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Prepared by XXX Subsidiary company of & # 1 in DMS: Design, Manufacturing, Service. is proud to present:

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1 Prepared by XXX Subsidiary company of & # 1 in DMS: Design, Manufacturing, Service. is proud to present:

2 Pegatron Born Asustek Computer Inc. Manufacturing DesignService 43% Pegatron Technology Corp. Unihan Technology Corp. PC DMS Non-PC DMS Effective from 2008, 01,01

3 End Pegatron - Jan. 01 2008, spin off from world No. 1 MB manufacturer ASUS. - A leading global provider of vertically integrated Design, Manufacturing, Service. Q3 2007 ASUS announced Spin-off Plan on July 2, 2007 Q4 Shareholder meeting on Oct. 30, 2007 for approval 2008 ~ 2009 ~ 2010 Spin-off effective on 1 st Jan, 2008 ASUStek to gradually divest its ownership in Pegatron IPO Plan

4 Leading ODM/OEM player with vertically integrated capabilities focused on delivering complete manufacturing services and innovation solutions to our customers Industry position –Worldwide No. 4 in 2006 Worldwide EMS and ODM revenue for the top-10 vendors, 2005-2007 Source: IDC, Pegatron, May 2007 Differentiate ourselves from other OEM players on the back of a well diversified product portfolio, abundant design experience and strong vertical integration capability

5 End Pegarton/Unihan Services -Computing : DTP, NB, MB, Cards, LCD monitor -Communication : BB, Set top box, Wireless, -Gaming : Game consol -Mobile device : MP3 player, mobile phone, GPS -Industry PC : Medical, POS Portable devices Computing Networking Peripherals

6 Mission and Corporate Philosophy Act as an extension of our customers own operations to achieve maximum business objectives with minimum resources Cost effective but innovative solutions Dedicated functional support for each customers Mutual Trust Mutual Sharing Mutual Benefit Best quality without compromising cost and time-to-market while providing maximum value to all customers through value-added DMS Design Manufacturing Service

7 Pegatron Global R&D /Manufacturing/Logistics/Customer Services

8 Abundant R&D and production resource support DIRFT(Do it right at first time) / Think Thru methodology System design / simulation / validation Thermal / Vibration / EMI / Acoustic / Structure expertise VCM / Servo / Fluid Dynamics / Mold Flow Analysis Precision Measurement / Tooling / Manufacturing High Frequency Circuit Design / High Precision miniature design & packaging New technology implementation Value-added service to customers Strong R&D Ability

9 Global Manufacturing Capability PegatronHQ in Taipei Size: 300k sq(ft)Line: BTOx4 lines, CTOx8 cellsCapacity: 100K/M (2-shift)Maximum Capacity: 400K/M (2-shift) Size: 600k sq(ft)Line: 32 * 1 shiftCapacity: 600K/MMax. Cap.: 2-shift, 1.2KK/M Size: 356k sq(ft)Line: BTOx8 lines, CTOx16 cellsCapacity: 200k (2-shift)Maximum Capacity: 500K/M (2-shift)

10 Employee: 83,000 persons China China Manufacturing Center

11 SuZhou Campus Plant 7 Plant 2 Plant 8 Plant 1 Plant 3 Plant 4 Plant 5 Plant 6 Plant 9 900 m 600 m HQ, Adm, and R&D Gym SuZhou Campus expansion Working Area=170800 m 2 Plant 7 : Current DT Manufacture site Plant 2 : Current DT manufacture site Total campus space equal 102 soccer fields North Campus ( East side) Reserve for 2007 expansion North Campus ( West side) 1100 m

12 CASETEK new plants in SuZhou Campus Plant N4 System Assembly Shop 1. Land Area=12000 m2 2. Total working Area =36000 m2 Ready in 2007 Mar. Plant N3 Stamping Shop 1. Land Area=20000 m2 2. Total working Area =50000 m2 Ready in 2007 Mar. Plant N1 Injection Shop 1. Land Area=20000 m2 2. Total working Area =60000 m2 Plant N2 Tooling Center 1. Land Area=12000 m2 2. Total working Area = 36000 m2

13 DT Capacity 2005200620072008 L6 Barebone400K/M550K/M850K/M1KK/M L10 Desktop400K/M800K/M850K/M1KK/M Bundle Display180K/M360K/M400K/M500K/M

14 SHANGHAI CITY Pudon International Airport Hongqiao International Airport New Highway to Airport Approximate 2007Q4 PROTEK 22 Km 12 Km Highway Protek-Geographic Location

15 Brief of Shanghai Mfg Site F1&F2 Current operation R&D Center Living Area F3&F4 Under Construction F5 & F6

16 Pegatron Factory in Czech Republic PEGATRON

17 Prague Ostrava 4 hours by car Germany Austria Germany Poland Slovakia Pegatron in Ostrava, Czech Republic

18 Factory Information Site Area : 72,400 m 2 (779,000 ft2) Production Capacity : 403 K/month (2 shifts) No of Employee (Planned) : - 2,200 Operators - 300 staffs for RMA (60K/month) - 250 supporting staffs Factory Floor Area : - 45,800 m 2 (492,800 ft 2 ) - Production area : 11,200 m 2 (120,500 ft 2 ) - RMA(CSC): 7,500 m 2 (80,700 ft 2) - VMI area : 6,800 m 2 (73,200 ft 2 ) - F/G W/H & Kitting :10,400 m 2 (111,900 ft 2 ) - Office/public area : 6,500 m 2 (69,940 ft 2 ) - Facility area : 3,400 m 2 (36,580 ft 2 )

19 ACZ for EMEA Worldwide DOA/RMA Service ATSI (Kentucky, US) ACC (Shanghai, China) ACJ (Chiba, Japan) ACS (Shanghai, China) ACAU (Sydney, Australia) ATSI for Americas ACC for China ACZ (Ostrava, Czech) ACS for APAC ACJ for Japan

20 PEGATRON SI/ODM/OEM Global Tech Support Div TS, PO, TR, FA, SBOM 1.Provide solutions to technical problems. 2.Offer technical support oriented training. 3.Release technical information for world wide range of access deployment. 4.WWW support site content management. 5.Compose product service guide and product user manual inspection. 1. Product failure analysis (FA) 2. Customer satisfaction index (CSI) improvement. 3. Service / Product marketing (Customer behavior analysis) Global Technical Support Mission Mission Sustain business target with enhanced product quality and service by providing bi- directionally prompt and professional information and technical solutions.

21 Test Lab Equipment Quality Management Material Buying Power Common Pool Global Logistic/ Manufacturing Capability A-Brand Experience Sharing One Stop Shopping Vertical Integration Value Chain α-side Technologies Rich Roadmap Total Cost Ownership Together with you for a limitless future!

22 End Long-Term Win-Win Corporations Mutual Trust Mutual Sharing Mutual Benefit

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