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Developing Community Capacity through the use of ICT Rob Pyers, Principal, Dimboola Memorial Secondary College Integrating new technologies to empower.

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1 Developing Community Capacity through the use of ICT Rob Pyers, Principal, Dimboola Memorial Secondary College Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership

2 Last Night!

3 DMSC Rob Pyers - Principal Principal since 2007 Previously Assistant Principal and Innovation and Excellence Educator, Melton, Western Region. Born and raised in Warracknabeal, Wimmera Family: wife Charlotte, former Kiwi and four children Elite, Che, Eamon and Rian (all All Blacks fans) Genuine passion for learning, for working to improve the educational outcomes of students

4 Developing community capacity through the use of ICT Today we will look into how: Dimboola Memorial Secondary Colleges ethos and how this has changed the Colleges Community and impacted upon learning? How ICT has become embedded in the culture of the College? Community projects which the College is working on to develop the learning outcomes for students? Look at our simple ethos and take away some questions to take back to your school from the conference.

5 Dimboola Memorial Secondary College – Some Background DMSC is located in Dimboola, in the North West of Victoria, it is the only purpose built memorial school in the southern hemisphere Town and District Population approximately 1900 Agricultural and Railway main industries School Population 205 24 Teaching Staff

6 Dimboola - Location

7 DMSC ETHOS DMSC is a living memorial Our motto is Facta non Verba Deeds not Words


9 What is the community? – a different perspective Community is a river?????

10 What is the community? The Community is Our Students Our Staff Our Parents Our Town Our World It is one some or all of these depending upon the situation or the time

11 DMSC Ethos 2 We believe: If DMSC supports the community the community will support us BUT what does this mean? Our expertise is the communities Our facilities and resources are the communities We buy local where ever possible. We sponsor local junior sporting teams. We actively market ourselves within our community, we are proud about being a part of the community.

12 What type of education do we want for our students

13 Developing community capacity to support education outcomes – the nitty gritty! Creating an understanding of what we are doing. Regular updates to CWA, RSL, Rotary, Lions Club Wimmera Virtual School Cricket Victoria Pilot Program Dimboola Traders Association – website development Dimboola Sporting Clubs VCAL Inc DMSC - In School Conference

14 Communication Regularly present to the different clubs and associations in the town, invite them to visit us, use our facilities Weekly newsletter with hard copies left at Post office, newsagent and library whilst all other community groups are emailed an electronic copy Provide regular articles to our local newspapers Keep an up to date website – as best we can!

15 Communication 2010 the move to an On line learning environment We believe the Ultranet will provide us with an even greater opportunity to inform and communicate with our community. This will be an opportunity to embrace education in a transparent and open manner like never before. We see this as a means of moving to an individualized education for our students and building greater relations with our parents in a context which we have not tackled before beyond the College boundaries!

16 Wimmera Virtual School Providing provision for students across the Wimmera, North West Victoria Developing opportunities for professional development and growth with staff Being a community resource

17 Wimmera Virtual Network

18 Pilot Program – Cricket Victoria Rural Development Centre Indoor all season training facility Video conferencing Blogging, films, vodcasts Targeted programs ie Leadership for young women To be run by former Test Cricketer Mel Jones with a focus on personal health and cyber bullying

19 Pilot Program with Cricket Victoria

20 Dimboola Traders Association – Website Development DMSC Website Lenaren School Wear

21 Dimboola Sporting Clubs Dimboola Football and Netball Club – sponsor Dimboola Football and Netball Club – Gymnasium Project Dimboola Cricket Club – sponsor Milo Cricket and Super 8s cricket Cricket Victoria Pilot Program Dimboola Basketball Association Sponsor Dimboola Basketball College Competition – for students grade 6-Year 12

22 VCAL INC Building and Construction Catering Community Garden Community Gymnasium Car Restoration

23 Ecowood – Picnic Tables



26 Work related Teacher: Mr Pyers! Outcome 4 ~ Identify and solve problems for a work related purpose TASK: Costings/plan for ecowood tables and make a quote then build them. Outcome 5 ~ Work with others and in teams to achieve a work related goal TASK: Review and develop business plan for 2010. Outcome 6 ~ Use information and communications technology in relation to a work related activity. TASK: Digital portfolio/powerppoint for parent information evening

27 DMSC ICT conference Living conference within a living school Sessions included being a part of real classes with real students and teachers Focus on real applications and real examples Understanding our context and our community

28 DMSC ICT Conference

29 Community support for something different!





34 DMSC Student Suspensions 2007 46 suspensions 2008 35 suspensions 2009 11 suspensions

35 Thinking outside of the normal paradigm If you had of said DMSC would be piloting a trial of cricket coaching using video conferencing for Cricket Victoria and Cricket Australia in a biology room in 2007, well I would have said…………………….. Opportunities are created everyday, the key is to take the right ones which will benefit your school and your community.

36 What you can take away from today? Some questions, some views and perhaps a new outlook What differences would be made to your school with a new approach? What opportunities could open up for your staff and students and their learning if we looked at things in a different light? The best way to gain support like most things is to give it!

37 What you can take away from today 2? Think about what you can do? Look at resources as being an investment. What benefit do you gain from giving and supporting? Look at options outside of education. Be prepared to be surprised where it may take you!

38 PARTING GIFT – Thank You!

39 Christchurch New Zealand October 2009 Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership

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