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AGN Coordinators Meeting Addis Ababa, 15 August 2012 Pulane Lodi and Hlobsile Sikhosana.

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1 AGN Coordinators Meeting Addis Ababa, 15 August 2012 Pulane Lodi and Hlobsile Sikhosana

2 Background Africa position CB frameworks for developing countries Capacity building under AWG-LCA Capacity building under the SBI Outstanding issues Moving forward

3 Capacity building has long been regarded as key for effective implementation of the convention especially in developing countries where capacity is not adequate. Article 9, mandated the SBI to provide advice ways and means of supporting endogenous capacity building in developing countries KP – Commits Parties to cooperating in, and promoting, …the strengthening of national capacity-building [10e] In the Marrakech accord, a decision was taken for frameworks for capacity building for both non-A1 and countries with economies in transition. Capacity building in the UNFCCC negotiation process is discussed under two bodies i.e SBI AWG-LCA

4 CB is cross-cutting and be treated in that manner (adaptation, mitigation, market mechanism, technology etc) - Durban Forum Monitoring and review tools e.g Performance Indicators (PI) to measure the support provided and received for CB. Linkages of CB to finance Legal commitment to provide finance for CB post 2020 (ADP)

5 A first comprehensive review of the CBF for developing countries was done at COP 10 and it identified key factors that should be taken into account to increase effectiveness of this framework [Decision 2/CP.10] A second one was concluded in Durban and a third one is initiated for SBI 42 and expected to be completed by COP 22.

6 In Mexico, parties reached an agreement on a number of issues, which are: Scope and principles of capacity-building; A list of actions; Provision of financial resources for capacity-building; Reporting by Annex I Parties on the support provided to developing countries in building their capacity; Reporting by Non-Annex I Parties on the progress in building capacity and on the use of the support received. The COP requested the AWG-LCA to consider the following unresolved issues by COP 17: ways to enhance monitoring and review of capacity-building; and modalities for institutional arrangements for capacity-building. In Durban the Durban Forum was established for in-depth discussion on capacity-building as the institutional arrangement tasked to further enhance the monitoring and review of the effectiveness of capacity-building In Bonn, under agenda 3f of the LCA, an oral report to the contact group was submitted.

7 Discussions of CB under SBI are shaped into two thematic areas: CB under the Convention and Kyoto Protocol Key implementation activities are the comprehensive reviews for the implementation of CB activities for both developing countries and countries with economies in transition. At SBI 36 in Bonn, the first meeting of the Durban Forum on CC building took place on the 22 to 23 May 2012.

8 Organised into the following themes: Building capacity for adaptation Building capacity for research Building capacity for mitigation Building capacity for technology Building capacity for financial support Monitoring and review of the effectiveness of capacity building

9 Monitoring and review of capacity building activities Modalities regarding institutional arrangements for CB Commitments with regard to CB as per Article 4 of the Convention – pre 2020.

10 Issue to consider It is important that an expert discussion be commissioned by the AGN to further look at possible tools besides/in addition to the performance indicators that can be used to monitor and review capacity building There is definitely a need for Africa to strategise how to tackle CB under ADP as item 3a of the agreed agenda of the ADP parties will consider areas of work including capacity building as in para 5 of the Durban platform


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