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Centre of Excellence The Housing Authority Network ‘HUB’

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1 Centre of Excellence The Housing Authority Network ‘HUB’
National Policy Forum on Housing and Water Sheraton Centre Hotel – Toronto, Ontario February 6-8, 2007

2 FNHI – Key Principles Maintenance of communal land ownership while developing private ownership of houses; Support for regional autonomy and respect for existing local, territorial and regional initiatives; Optional participation for those First Nations that choose to become involved and meet the participant criteria of the investment mechanism; and, Maintenance of existing funding mechanisms for First Nations that do not want to participate Assembly of First Nations

3 Core Functions Internal External Investment Trust Centre of Excellence
Housing Authority Network ‘Hub’ External First Nations Housing Authorities Regional and Territorial bodies Professionals and Associations Assembly of First Nations

4 What Does It Take Progressive and Proactive Leadership
Active Community Participation A Sound Policy Framework Solid Financial Management Effective and Efficient Operational Control Development of Codes, Standards, Benchmarks and Performance Measures Sustainable Quality Assurance Device Skilled and Proficient Workforce Develop New Multilateral Relationships Optimize Value for Dollar Assembly of First Nations

5 Centre of Excellence Research and Development Capacity Building
Communications Assembly of First Nations

6 Centre of Excellence A repository for research, information and best practices Facilitating communication of research, data, information, potential partner contacts and best practices in housing Illustrating various tools and processes to achieve effective control over housing matters in First Nations Identifying performance measures, evaluation frameworks, benchmarks and quality assurance mechanisms for First Nations housing operations Acting as a ‘virtual’ hub to the emerging network of housing authorities throughout First Nation territories Delivering an advisory and support mechanism that will help to build needed capacity among First Nation housing authorities to fulfill their roles and responsibilities Assessing whether First Nations or their housing authorities demonstrate the required capacity in the care and control of housing assets to access the investment fund. Assembly of First Nations

7 AREAS of FOCUS Initiate capacity development where little exists
Enhance existing capacity to undertake new opportunity Explore housing as a business enterprise Models of operation for Housing Authority Two way information flow Develop and maintain a virtual world of communication Facilitate the creation of a national network Assist in getting new HA’s to a state of ‘readiness’ Assembly of First Nations

8 Process for Capacity Development
Meeting with Chief and Council to initiate activity; Meeting with housing portfolio holders and appropriate staff to discuss consultation and authority model options; Facilitating initial planning with First Nation representatives; Compiling and reviewing existing plans, strategies, policies and programs; Facilitating community consultation in development of First Nation strategies; Meeting with First Nation project teams on strategy direction; Preparing community members’ financial questionnaires to determine income levels and abilities to pay; Reviewing existing policy and program activities and making recommendations for upgrades to accommodate changes; Working with external consultants of First Nation choosing to harmonize authority framework to other community concerns (land use, finance, economic development, etc,); and, Continued cycles of review, refinement and feedback Assembly of First Nations

9 Building Capacity - tools
Value optimization; Better Building and Renovation techniques; First Nations construction standards, codes, performance standards; Construction management policies and procedures; Project management and administration; Training and certification processes; Best practices and efficiency measures; Skills upgrading and training initiatives; Housing authority models; Common terms of reference and sample by-laws; Sample housing policies and procedures; New home construction cost reduction techniques; and, Innovations to improve house design plans. Assembly of First Nations

10 Measuring Capacity Criteria for sound financial practice
‘Operational Review’ of HA’s Identify appropriate Quality Assurance measures Identify deficiencies to existing delivery vehicles Levels of service required Voluntary intervention Assembly of First Nations

11 Research Collecting data and determining demographic profiles;
Analyzing current housing conditions and assessing long-term needs; Analyzing current policies and programs and identifying changes to satisfy needs; Assisting in comprehensive First Nation capacity development; Generating advisory and support mechanisms; Defining necessary processes and controls of authority structures; Developing technical and operational standards; Assembly of First Nations

12 Research cont’d Defining benchmarks to gauge standards;
Creating performance measures to achieve benchmarks; Optimizing the value of new construction practices and existing housing rehabilitation measures; Identifying financial options for First Nation housing; Providing training of housing professionals; Integrating First Nations infrastructure and lands management processes; and, Identifying economic opportunities for communities from the housing sector. Assembly of First Nations

13 Communications Information on all matters pertaining to housing
Web-based ‘virtual environment’ User friendly, interactive and multi-dimensional Designed to assist decision makers in understanding the complete picture Illustrate models, tools, best practices & processes Act as a clearinghouse to all parties Continuous updates of new and emerging materials Link all parties to ‘a single window of opportunity’ Assembly of First Nations

14 Communication Activities
Develop fact sheets to create awareness Develop an interactive discussion forum Support the development and coordination of First Nation regional and territorial activities, frameworks and implementation processes Publish reports on accountability requirements Develop general public and mainstream communication information sheets Coordinate media events, media monitoring and response support Direct mail-outs to Chief and Council, First Nation Housing Authorities, Tribal Councils, and technical service providers Conduct community housing needs surveys with linkages to federal-provincial information sources Create summary documents on the project for promotional purposes Assembly of First Nations

15 How it can work Established Authority Certification State of Readiness
Best Practices Quality Assurance Certification State of Readiness FNHI Centre of Excellence Building Capacity Crisis Intervention Emerging Authority Assembly of First Nations

16 First Nation Housing Authority Network
Indemnity Develop Lending Criteria FNHI Investment Trust Evaluates proposals for compliance with lending criteria Lenders Grants Loans Homeownership First Nation Housing Authority FNHI - Centre Of Excellence Research Capacity Bldg Communication Affordable Housing Social Housing Support for Entity development Operational Developmental Tools training/certification Membership Application Evaluate and Approve participation against requirements Negotiates Operating contract Assembly of First Nations

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