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The role of shared services in building capacity of local government 31 July 2012.

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1 The role of shared services in building capacity of local government 31 July 2012

2 Municipalities are required by the provisions of Section 83(3)(c) to build the capacity of local municipalities within their areas of jurisdiction and perform their functions where such capacity is lacking Frances Baard District Municipality has four local municipalities i.e.: Sol Plaatje, Phokwane, Magareng and Dikgatlong. With an exception of Sol Plaatje, the other three local municipalities have very limited capacity. Frances Baard District Municipality therefore adopted an outward looking approach since the inception of local government in December 2000. This developed progressively as the following institutional structures were developed. 2 Background

3 The District municipality funds capital projects as well as operational and maintenance activities in the local municipalities The district municipality has dedicated engineering technicians to assist with infrastructure projects in three local municipalities; whose functions are: Assist municipalities in identifying IDP projects Provide technical support to projects under construction Support the procurement of service providers Assist with relevant sector plans e.g. Transport Plan, Infrastructure Plan, etc. Provide coordination role through various district structures e.g. District Energy Forum, District Water Sector Forum; District EPWP Forum, etc. 3 KPA 1: Basic Services

4 The district municipality provides the following services for sustainable human settlement development: – Project initiation, planning and design – Project management and contract administration – Subsidy administration – Quality assurance – Housing backlog identification and quantification – Capacity development 4 Housing

5 Encourage and create conditions for the local communities and other stakeholders to participate in the affairs of municipalities through communication activities (District Communication Forum; Public Participation Plan) The district municipality provides internal audit functions to Dikgatlong and Magareng municipalities The Internal Audit Committee of the district municipality undertakes Audit Committee functions in Dikgatlong and Magareng municipalities 5 KPA 5: Good Governance and Public Participation

6 Integrated planning for the entire district Co-ordination of skills (shortage) – municipalities with shortage of skills draws from the pool of professionals (Technicians, GIS, Building Inspectors). The model makes it easy to tap into scarce skills. Promotes the efficient and economic usage of resources for the district 6 Benefits of Shared Services

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