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CASC.EU S.A. CASC.EU – Capacity Allocation Service Company

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1 CASC.EU S.A. CASC.EU – Capacity Allocation Service Company

2 Content Company presentation Business model Main business processes

3 1. Company presentation CASC.EU established as regional auction office for cross border capacity on October 1st 2008 Located in Luxembourg Operations started: November 28th 2008 Since November 10th 2010; 13 shareholders - Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany (3), Luxembourg CASC CASC

4 1. Company presentation Services provided by CASC.EU Daily operation of services, related to the cross border allocation of transmission capacity, outsourced to CASC Explicit auctions: Yearly, Monthly, Daily, Intraday Fallback options: Shadow auctions, Rollback Clearing and settlement of auctions Invoicing Market Coupling services Post-coupling and Publication Collection of congestion revenues and distribution to the TSOs Increases liquidity and competition within markets Supports development and testing of standardized systems and rules Publication of all relevant information CASC

5 1. Company presentation Milestones 01/10/2008 CASC-CWE Incorporated
06/2008 Call for Tender 08/2008 Contract Signed with AREVA T&D 01/10/2008 CASC-CWE Incorporated 11/2008 First Long Term Explicit Auction 10/2009 First Daily Auction 10/2010 CWE ATC based Market Coupling starts 02/2011 First Swiss LT and Daily auctions 03/2011 First Italian LT and Daily auctions 12/2011 Harmonized Rules 06/2012 First Italian Intraday auctions 12/2013 First FR-ES LT Auctions CASC

6 1. Company presentation Working Area CASC.EU
CWE and DE-DK1 LT and Shadow Auctions ITVC Shadow Auctions CSE, Swiss North and FR-CH border NEW border FR-ES December 2013 FR- ES LT Auctions CASC

7 Fixed fee cost based + margin
2. Business model KP Key Partner TSOs KA Key Activities - Cross border auctions VP Value Proposition Central counterparty for market participants Workload reduction for TSOs One harmonized structure for running auctions Small structure – cost efficiency Rapid answer to all inquiries from market participants CR Customer Relationship Permanent assistance CS Customer Segments Energy sector Financial sector KR Key Resources IT infrastructure Employees CH Channel Phone C$ Cost Structure IT infrastructure : Auction tool + Financial system Operating costs Financial costs Employment costs R$ Revenue Stream Fixed fee cost based + margin CASC CASC

8 Auction Specifications
3. Main business processes a. Explicit auctions - Operations Bids Transfers Resales Results Payments Account Reporting Market Participant User Interface CASC.EU EXAU System BANK Auction Specifications Participation Report ATC Offered Capacity Results Payments Accounting Document TSOs SAGE Booking and Invoicing Capacity Rights Resales Transfers Results Auction Spec Offered Capacity Results TSO REPORTING WEBSITE CASC.EU and CASC

9 3. Main business processes
a. Explicit auctions - Operations Offered Capacity Publication Auction Definition ATC Submission PreBidding & Bidding Clearing Allocation Results CASC CASC

10 Self billing / invoices Self billing / invoices
3. Main business processes a. Explicit auctions - Finance Market Participant User Interface CASC.EU Financial System Self billing / invoices EXAU system Accounting document Copy of bank reporting TSOs Self billing / invoices Financial reporting

11 3. Main business processes
c. Financial structure Market Participant CASC / MP business bank account CASC Central bank account Deposit Transfer capacity allocation Transfer net allocation revenues Refund UIOSI / compensation TSOs CASC CASC

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