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1 The 4 th European ROCB/RTCs Meeting 14-16 November 2011, Baku, Azerbaijan.

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1 1 The 4 th European ROCB/RTCs Meeting 14-16 November 2011, Baku, Azerbaijan

2 ROCB – is a regional Capacity Building initiative, driven by the efforts and needs of the Members of the region ROCB – is to support regional Members in mobilising resources and developing partnerships to deliver wide range of services, training and technical assistance activities Status of ROCB - is based on a formal agreement between the WCO and the Government of the host country (subject to discussion at the Council in June 2012) 2

3 ROCBs Asia-Pacific: Bangkok (Thailand)- 2004 East and South Africa: Nairobi (Kenya)- 2005 Americas: Buenos Aires (Argentina)- 2007 North Africa, Near and Middle East: Abu Dhabi (UAE)- 2007 West and Central Africa: Abidjan (Cote dIvoire)- 2008 Europe: Baku (Azerbaijan)- October 2011 3

4 1. Adoption : May 2009, DGs Conference in Bergen (Norway) 2. MOU between WCO-Government of Azerbaijan – November 2009 3. 2010 - RVC calls for Members funding and staffing issues 4. January 2011- Think Tank meeting in Moscow: Regional CB Strategy for Europe and ROCB Concept Paper 5. May 2011- Europes Donor conference in Brussels(to shape up a kick-off budget) 6. October 2011 – ROCB opening 4

5 5

6 To plan and coordinate Customs CB activities in the region To identify Members CB needs and support in their modernisation To identify regional needs and insure CB assistance To coordinate the use and implementation of WCO tools and practices in the region. To develop staff capable of supporting Members reforms 6

7 To support Customs-to Customs cooperation To promote Customs-to Business partnership in the region To raise Members awareness of Integrity programmes To coordinate activities of the Regional Training Centers To develop and maintain partnership with key stakeholders To provide solutions to overcome language constraints 7

8 Geographical location of ROCB in Baku : Located in the Eastern part of Europe ROCB makes excellent linkage with WCO Secretariat in Brussels, bridging the whole continent In the center of the strategically important region, focus for all major donors (UN, EC, WB, ADB, IDB, EEC, EDB, new CU, etc.) Down to all Columbus programme recipients of the region Close to all less/least developed countries of Europe (18) Close to the WCO Regional Training Centers in Europe and to other WCO ROCBs (Asia-Pacific; MENA) Open for any Member of the region (as a contact point/rep-office) 8

9 Operational Benefits of ROCB in Baku : Operates on behalf of and facilitates all the Members of the region Brings WCO Capacity Building assistance down to Members of the region Makes WCO assistance services and tools much closer, clear and easy to access and implement by Members Simplifies Members communication and exchange of information across the region (no language barriers) Regional database on Customs related projects/donor activities; on Members best practice and academic research material; on regional training courses/events delivered by WCO and other donors etc. 9

10 Operational Benefits of ROCB in Baku (2) : Communication and Information sharing tool Efficient donor coordination function Expands Members operational capabilities within the region Venue for regional/international forums organised by Members Accommodation and other services for Members staff on mission 10

11 Benefits of recruiting staff locally: Broad Customs and modernization experience Wide scope of networking contacts across the region and globally Knowledge of the region and its specificities Knowledge of local languages 11

12 Supporting implementation of sustainable standards for safe, secure and fluid trade Improving coordination and communication mechanism in the region Fostering RM Strengthening cooperation on enforcement Enhancing collection of taxes and duties Following global trends and developments Supporting Integrity programmes Helping Members to secure funding for their CB projects 12

13 1. Office functionality Registration, opening account, accreditation Producing job specifications, launching recruitment of administrative staff Production of standard rules for ROCB functioning Producing job descriptions for accredited staff and their training 2. Communication and cooperation with Members Producing regional web-site and logo Keeping producing a regional Scientific Journal Promoting new ROCB to Members of the region Facilitating staff- recruitment process 13

14 Creating a library of WCO documents/tools Translating documents 3.Technical and Management Assistance Conducting Members CB needs survey Drafting (with WCO) a regional Action plan for 2012- 2013 to meet Members needs Enhancing cooperation with RTCs Developing pool of CB experts 4. Developing partnership with donors Examining options to fund ROCB activities Promoting the role of ROCB at International fora 5. Supporting implementation of WCO SAFE FOS Facilitating to the delivery of WCO TTA events 14

15 Executive Staff: Director Executive officers - ??? Status: WCO Technical Attaches Local Administrative Staff: 3 (permanent) 2 IT specialists (temporary) 15

16 STAFFING!!!!! s.o.s !!! 16


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