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Roddensvale School A Case Study

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1 Roddensvale School A Case Study
Capacity Building Roddensvale School A Case Study

2 Mission Statement Our purpose is to provide the most appropriate education for our pupils within a safe environment, which promotes respect for self and others and acknowledges the value of each individual within the school community and beyond.

3 Aims To provide pupils with a stimulating, challenging and supportive learning environment in which confidence, motivation and success are cultivated. To develop through the Northern Ireland Curriculum and alternative teaching strategies a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. To encourage involvement of and provide support for parents. To collaborate with other professionals involved with the pupils in order to meet their needs.

4 Aims To equip pupils with life and social skills, to promote independence within school and the community. To continually embrace professional development and apply these opportunities to extend the educational experience of pupils. To make learning an enjoyable process for pupils and staff.

5 Background Information
Roddensvale School Population Management Structure Professional Development For SMT Including Principal Capacity Building For Governors Development Of School Community As A Resource Capacity Building for Staff

6 Professional Development
PEP3 - Middletown Medical Training Child Protection CCEA – Progress Files, Leading Learning Conference, Assessment For Learning PECS and TEACCH (including PAPA run courses) Makaton C2K SEN support “writing with symbols” ICON to I Can “communication is visual for individuals with autism” PAPA

7 Professional Development
Whole school training during exceptional closure day and evening for parents i.e. Richard Hirstwood T Tap Thinking skills and personal capabilities training at local and regional level Various multi-sensory courses Education for Employability Sex and puberty course for SLD. Intensive Interaction Primary Movement Play Based Learning

8 Professional Development
ASD Curriculum C2K SEN Support “creating resources for numeracy” Camera Mouse Video Conferencing Helping Hands (Woman’s Aid) Movement Opportunities Via Education (additional funding from extended schools) Induction/ EPD/ Teacher Tutor PRSD Independent Travel

9 Professional Development
Jolly Phonics Whole Staff Menu Day 2010 Cycling Proficiency Playboard Training For Classroom Assistants Purposeful Play In Special Schools Very Special Maths (Concept Training) PE – INSET/Revised Policy

10 Enabling Menu Day – organized for NEELB Feb 09
Key stage 3/ key stage 4 SLD reading scheme CCEA Internal school reading scheme (teacher out of class 1 day per week) Associate teacher on partnership management board. Revised curriculum implementation panel for SLD. Assessment “Q” levels + Quest Training Links with Stranmillis (3rd year music students)

11 Enabling ABA In-service training at menu days and for the Area Learning Community Educational Visit - South Carolina (group of 29 including 12 from the Roddensvale Choir) Multimedia Training Team Teach/ Advanced Team Teach Tutor Early Intervention Project/Nursery Provision PDI – Personal Development Towards Independence

12 Parental Survey 82% 18% 0% 85% 15% 53% 26% 21% Strongly Agree Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know My child is happy at school. 82% 18% 0% Staff and pupils have good relationships. I am confident my child would receive support if he/she was upset at school 85% 15% The school is good at teaching my child to manage his/her personal life, health and well being. 53% 26% 21%

13 Parental Survey 82% 18% 0% 85% 15% 76% 21% 3% 59% 29% 12%
Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know The arrangements for my son/daughter to settle in when he/she started school were good. 82% 18% 0% The school makes the interior attractive and welcoming. 85% 15% My child is encouraged to be involved in exercise. 76% 21% 3% The school is doing enough to prevent disruptive behaviour. 59% 29% 12%

14 Parental Survey 65% 32% 0% 3% 76% 21% 56% 29% 15% Strongly Agree Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know Children behave well. 65% 32% 0% 3% Good work and achievements are praised. 76% 21% The school has high expectations of my child. 56% 29% 15%

15 Parental Survey 71% 21% 0% 8% 68% 18% 14% 69% 31% 26% 3%
Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know Teaching is good. 71% 21% 0% 8% I am confident my child eats well at lunchtime. 68% 18% 14% SENIOR PUPILS - My child is being adequately prepared for life after school. 69% 31% I am satisfied with the progress my child is making. 26% 3%

16 Parental Survey 68% 23% 3% 0% 6% 79% 21% 76% 24% Strongly Agree Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know My child enjoys P.E. in school. 68% 23% 3% 0% 6% The school is welcoming to parents/carers. 79% 21% The school keeps my informed about my child’s progress. The school keeps me well informed about what is happening in the school. 76% 24%

17 Parental Survey 82% 15% 0% 3% 62% 32% 6% 68% 29% 85% Strongly Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions or a problem or complaint. 82% 15% 0% 3% The school asks for parents/carer views on issues. 62% 32% 6% The school takes account of parents’ concerns or suggestions. 68% 29% The school has a good reputation in the community. 85%

18 Parental Survey Therapist and Other Professionals
Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know Therapists and teaching staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of my child. 76% 15% 0% 9% The Challenging Behaviour Team have supported the work of the school and have assisted in meeting my child’s needs. 38% 18% 3% 41% The Parents and Friends Association provides a wide and appropriate range of activities/events throughout the year. 56% 32% 12%

19 Staff Survey 9% 79% 3% 0% 70% 12% 21% 73% Strongly Agree Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know There is satisfactory monitoring, evaluation and development of teaching and learning 9% 79% 3% 0% The school identifies appropriate priorities and targets, takes any necessary action and reviews progress on them 70% 12% The school has an explicit Mission Statement, aims and values, including a commitment to good relationships between staff/pupils/parents 21% 73%

20 Staff Survey 36% 43% 21% 0% 3% 61% 12% 24% 27% 64% 6% Strongly Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know Pupils’ work and achievements are celebrated 36% 43% 21% 0% The system of PRSD is firmly embedded in the culture of the school and helps to identify areas for continuing professional development 3% 61% 12% 24% Learning resources, including the school buildings and grounds, are adequate for the curriculum and pupils 27% 64% 6%

21 Staff Survey 33% 58% 6% 3% 0% 9% 18% 15% 34% 42% 24% Strongly Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know The school encourages positive behaviour 33% 58% 6% 3% 0% There is equal opportunity for staff development and training opportunities 9% 18% 15% Communication within the school is good 34% 42% 24%

22 Staff Survey 48% 52% 0% 49% 45% 6% 27% 58% 9% Strongly Agree Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A Don’t Know I am aware of the procedures to deal with Child Protection 48% 52% 0% The school has a good public image 49% 45% 6% I am happy working in Roddensvale 27% 58% 9%

23 Community Capacity Building
Area Learning Community Inset Day Establishment Of SENCO Sub Group Coordinated by Roddensvale Future Capacity Building For Primary Schools

24 Barriers To Building Capacity
Lack Of Strategic Planning Time/Money/Resources Too Many Initiatives Administration/Surveys etc Stress/Pressure/Deadlines Legal Cases Job Evaluation/Appointments etc

25 Positive Influences For Effective Capacity Building
Informed SDP Drawing From Surveys And Self Evaluation Inclusive Policies And Decision Making Staff Expertise Good Staff Working Relationships Professional Development Opportunities (PQH) Positive Mission Statement And Aims

26 Building Capacity Attending RELEVANT Courses
Network With Like Minded Colleagues Encourage Autonomy Develop Good Leaders Delegate! Buns on Friday!! Get A Life Outside School!!!!

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