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Anaerobic Power Vertical Jump Margaria Kalamen Wingate.

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1 Anaerobic Power Vertical Jump Margaria Kalamen Wingate

2 What are we trying to measure? 1-ATP – CP Energy System –Immediate Energy system –Free ATP in the muscles –Rephosphorylization of ADP by PCr 2-Glycolysis –Short Term Energy System Two Anaerobic Systems

3 Physiological Definitions Anaerobic Power: –concept: production of energy (ATP) per unit time –measured value: mechanical power during short duration maximal exercise Remember... Work: A force applied over a distance (F x d) also the area under a curve of power vs. time (P x t) Power: Work per unit time (W/t)

4 Subcategories of Anaerobic Power Peak –The highest value reached –Must be measured over a very short time duration ( 5s) Mean/Average –The mean is the average power value over the entire duration of the test –Sometimes referred to as anaerobic capacity –In the case of the vertical jump the mean and average have specific and different meanings Mean – the total work of the jump divided by the time to reach the maximum height Average – the average power while the muscles are exerting force

5 More Physiological Definitions Fatigue Index –Concept: Measures endurance during short duration high intensity exercise –Measured: the rate of decrease in power over a period of time

6 Relative vs. Absolute Measures Relative Measurements: –Measurements standardized by dividing by body mass –Typically done for measurements that depend on muscle mass –Relative measures can be compared between people of different sizes and between men and women. Absolute Measurements: –Measurements not standardized by dividing by body mass –The term absolute is not necessary, but provides clarity when also dealing with relative measurements.

7 Ways to Examine These Energy Systems Vertical Jump Margaria Kalamen Wingate

8 Vertical Jump Variables –Mass of Subject –Height of Subject –Height of Jump Procedure –3 Trials –No stepping into the jump –Using arms tends to help Calculations –Absolute Anaerobic Power (Mean & Average) –Absolute & Relative Peak Anaerobic Power

9 Margaria Kalamen Variables –Mass of Subject –Height of Stairs –Time between Stairs Procedure –Run up six stairs two at a time –Start time on the 2nd step end on the 6th Calculations –Absolute & Relative Anaerobic Power

10 Wingate Variables –Mass of Subject –Mass of Load –Number of Pedal Revolutions in 5 s Periods for 30 s Procedure –Subject Pedals as fast as possible with no load for ~ 5-10s –Subject Pedals as fast as possible for 30 s with load Calculations –Peak Anaerobic Power (absolute and relative) –Fatigue Index –Total Work

11 Success of Measurements in Studying the Anaerobic Systems All tests are measures of performance Variations in these particular tests may have a lot to do with muscular attributes that are not related to energy production Variables that have the same name are measures of the same concepts, but not the same actual values

12 Problems with Performance Measures Daily variance Motivation Learning effect Not a direct measurement of physiological variables Relationships to physiological variables (and other performance tests) must be determined and the accuracy of prediction can then be found

13 Relationships The relationship between two variables can be easily determined by fitting a line to a graph of the variables The goodness of fit is described by a value called the correlation (R) R 2 tells the percentage of the variance in the dependent variable that can be explained by the independent variable

14 Correlations R 2 = 1 is a perfect relationship R 2 = 0 means there is no relationship The level of acceptability in between 0 and 1 depends on the specific instance For predictive success we will use the following criteria –R 2 > 0.9 is very good –0.8 < R 2 < 0.9 is good –0.7 < R 2 < 0.8 is adequate –R 2 < 0.7 is poor

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