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UPDATE – 03.07.11 NGO workforce capacity and training strategy.

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1 UPDATE – 03.07.11 NGO workforce capacity and training strategy

2 Our greatest asset People… Effective people management = a challenge Source of competitive advantage Managing change Managing innovation Volunteers, staff, managers, governance HR and disaster recovery creative solutions (workforce capacity & training + needs)

3 Context Constantly changing environment Uncertainty Ongoing event… Increased complexity of service delivery Additional pressures New business Experience Resilience

4 Capacity and Training Capacity Develop and strengthening – skills, abilities, structures, policies, processes, practices and resources Training Formal, informal, qualifications, stand alone, supervision, mentoring, coaching, peer support, online, reading …

5 HRM Strategic Integrated Job design – change management – recruitment & selection – appraisal - training development –communication Strategic integration – commitment – flexibility/adaptability – quality Job performance – problem solving/innovation – retention Leadership, culture, strategy

6 Critical success factors Ongoing assessment of needs Evidence based approaches Well trained and qualified staff Effective leadership Supportive teams and colleague Professional standards Develop and sustain resilience Staff involvement

7 HR issues Routines, structures and work processes Cognitive disruption Information Ongoing support Resilience Staff rotation Induction of outsiders Feeling overwhelmed Additional stress – co location, home working Loss of resources Information Communication Additional work to core business New work Isolation of disaster workers

8 Competencies / Skills Collaboration and partnership Assessment skills Care planning + co-ord Therapeutic rapport Communication skills Interpersonal skills Cultural appropriateness Assertive outreach Promote engagement Planning Monitoring evaluation Own expert Self care Leadership Supervision Knowledge base Self care Team support Professionalism

9 Capacity building HRM Monitoring Business support HRM advice and coaching Pathways into employment Mentoring and coaching Secondments Relief pool, interim management Information sharing Disaster social work

10 Training - Governance Psycho social responses to disasters Training on implications for organisations Governance skills Resilience training

11 Training - Managers Coaching and supervision Leadership / management training Conflict resolution skills Family partnership training Resilience training

12 Training - practitioners Family partnership training Generalised stress, anxiety and depression Resilience training normal in service training

13 Training - volunteers Resilience training Identify signs of stress and distress Normal in service training

14 021 0363568 03 731 1437

15 Have we got the issues covered? What have we missed? Capacity?

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