Efficiency Forum (Bussan, Korea 2011) SSC is made explicit in foreign policy and national cooperation development policies Pan American Health Organization Multiple forms, mechanisms and funding for SSC

14 Incorporation of other principles: The debate on applying the efficiency agenda to SSC More emphasis on ownership (demand driven) Its alignment with development priorities Harmonization and more integration with other forms of cooperation (North-South) More transparency and accountability. Towards a focus centralized in the development of capacities, knowledge networks, building partnerships (sustainability) More emphasis on documenting experiences, systematizing lessons learned and registering funding flows for SSC Pan American Health Organization

15 High Level Committee for SSC Governing Body subsidiary of GA (Resolution 64/222, Nairobi Doc. 2009 ) Calls Member States and UN System: To take concrete measures to mainstream South- South and triangular cooperation. Increasing allocation of resources promoting SSC at National, Subregional, Regional, Inter-Regional Support initiatives for information and data collection, coordination, dissemination and evaluation of SSC Conduct research to identify areas where SSC will have the greatest impact Pan American Health Organization

16 Platforms about SSC Pan American Health Organization With various purposes: marketing, exchange of knowledge and experiences; inventory of projects, estimates of financing flows

17 SSC in Health Long history and a lot of experience in the Region: Collaborative work in C&T and control of infectious disease (malaria, yellow fever, Chagas Disease). The response from PAHO is integrated: The TCC Program (Technical cooperation among countries). More than 300 projects approved. Budgetary policy supporting sub regional integration processes (2007) Cooperation in networks intensifies (Pharmaceutical Regulation, Drug Resistance, Milk Banks Network, Observatory of HR, Virtual Campus) Pan American Health Organization

18 SSC Challenges Optimize resource use: Better knowledge of capacities and needs. Search for authentic regional consensus for defining SSC and facilitate its quantification and comparability among countries. Move from specific technical cooperation actions to projects that have a bigger and broader impact. With a focus on capacity building, knowledge and innovation networks, and scaling up solutions that work. Sustainability: Move from activities based on specific projects to focusing on agreements and work plans in partnerships Pan American Health Organization

19 SSC in Health moves forward in this direction and shares these challenges We need to better recognize countries capacities and needs, adapt y apply solutions that work. Registering and systematizing experiences and lessons learned is a priority task The TCC mechanism is a facilitator or broker and does not substitute the efforts of the countries who are the actors in the process. Pan American Health Organization

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